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Category:Quests by level

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Category for all quests, listed by base level.

DeGenev Brothers

A New Forged BladeHall of the MarkHeyton's RestNecromancer's DoomRedemption (quest)SacrificesStopping the SahuaginThe Cannith CrystalThe CollaboratorThe GrottoThe Storehouse's SecretThe Voyage

ArachnophobiaBringing the LightDurk's Got A SecretGarrison's Missing PackHaverdasherInformation is KeyMisery's PeakMissing in ActionProtect Baudry's InterestsRecovering the Lost TomeRetrieve the Stolen GoodsStealthy RepossessionStop Hazadill's ShipmentThe Kobolds' New RingleaderThe Miller's DebtThe Smuggler's WarehouseThe Sunken SewerWalk the Butcher's Path

An Explosive SituationEndgame: MargueriteFirst StrikeHome Sweet SewerKobold AssaultRedfang the UnruledSetting the Wards: The Lower CathedralSetting the Wards: The Patriarchs' CryptThe CaptivesThe Cloven-jaw Scourge: BlockadeThe Crypt of Gerard DrydenThe Friar's NieceThe Hobgoblins' CaptivesThe Kobold's Den: Clan GnashtoothThe Kobold's Den: Rescuing ArlosThe Old ArchivesThe Sacred HelmThe Swiped SignetTo Find a Witness: Archbishop DrydenTo Find a Witness: Return to the SanctuaryWhere There's Smoke...

Come Out and SlayDirty LaundryEndgame: The Archbishop's FateFreshen the AirHarbor TollIrestone InletProof is in the PoisonRepossessionRest for the RestlessStand Your GroundThe Bookbinder RescueThe Cloven-jaw Scourge: The Caverns of ShaaghThe Depths of DarknessThe Depths of DespairThe Rewards of TreacheryThe Stormreaver FrescoVenn's Trail: Clan TunnelwormVenn's Trail: Venn's FateWhisperdoom's SpawnYarkuch's War-plans

Archer Point DefenseBrood of FlameGhost of a ChanceGuard DutyHalls of Shan-To-KorProve Your WorthThe Chamber of InsanityThe Deadly Package: Agent of the DarguulThe Deadly Package: The Stronghold KeyThe Depths of DiscordThe Depths of DoomThe Lair of SummoningThe Legend of Two-Toed TobiasThe Mystery of Delera's TombThe Stones Run RedTomb of the Burning HeartTomb of the Crimson HeartTomb of the Immortal HeartTomb of the Sanguine Heart

A Small ProblemPartycrashersThe SnitchUnder the Big Top

Caged TrollsDead PredatorsDoom of the Witch-doctor: The Way to ZulkashDoom of the Witch-doctor: Zulkash, Herald of WoeGladewatch Outpost DefenseMirra's Sleepless NightsPurge the HereticsRedwillow's RuinsReturn to Delera's Tomb (quest)Ruined HallsThe Bloody CryptThe Bounty HunterThe Forgotten CavernsThe Iron Mines: Freeing AchkaThe Iron Mines: Justice for GrustThe Troglodytes' GetValak's Mausoleum

Devil Assault (quest)The Chronoscope

Free DeleraGwylan's StandOld Grey GarlTaming the FlamesThe GraverobberThe Grey Moon's Den: ExterminationThe Grey Moon's Den: The Trollish ScourgeThe Last Move: The Way to YarkuchThe Last Move: Yarkuch's Last StandThe Missing PartyThe PitThe Scoundrel's RunThe Tear of Dhakaan

Bargain of BloodStorm the BeachesThe Black LochThe Tide Turns

Temple of Elemental Evil Part OneTemple of Elemental Evil Part Two

Caverns of KorromarHaunted LibraryIn Need of SuppliesStormcleave OutpostStromvauld's MineThe Faithful DepartedThe Path to MadnessThe RescueThe Temple Outpost: Captives of the CultThe Temple Outpost: The Libram of the SixThe Xorian CipherThrall of the NecromancerTomb of the Shadow GuardTomb of the Shadow KingTomb of the Shadow KnightTomb of the Shadow Lord

Spies in the HouseTharashk ArenaThe Prisoner

Entering the Gate ChamberGateway to KhyberThe Church and the CultThe Fane of the Six: Cleansing the TempleThe Fane of the Six: Fall of the PrelateThe Giant LieutenantsThe Giants' LairThe Keeper's SanctuaryThe Library of ThrenalThe Missing ExpeditionThe Shadow CryptThe Threnal Arena

Fathom the DepthsInto the DeepThe Claw of VulkoorThe Last Stand

Haywire FoundryThe Jungle of Khyber

Bring Me the Head of Ghola-Fan!Escort the ExpeditionHiding in Plain SightHold for ReinforcementsReclamationSecure the AreaSlavers of the Shrieking MinesSykros' JewelTempest's SpineThe Chamber of RahmatThe Gate ChamberThe Giants' SuppliesThe Sanctum: Church of the FuryThe Sanctum: Quench the Flames

Plane of NightThe Vault of Night

And the Dead Shall Rise...Desert CaravanDreams of InsanityFrom Beyond the GraveMade to OrderMaraud the MinesPurge the Fallen ShrineRaid the VulkoorimThe Chamber of KourushThe Enemy WithinThe Spawn of WhisperdoomThe Twilight ForgeTomb of the BlightedTomb of the ForbiddenTomb of the TormentedTomb of the Unhallowed

An Offering of Blood

A Relic of a Sovereign PastDiplomatic ImpunityEyes of StoneFrame WorkInvaders!The Cursed CryptThe Titan Awakes

Against the Demon Queen (quest)Chains of FlameThe Chamber of RaiyumZawabi's Revenge

Assault on SummerfieldBlockade BusterMired in KoboldsSiegebreakerUndermine

A Cry for HelpFeast or FamineFoundation of DiscordThe Maze of MadnessTrial by Fire

Demon AssaultThe Archons' TrialThe Devil's Details

A Cabal for OneGianthold TorMadstone CraterThe Prison of the PlanesThe Reaver's Fate

The Crucible

Acid WitDeliriumDisciples of SharEscape PlanFear FactoryIn The FleshLitany of the DeadMissingShadow of a DoubtSinister Storage

Let Sleeping Dust LieRainbow in the DarkRitual SacrificeRunning with the DevilsThe Coalescence Chamber

Beyond the RiftServants of the OverlordThe Lords of DustThe Spinner of Shadows

A Lesson in DeceptionArmy of ShadowFriends in Low PlacesThe Thrill of the HuntThrough a Mirror Darkly

The Mask of Deception

Acute DeliriumAscension ChamberEnter the KoboldMonastery of the ScorpionPrey on the HunterStealer of SoulsThe Lord of EyesThe Lord of StoneThe Sane AsylumThe Shroud

OutbreakOvergrowthThe Druid's CurseThorn and Paw

A Vision of DestructionDream ConspiracyFinding the PathHound of XoriatI Dream of JeetsIn the Demon's DenThe MindsunderThe Shipwrecked Spy

A Stay at the InnDetourLost in the SwampRest StopThe End of the Road

Fashion MadnessPalace of StoneTerminal Delirium

A New InvasionBastion of PowerBlown to BitsEye of the TitanGenesis PointMining for Ancient SecretsMurder by NightPower PlayRaiding the Giants' VaultReclaiming MemoriesSchemes of the EnemySins of AttritionThe RiddleThe Weapons ShipmentWrath of the Flame

The Master Artificer

A Break In the IceBreaking the RanksLines of SupplyThe Tracker's TrapWhat Goes Up

The Dreaming Dark (quest)Tower of Despair

The Lord of Blades

Impossible DemandsThe Battle for EveningstarThe Lost ThreadThe Unquiet Graves

Don't Drink the WaterIn the Belly of the BeastThe House of Broken ChainsThe House of Death UndoneThe House of Rusted BladesThe Portal Opens

Reclaiming the RiftThe Deal and the DemonTrial by Fury

Caught in the WebReturn to Cabal for OneReturn to Gianthold TorReturn to Madstone CraterReturn to Prison of the Planes

A Legend RevisitedGhost of a Chance (epic)Old Tomb, New TenantsPrecious CargoProve Your Worth (epic)The Fall of Truth

A Study in Sable

Brothers of the ForgeThe Haunted Halls of Eveningstar

Defiler of the JustFire on Thunder PeakTemple of the DeathwyrmThe Mark of Death


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