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Newbie guide

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[edit] Welcome to the game!

Now that you've built your character, logged in, you'll want to know 'everything?!' - no problem, you've found a good starting point on this page and the first thing you may want to do is find out how everything you've performed during character creation appears in DDO on your character - head over to the Character sheet page to find a central point of information about all your characters attributes.

The Character sheet will always be your primary source of all information about all of your characters abilities, attributes, statistics and detailed build information, its your go to place as you progress through acquiring everything in DDO from Ability tomes through to how your saves are calculated. All players visit it constantly, study it and seek to always improve everything they can on it. This guide looks to support you on exactly where to find all detailed information in one central place to help improve your game-play and lessen the time spent researching.

Here are some more helpful links to essential information too:

  • Need help to start your character? In addition to the class and race newbie guide and the specific page for each class and race, there are starting guides for each class. Make sure to check them out!
  • Create a proper build for your class: Builds for new players.
  • If you know about the Pen-and-Paper version of D&D, you may want to check this list of differences between DDO and PnP.
  • Looking for general information about D&D Edition 3 or 3.5 and the d20 system? Although it does not always apply to DDO, the d20 System Reference Document can be very helpful.
  • Looking for a list of tips displayed on the game's loading screen? Check out loading screen tips.
  • No clue what you are supposed to do next in the starter area? Take a look at The Salvation of Korthos flagging guide and quest section of the wiki.
  • No clue what collectables are worth keeping? Take a look at our collectable list with associated rewards.
  • Even in Korthos, it helps to find and join a party. To find and join the right party effortlessly, use the Social panel.
  • No idea what they are saying in party chat or on the social panel? Try the Glossary for Acronyms and Slang Terminology.

[edit] Official Resources

[edit] DDO official game guide

[edit] DDO official forums

Make sure to visit the official newbie forum. There are plenty of helpful players and lots of advice on hand - be sure to check the stickied threads at the top of the forum!

[edit] DDO Compendium

As of May 2013 the DDO Compendium was discontinued. Its official guides were migrated to the Game Guides. (DDO Forums)

Here is some more information about the DDO Compendium.

[edit] DDOwiki newbie guides category

Here are some other less crunchy articles created or archived by DDOwiki contributors.

[edit] Aranticus' guides

[edit] How I Build My Toons

[edit] Syndeo's guides

[edit] See also

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