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Rest for the Restless

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Lady Nepenthe's enemies have trapped her son in deathless suffering. Destroy his restless bones to end his torment.

Rest for the Restless
Heroic level: 4
Epic level: None
Duration: Medium
Heroic XP:  ♣578Solo/Casual ♦1,036Normal ♥1,108Hard ♠1,180Elite
Epic XP: N/A
Takes place in: Vault of the Restless
Bestowed by: Lady Nepenthe
NPC contact: Lady Nepenthe
Quest acquired in: Bogwater Tavern
Patron: House Phiarlan
Base favor: 3
Free to Play: Yes
Extreme Challenge: No
Rest for the Restless map (legend )
Loading screen


Lady Nepenthe's son was bound for Stormreach, but her mysterious enemies wrecked his airship and killed him. As further punishment, they raised him as a Skeleton Warrior to guard their treasures. Find the tortured remains of Nepenthe's son and send him to his rest. Lady Nepenthe is in Bogwater Tavern in the South West of House Phiarlan. Head back out into House Phiarlan for the quest entrance.

Spoiler Warning: Information below this point can be considered spoiler material!


  • Destroy the powerful Skeleton Warrior crafted from Nepenthe's son
  • (Optional) Send 6 Skeleton Mages to their rest (10% of base XP)

What to Expect

  • Traps (fixed)
  • Puzzle (lever puzzle)
  • Requires extra player(s)/hireling(s) (mandatory: turning a valve traps the player/hireling that used it but allows the rest of the party to advance, turning a second valve frees the trapped player/hireling)

Known Traps

Trap DC's

  • Spike traps in each of the puzzle rooms; in both cases, solving the puzzles to open the gates stops the spikes, rather than a control box.
  • There is a fire trap right before the library. The control box is in the northern alcove just before the traps, on the eastern face.

Tips and Misc

  • Normally, a minimum of two people are needed for this quest (one can be a hireling). However, it is possible for one player to complete this quest without any assistance, if s/he does not mind incurring a 30% XP penalty (losing the 10% Persistence bonus, plus a -20% reentry penalty): turn the valve that raises the two caged walls, effectively trapping the player - and then simply hit the Recall button, and re-enter the dungeon before the instance resets. If the player can cast Dimension Door this can be done without actually leaving the instance. The valve in the caged area will remain turned, and the door to the final area will be open.
  • If you are doing this with a hireling, situate him/her by the valve, right click the valve to activate your hireling's "Interact with..." button (the button with the gears). Step outside the room, click the "gears" button, the gates to that room close and the gate to the closed off area opens. Go all the way inside to the new area you just opened and summon your hireling to come to you and they will teleport to you.
  • When you turn the valve, a pair of ghasts will spawn (on hard and elite); if you're having a hireling do it, you can drop the gates, kill the ghasts, then raise the gates and leave the room.
  • For the north (reverse K rune) puzzle, turn the northern and western valves.
  • For the west (ladder rune) puzzle, turn the northern and southern valves.
  • The valve near a group of coffins will release a number of skeletons; melee types will appear on the ground and archers overhead. Defeating all of them will open the door to the next area, while turning the valve lifts the gates around the past valve, freeing any trapped players. Don't enter this quest without some sort of ranged option effective against undead or you cannot kill the archer skeletons above the coffins to proceed.
  • Bonus XP
    • Aggression bonus: 38 monsters killed
    • Onslaught bonus: 47 monsters killed
    • Conquest bonus: 58 monsters killed
  • The name of the quest NPC might refer to a genus of carnivorous plants. The possessive form of her name is the same as the genus for pitcher plants, Nepenthes (

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  • Chests: 1
    • 1 in the passageway just before the first collectable; opening it triggers a gate dropping to trap you with a skeleton ambush.
  • Collectables: Five
    • Mushroom in an alcove just east of the ambush chest passageway
    • Mushroom just south of the puzzle gates, in the northwest corner of the square
    • Mushroom in an alcove by the door to the second set of shrines
    • Bookshelf to the right as you enter the library
    • Mushroom in an alcove to the north, just before the exit rope (you have to jump across the gap in the upper level of the library, to where one of the final two arcane skeletons is)
  • NPC rewards: Random +1/+2 weapons and equipment


Monster Information

Named Monsters:

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