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Hall of the Mark

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Those whose veins flow with the blood of the great Houses may have the power to manifest dragonmarks, potent symbols of draconic prophecy.

Hall of the Mark
Heroic level: 1
Epic level: None
Duration: Short
Heroic XP: N/A
Epic XP: N/A
Takes place in: Hall of the Mark
Bestowed by: Lockania
NPC contact: Lockania
Quest acquired in: The Marketplace
Patron: None
Base favor: None
Free to Play: Yes
Extreme Challenge: No
Hall of the Mark map
Loading screen


Lockania asked you to meet her in the Hall of the Mark. There, you would be able to study the dragonmarks that are present in Stormreach. She also said the if you proved a knowledge of the marks to her, she would examine your place in the prophecy, checking to see if your bloodline had the power to manifest a dragonmark.

Spoiler Warning: Information below this point can be considered spoiler material!


  • Discover your bloodline

Known Traps


Tips and Misc

  • (NPC): Lockania tells you, "Welcome, (Player Name). I am Lockania, a humble servant of Argonnessen."
    • (NPC): You tell Lockania, "What is this place?"
  • (NPC): Lockania tells you, "This is the Hall of the Mark. Dragonmarks have manifested among the lesser races for several millenia, and Argonnessen has studied the phenomenon with keen interest. In this hall, you may learn about the marks we've observed on the adventurers of Stormreach."
    • (NPC): You tell Lockania, "Is it possible for me to manifest a dragonmark?"
  • (NPC): Lockania tells you, "Yes, you may be a child of the dragonmarked bloodlines. But before I reveal your ancestry, you must prove that you understand what you seek! I will ask you a few simple questions about the dragonmarks and Houses. Then we will learn whether you are destined to bear a dragonmark...."
    • (NPC): You tell Lockania, "I am ready. Ask your questions."

  • (NPC): Lockania tells you, "House Kundarak is responsible for what service?"
    • 'Banking.'
  • (NPC): Lockania tells you, "Which race wears the Mark of Healing?"
    • 'Halflings.'
  • (NPC): Lockania tells you, "Which house is the greatest military power?"
    • 'House Deneith.'
  • (NPC): Lockania tells you, "What two guilds are operated by House Deneith?"
    • 'Defenders and Blademarks.'
  • (NPC): Lockania tells you, "Which skill does the Mark of Making improve?"
    • 'Repairing.'
  • (NPC): Lockania tells you, "What house created the lightning rail and the warforged?"
    • 'House Cannith.'
  • (NPC): Lockania tells you, "Which now-lost mark appeared with the Mark of Shadow?"
    • 'Mark of Death.'
  • (NPC): Lockania tells you, "What spell-like ability does the Greater Mark of Passage grant?"
    • 'Teleport.'
  • (NPC): Lockania tells you, "What is House Phiarlan's secret business?"
    • 'Espionage.'
  • (NPC): Lockania tells you, "Where did House Jorasco finally settle?"
    • 'Stormreach.'
  • (NPC): Lockania tells you, "Who operates the Courier's Guild and the lightning rail?"
    • 'House Orien.'
  • (NPC): Lockania tells you, "When did the Mark of Warding appear, and amongst whom?"
    • '2500 years ago, Dwarves.'

  • (NPC): Lockania tells you, "You have demonstrated your knowledge. Now I will delve into the draconic prophecy and learn whether you shall bear a dragonmark of your own. Do not disturb me while I attempt this...."
    • (NPC): You tell Lockania, 'Wait for Lockania to speak again.'
  • (NPC): Lockania tells you, 'Lockania opens her eyes and blinks several times. 'You are, indeed, written into the great prophecy. Your bloodline can be traced back to those who manifested the first dragonmarks. Hence, you have the potential to manifest a dragonmark of your own!"
    • (NPC): You tell Lockania, "But when will my mark appear?"
  • (NPC): Lockania tells you, "Dragonmarks can manifest at any time in one's life -- but you do not want to wait, do you? Sometimes, it is possible to force a dragonmark to appear early, although this magic is beyond my understanding. Search the House Jorasco ward for an illithid with the unlikely name of 'Fred.' His dark talents can expose your dragonmark to the light of day."
    • (NPC): You tell Lockania, "Thank you Lockania."
  • (DMText): Dragonmark Feats have been unlocked for all your characters on this shard.
  • (Advancement): Adventure Completed You receive 0 XP.
  • (Say): Lockania says, "The power of the prophecy flows through your veins. Use it wisely."
  • (Standard): As a reward for completing the quest, you receive 50 pieces of gold.


  • Chests: None
  • NPC rewards: 50gp, Feat Respec Token
    • In DDO, Dragonmarks are a type of feat. You may use a Feat Respec Token to swap one of your existing feats for any feat you qualify for (not just a dragonmark). Therefore, characters which cannot have dragonmarks, such as Drow and Warforged, will still receive a Feat Respec Token.



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