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Favor is gained with each quest a character completes, based on the highest difficulty completed for each quest. It measures how well respected your character is by one (or all) of 15 different NPC patron factions within the game, the sponsors who are hiring your character to accomplish a given quest. By performing more quests for these different patrons (or the same quest at a higher difficulty), a character gains more Favor which then can unlock special access to different benefits for that character, and occasionally for your DDO account. Each character accumulates its own favor; most favor rewards will not apply to your other characters, but some will apply to future Characters on the same account on the same server.

(Asterisks in Table of Contents/Sub-section Headers refer to note under Total Favor.)

How it works[edit]

When your character completes a quest, it gains a pre-set amount of favor points for a specific patron, which is a measure of how much value that patron places on the completion of that quest at that difficulty level. Quests have a fixed "base favor" value, which will be worth increasing favor for each increasing level of difficulty of that quest (Casual, Normal, Hard, or Elite/Reaper). Only the highest difficulty level completed counts toward your favor total; repeating a quest on the same or lower difficulty will not increase your favor.

Difficulty: Casual Normal Hard Elite &
Reaper difficulty
1/2 base x1 base x2 base x3 base
Note: Charts that list "total favor" are referring the favor amount you get for Elite completion (the total possible), so divide that by 3 to get the base amount for Normal, and double the Normal amount for Hard (2/3 of Elite value). For quests in this wiki that are only available in the Solo/Casual difficulty, the base favor and the max favor are the same.

Favor and favor rewards are not tied to experience points or level, but quests that provide favor will be of a specific level, and characters may be too low-level to enter a quest to gain that favor. There is no favor penalty for running a quest that is lower in level than a character, although there can be a significant experience penalty.

Occasionally a party advertising in Grouping will describe itself as "For favor only" or as a "Favor Run". The implication is that little, if any, XP will be rewarded or sought, and the quest(s) may be very low-level compared to the high level of characters in the party.

Note that with True Reincarnation (Heroic, Racial and Iconic - but not Epic), all Favor is lost - the Character must start from scratch and re-gain any/all desired personal Favor and re-unlock personal rewards. However, any account rewards previously gained from that character will not be lost. See the Reincarnation Summary Chart for more info.

Heroic vs. epic[edit]

Favor is calculated based on only the difficulty setting (Normal, Hard, or Elite) and ignores whether the quest is completed at Heroic or Epic levels. So, repeating a quest on Epic Normal or Epic Hard will not increase favor if the quest had previously been (best) completed at Heroic Hard; however, completing that quest on Elite (either Heroic or Epic) would increase favor.

If you first complete a quest on epic difficulty (for example Epic Hard) and then complete on Heroic Elite for maximum favor, it is occasionally necessary to log out and log back in for the favor count to update.

DDO Points[edit]

For every 100 favor a character gets, 25 DDO Points are added to the account. There are also special one-time rewards for reaching 5, 25, 50, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 favor for the first time in a server with any character. Deleting or reincarnating the character that earned a DDO Point reward does not remove the DDO Points from your account. When you reincarnate a character and the favor is reset, each 100 favor you reacquire will again net you 25 DP.

Rewards Table[edit]

Note that the amount of favor needed to unlock "equivalent" tiers can vary from patron to patron.

Patron: Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6
Agents of Argonnessen Siberys Dragonshards,

Blood of Dragons, Collapsed Portable Hole, Velah, the Red Dragon Cookies

Draconic Vitality
House Cannith 10% Crafting XP Potion,

10% Crafting Success Booster, Mark of House Cannith

Unlocks Artificer
The Coin Lords Character Inventory Tab Character Inventory Tab

(Requires Collapsed Portable Hole)

+2 Diplomacy

+2 Intimidate

House Deneith +3 Ammo, Discounted Repairs,

Large Wide Quiver

+3, 75% Chance Returning Ammo,

Large Thin Quiver

The Free Agents +2 Tools, Trapmaking Ingredients +4 Tools, Empty Vials Repairs with Lower Chance

of Permenent Damage

The Gatekeepers Nothing*
The Harpers Lesser Harpin Pin Greater Harper Pin Harper Agent Enhancement Tree
House Jorasco 30 minute divine buffs (weak) 30 minute divine buffs (moderate)
Keepers of the Feather +2 Saves vs Undead Small Augment Bag Vistani Enhancement Tree
House Kundarak Bank Inventory Tab Bank Inventory Tab
House Phiarlan 30 Minute Arcane Spells 50% public movespeed clicky
Purple Dragon Knights Teleport to Eveningstar Clicky Cosmetic Wolf Pet Add set bonus to certain items Nothing*
The Silver Flame Spiritbinders Half Cost Nearly double passive tavern regeneration Silver Ammo, Healing Potion with Penalty
The Twelve Small Ingredients Bag,

Altar of Fecundity in Meridia

Large Ingredients Bag Nothing*
The Yugoloth Stacking buff potions with strong debuff effects on self.
Total Favor
Account Rewards
Drow Race Level 4 characters 32 Point Characters, +2 Ability Tome Favored Soul Level 7 Characters +5 Ability Tome
  • These Tiers of Favor are achievable, but a reward for them has only been promised "In the future."

Rewards by patron faction[edit]

This is a list of the rewards given by the different patrons. The points required for each level may vary between patrons. For patrons that are Houses, the representatives are located within their respective zones within Stormreach. For other factions, the representative's locations are given. The map icon for Faction representatives is an amber star.

In-game, you can find specific information about quests completed and favor gained by hitting p (by default) and opening the Adventure Compendium.

Agents of Argonnessen*[edit]

Neutral - 0 Favor

No Rewards

Noted - 75 Favor*

One choice of:

Commended - 150 Favor

Draconic Vitality - free feat grants 10 additional HP

Honored - 400 Favor


Current maximum possible Agents of Argonnessen favor is 393 as of Update 35.

House Cannith[edit]

The Patron and Visgard d'Cannith (Vendor) are on a floating platform that can only be reached by taking one of the moving lifts; lift stops are marked by yellow glowing runes on the ground.

Unknown - 0 Favor

No Rewards

Noted - 50 Favor

Access to a Patron Vendor, selling:
  • Minor Crafting Exp Potion 10%, 30 minutes
  • +10% Crafting Success Booster
  • Mark of House Cannith (BtA) (used in Cannith Crafting allowing a Cannith Crafted item to be enchanted with a third effect slot.)

Respected - 150 Favor

Unlocks the Artificer class on that particular server and unlocks a couple of dialog options in some House Cannith quests.

Current theoretical maximum House Cannith favor is a total of 252 as of Update 20 (126 from quests and 126 from 6-starring the 21 Cannith challenges on both Heroic and Epic). However it is not possible to 6-star the heroic and epic Short Cuts challenges, leaving maximum House Cannith favor of 248.

The Coin Lords[edit]

Montague Goudreau, the Coin Lords representative, is located in front of the bank on the west side of The Marketplace.

Suspicious - 0 Favor

No Rewards

Reliable - 75 Favor

Receive a fourth 20-slot backpack tab increasing your inventory 20 additional spaces for free.

Trustworthy - 150 Favor

If you have a Collapsed Portable Hole (via random loot item, from the Auction House, or selected from Agents of Argonnessen reward at 75 favor), you can pay 10,000pp to have it converted into a fifth 20-slot backpack tab by Ryo Silverbrow, located outside of the Harbor Master's house in the Harbor. Alternately, if you don't have a Collapsed Portable Hole, you can pay 6 Astral Shards to Ryo Silverbrow and he'll get you your 5th tab without it.

Loyal - 400 Favor

Grants the Coin Lord Finishing School Training feat, which grants a +2 stacking bonus to Diplomacy and Intimidate.

Steadfast - 700 Favor

Currently unachievable

Current maximum possible Coin Lords favor is 608 as of Update 11.

House Deneith[edit]

Neutral - 0 Favor

No Rewards

Noted - 75 Favor

You can access Tarvin d'Deneith, House Deneith Vendor in House Deneith. He offers normal repair services at 10%-off, and sells +3 missile weapon ammunition. All this ammunition is Bound to CharacterBound to Character: This item is Bound to Character on purchase, and price may be influenced by Haggle skill.
  • 20 +3 Darts, Shuriken, Throwing Axes, Throwing Daggers or Throwing Hammers - 4.8 pp
  • 100 Cold Iron Arrows or Bolts - 12 pp
  • 100 +3 Arrows or Bolts - 24 pp
  • 100 Silver Arrows or Bolts - 36 pp
  • 100 Byeshk Arrows or Bolts - 36.12 pp
  • 100 Adamantine Arrows or Bolts - 72 pp
  • Large Wide Quiver (10 types x 250 each) - 9,000 pp

Commended - 150 Favor

In addition to the above, you can buy "sturdy" (75% returning) missile weapon ammunition. These come in both the regular and +3 variety. All this ammunition is Bound to CharacterBound to Character: This item is Bound to Character on purchase, and price may be influenced by Haggle skill.
  • 20 Sturdy Darts, Shuriken, Throwing Axes, Throwing Daggers or Throwing Hammers - 4.8 pp
  • 20 +3 Sturdy Darts, Shuriken, Throwing Axes, Throwing Daggers or Throwing Hammers - 9.6 pp
  • 100 Sturdy Arrows or Bolts - 24 pp
  • 100 +3 Sturdy Arrows or Bolts - 48 pp
  • Large Thin Quiver (3 types x 1,000 each) - 9,000 pp

Honored - 400 Favor

Currently unachievable

Current maximum possible House Deneith favor is 336 as of Update 29.

The Free Agents[edit]

The Free Agent faction representative, Capshaw the Crier, is located in the Harbor, across from the gate to The Marketplace.

Nobody - 0 Favor

No Rewards

Well-known - 75 Favor

You can access Sorvile Smythe, Free Agent Vendor in the Harbor. He offers normal repair services at 10%-off, and sells Healing Kits, Repair Kits and Thieves' Tools up to a +2 quality. Also trapmaking ingredients and guides. Note, these bind on purchase.
These prices are base value; your actual price will be based on your Haggle skill.
50 Thieves' Tools
  • Regular - 2pp 5gp
  • Masterwork - 5pp
  • +1 - 7pp 5gp
  • +2 - 12pp 5gp
10 Repair Kits
  • Regular - 5pp
  • Masterwork - 10pp
  • +1 - 15pp
  • +2 - 20pp
10 Healer's Kits
  • Regular - 5pp
  • Masterwork - 10pp
  • +1 - 15pp
  • +2 - 20pp
25 Vials
  • Crude - 2pp 5gp
  • Simple - 12pp 5gp
Old Sully's Guide to Practical Trapmaking
  • Part One: Grenades - 10pp
  • Part Two: Mines - 10pp
  • Part Three: Spell Traps - 10pp

Famous - 150 Favor

You can buy Healing Kits, Repair Kits and Thieves' Tools up to a +4 quality. Note, these bind on purchase.
These prices are base value; your actual price will be based on your Haggle skill.
50 Thieves' Tools
  • +3 - 17pp 5gp
  • +4 - 22pp 5gp
10 Repair Kits
  • +3 - 17pp 5gp
  • +4 - 22pp 5gp
10 Healer's Kits
  • +3 - 17pp 5gp
  • +4 - 22pp 5gp
25 Vials
  • unadorned - 62pp 5gp

Hero of the People - 400 Favor

You can take your damaged weapons and armor to Jaidene Forgemaiden in Zawabi's Refuge for repair with a lower chance of permanent damage. She cannot remove permanent damage, but she can help to prevent it happening.
Note: If you do not own the Demon Sands pack, you cannot access Jaidene, even if you have the favor.

Champion of Stormreach - 700 Favor

Capshaw the Crier becomes unresponsive when you reach this rank.

You also receive this email from Capshaw: DNT TBD: Mail for achieving rank 4

Current maximum possible The Free Agents favor is 705 as of Update 34.

The Gatekeepers*[edit]

Unknown - 0 Favor

No Rewards

Noted - 200 Favor*

No Rewards

Respected - 400 Favor

Current maximum possible The Gatekeepers favor is 267 as of Update 32.

The Harpers*[edit]

Friend - 125 Favor*

Harper Pin, Lesser from Olarra Idlewist (available with Update 16)

Scout - 250 Favor

Harper Pin, Greater from Olarra Idlewist (available with Update 19)

Master Harper - 310 Favor

Grants Server based access to the Harper Agent enhancement tree.

Current maximum possible Harpers favor is 405 as of Update 36

House Jorasco[edit]

Neutral - 0 Favor

No Rewards

Noted - 75 Favor

You can now purchase the following 30 minute buffs for 10pp each. These buffs remain active even if you enter a mission.

Commended - 150 Favor

For 30pp (except Water Breathing at 50pp), obtain one of the following buffs:

Honored - 400 Favor

Currently unachievable

Current possible House Jorasco favor is 315 as of Update 29.

Keepers of the Feather*[edit]

Newcomer - 0 Favor

No Rewards

Seen - 60 Favor

Blessings of a Feather: An automatic Feat that grants +2 Saves against Undead.

Esteemed - 120 Favor

A Small Augment Bag (10 slots)

Famed - 180 Favor

This character (only) gains access to the Vistani universal enhancement tree. This persists through reincarnation (ref Cordovan).

August - 240 Favor

No reward

House Kundarak[edit]

Karya d'Kundarak, the House Kundarak Patron representative, is located near the top of the ziggurat bank entrance in House Kundarak.

Neutral - 0 Favor

No Rewards

Noted - 75 Favor

You can purchase a second tab for your bank space increasing it by 20 slots. The charge is 2,000pp (displayed as 20,000gp).

Commended - 150 Favor

You can purchase a third tab for your bank space increasing it by 20 slots. The charge is 8,000pp (displayed as 80,000gp).

Honored - 400 Favor

Currently unachievable

Current maximum possible House Kundarak favor is 342 as of Update 11.

House Phiarlan[edit]

Neutral - 0 Favor

No known Rewards

Noted - 75 Favor

You can purchase the following 30-minute buffs from Fingalar D'Phiarlan in House Phiarlan. These spells are cast by a level 7 caster for spells that are influenced by caster level and remain active even if you enter a mission.

Commended - 150 Favor

You receive a trinket (Phiarlan Pendant of Time) that lets you cast "Warp Time" on yourself 1/rest. This can only be activated while in the city.

It cannot be activated in a mission and will deactivate upon entering a mission. This spell acts as a run-speed buff. The amount of speed increase is 50%. It does not stack with Haste but it does stack with the Ranger/Barbarian run-speed boost.

Honored - 400 Favor

Gains access to Reckard Sorl, Expert Accessory Repair in Erstwhile Emporium in House Phairlan. Currently unachievable.

Current maximum possible House Phiarlan favor is 375 as of Update 13.

Purple Dragon Knights*[edit]

Stranger - 0 Favor

No Rewards

Blade - 125 Favor*

Receive a Key to the City - Eveningstar. This item allows you to teleport to Eveningstar once every 30 minutes.

Swordcaptain - 250 Favor

Receive a Spotted Wolf Pup creature companion.

Oversword - 375 Favor

Access to the special crafting barter NPC Mikrom Sum in Eveningstar. Allows you to complete the Planar Focus sets using raid weapons and Commendation Item Sets using certain unique, non-Commendation armors.

Greater Oversword - 500 Favor

Battlemaster Dint: You have grown exceedingly strong. We have not yet devised a reward befitting of someone of your accomplishments. Speak with me at a later time, when such a prize has been contrived.

Current maximum possible Purple Dragon Knights favor is 639 as of Update 21.

The Silver Flame[edit]

Astra Quinlin, the representative for the Silver Flame, is located in the extreme eastern area of The Marketplace, by the fountain near the House Cannith gate and the Catacombs.

Salvageable - 0 Favor

No Rewards

Reclaimed - 75 Favor

Silver Flame representatives in the taverns will now sell their healing spells to you for half their previous price.

Pious - 150 Favor

Your character permanently benefits from the Blessing of the Silver Flame effect. It improves regeneration while in a town or tavern - causes the character to receive 2HP + 8SP instead of the default 1HP + 5SP per 6 seconds.

Devout - 400 Favor

Access to Salariin Founts <Silver Flame Armorer> (A vendor standing near the faction patron) who sells the following:

Current maximum possible Silver Flame favor is 567 as of Update 23.

The Twelve*[edit]

Untrusted - 0 Favor

Note: As of Update 9, 'small' bags were renamed to 'tiny' and have a capacity of 12 items. You now get the new 'small' bag which has a capacity of 30 items. If you previously obtained a now 'tiny'-sized bag you can obtain a replacement 'small' bag by creating a new character and giving your old character the 'small' bag as the bags are not bound but are exclusive. Destroying your old bag and talking with the Twelve patron will not grant you a new 'small' bag. Note also that since they are Exclusive, you can only have one in your backpack at a time: if you already have one with you when you talk to Jeanselme for the first time, you will not receive the free one and you will not be able to try that option again. So, leave your existing Small Ingredients Bag in the bank before talking to Jeanselme.

Suspicious - 40 Favor*

Grants access to Altar of Fecundity in Meridia and (another) Small Ingredients Bag. Note that the same restrictions as above apply to this bag as well; she will simply fail to give you a bag if you already have one in your inventory.

Friend of The Twelve - 100 Favor

Large Ingredient Bag

Member of The Twelve - 250 Favor

Title of Honorary Member of the Twelve (DDO doesn't actually have "titles" implemented, so there is no actual reward.)

Current maximum possible The Twelve favor is 459 as of Update 29.

The Yugoloth*[edit]

Disliked - 0 Favor

No Rewards

Unfriendly - 75 Favor*

You can now purchase the following Yugoloth Favor Potions from the paranoid alchemist Azdaf the Wary in Amrath, for 1032pp each (28 haggle).
Stats gained from these potions stack with other enhancements and last for 15 minutes each.

Suspicious - 300 Favor

Currently unachievable

Current maximum possible the Yugoloth favor is 111 as of Update 11.
(* See note under Total Favor, below.)

Total Favor[edit]

"Total Favor" refers to the total on any one character. Rewards that affect your account are based off your character with the highest Total Favor, combined from any/all Patron factions, and only affect characters on that server. Note that earning the amount of Favor is not enough - the character who earned that favor must also speak w/ an in-game NPC, Nyx Durandimion, to formally unlock the reward for your account on that server.

Once a reward is unlocked, the character that earned that favor may be deleted or reincarnated without losing any reward(s) they have earned.

* Note that Free-to-Play quests do not provide enough favor to achieve Tier 1 rewards for Agents of Argonnessen (0 free favor), The Gatekeepers (0), The Harpers (32), Keepers of the Feather (0), The Twelve (18 until Lvl 32), Purple Dragon Knights (60), and The Yugoloth (0). To achieve more favor, Free to Play accounts must acquire an Adventure Pack that rewards the corresponding favor. Free-to-Play accounts do not have to become Premium Free To Play (by paying real money) because the pack(s) could be purchased via grinding favor for DDO Points.
Since available free content awards exceed 1,000 Total Favor (1346 Favor), Veteran Award is achievable for F2P players, but there is not enough "free favor" to earn Champion for 32-point builds (or higher) without purchasing Adventure Packs.

Total available[edit]

Unless a sorting option is clicked, the table (below, right) is in the order the factions are listed in the Adventure Compendium → Patrons tab in-game, so that you may easily compare between this list and your current favor in-game.

Favor by faction
Faction Total Favor Last Updated
Agents of Argonnessen 393 Update 35
House Cannith 248 Update 20
The Silver Flame 567 Update 23
Purple Dragon Knights 639 Update 21
House Phiarlan 375 Update 13
House Kundarak 342 Update 11
Keepers of the Feather 240 Update 37
House Jorasco 315 Update 29
The Twelve 459 Update 29
The Gatekeepers 267 Update 32
House Deneith 336 Update 29
The Yugoloth 111 Update 11
The Coin Lords 608 Update 11
The Free Agents 705 Update 34
The Harpers 405 Update 36
Total 5990 Update 36
Max favor by base quest level

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32
Favor 63 154 178 156 246 243 282 324 216 309 396 279 243 354 297 324 327 321 396 63 90 144 72 24 45 27 0 54 0 108 0 198

Total favor from challenges is 158 (162 with Kobold Island: Short Cuts)

Current maximum Total favor is 6,091* as of Update 38.

  • Note: It is not possible to 6-star the heroic and epic Short Cuts challenges; max favor would be 6,095 if you could.

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