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Category:Monster Manual/Human

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Name Image Farm Locations
+Severlin +Severlin.png
Abector of Vol Abector of Vol.jpg
Acolyte of Flame (Human) No pic.jpg
Acolyte of Vol (Human) No pic.jpg
Aeducan Gobban Aeducan Gobban.jpg
Aerele Aerele.jpg
Agent Westbrooke Agent Westbrooke.jpg
Amskar Amskar.jpg
Annelisa Annelisa.jpg
Annelisa Hdar Annelisa Hdar.jpg
Anscolm the Fervid Anscolm the Fervid.jpg
Apprentice Assembler No pic.jpg
    Apprentice Enchanter No pic.jpg
    Apprentice of Vol (Human) No pic.jpg
      Aramiya Troise Aramiya Troise.jpg
      Archwizard Ca'thul Archwizard Ca'thul.jpg
      Athea Troise Althea Troise.jpg
      Bandit Arcane Trickster Bandit Arcane Trickster.jpg
      Bandit Archer Bandit Archer.jpg
      Bandit Bard Bandit Bard.jpg
      Bandit Sneak No pic.jpg
      Bandit Trapper Bandit Trapper.jpg
      Barkinar Barkinar.jpg
      Barovian Adventurer No pic.jpg
      Barovian Vagabond No pic.jpg
      Belsornig No pic.jpg
        Benny the Hand Benny the Hand.jpg
        Berserker No pic.jpg
        Blood Tide Archer (human) Blood Tide Archer (human).jpg
        Blood Tide Spy Blood Tide Spy.jpg
        Blood of Vol Devotee No pic.jpg
          Blood of Vol Follower No pic.jpg
          Blood of Vol Priestess Blood of Vol Priestess.jpg
          Boatswain Jared Boatswain Jared.jpg
          Bonded Deckhand No pic.jpg
          Boris Targolov Boris Targolov.jpg
          Boromar Thug Boromar Thug.jpg
          Boromar Trapper Boromar Trapper.jpg
          Branson Blackboot Branson Blackboot.jpg
          Brother Qessul, Dark Cleric Brother Qessul, Dark Cleric.jpg
          Burglar Recruit No pic.jpg
          Burket Burket.jpg
          Calefax the Mad Calefax the Mad.jpg
          Cannith Artificer No pic.jpg
          Cannith Guard Cannith Guard Lieutenant.jpg
          Cannith Guard (human) No pic.jpg
          Captain Howell Goldhorn Captain Howell Goldhorn.jpg
          Captain Michael Tew Captain Michael Tew.jpg
          Captain Thoth Captain Thoth.jpg
          • Three Barrel Cove (epic) — Appears in the southwestern portion of the island, anywhere from the large bay to the islet next to the collapsed entrance to the Black Loch.
          Cartel Sentry (Human) No pic.jpg
          Cartel Smuggler (Human) No pic.jpg
          Cellimas Villuhne Cellimas.jpg
          City Guard City Guard.jpg
          City Guard Archer City Guard Archer.jpg
          City Guard Officer City Guard Officer.jpg
          Collared Ana Brabener Collared Ana Brabener.jpg
          Collared Cormyr War Wizard Collared Cormyr War Wizard.jpg
          Collared Purple Dragon Knight Collared Purple Dragon Knight.jpg
          Collared Villager Collared Villager.jpg
          Commander Tarkor No pic.jpg
          Condemned Burglar (Human) Condemned Burglar (Human).jpg
          Condemned Deadeye Condemned Deadeye.jpg
          Condemned Enforcer Condemned Enforcer.jpg
          Condemned Thug Condemned Thug.jpg
          Condemned Trapsmith (Human) Condemned Trapsmith (Human).jpg
          Copper Concord Bard Copper Concord Bard.jpg
          Cormyr War Wizard Collared Cormyr War Wizard.jpg
          Cormyrean Magistrate No pic.jpg
            Correctional Officer Correctional Officer.jpg
            Corrupt Archdruid No pic.jpg
            Corrupted Druid Corrupted Druid.jpg
            Crazed Follower No pic.jpg
            Cult Adherent Cult Adherent.jpg
            Cult Canonist Cult Canonist.jpg
            Cult Disciple Cult Disciple.jpg
            Cult Invoker Cult Invoker.jpg
            Cult Seeker Cult Seeker.jpg
            Cult Warden Cult Warden.jpg
            Cult of the Dragon Assassin Cult of the Dragon Assassin.jpg
            Cult of the Dragon Deathlord Cult of the Dragon Deathlord.jpg
            Cult of the Dragon Devotee Cult of the Dragon Devotee.jpg
            Cult of the Dragon Initiate Cult ot Dragon Initiate.jpg
            Cult of the Dragon Necromancer Cult of the Dragon Necromancer.jpg
            Cultist Cultist.jpg
            Cultist Aspirant Cultist Aspirant.jpg
            Cultist Guard Cultist Guard.jpg
            Cultist Jailer Cultist Jailer.jpg
            Cultist Postulant Cultist Postulant.jpg
            Cultist Spy No pic.jpg
            Cultist Sureshot No pic.jpg
            Cultist of the Six Cultist of the Six.jpg
            Daegon Daegon.jpg
            Damsel in Distress No pic.jpg
            Dar Qat Archer Dar Qat Archer.jpg
            Dar Qat Assassin Dar Qat Assassin.jpg
            Dar Qat Captain Dar Qat Captain.jpg
            Dar Qat Soldier Dar Qat Soldier.jpg
            Darobard Darobard.jpg
            Death's Advocate Death's Advocate.jpg
            Death Knight Death Knight.jpg
            Deckhand (Human) Deckhand (human).jpg
            Dedryk Black Dedryk Black.jpg
            Deranged Follower Deranged Follower.jpg
            Devian Trell Devian Trell.jpg
            Devourer Acolyte Devourer Acolyte.jpg
            Devourer Disciple Devourer Disciple.jpg
            Devourer Minion Devourer Minion.jpg
            Devourer Warpriest Devourer Warpriest.jpg
            Dheren Kiettuc Dheren Kiettuc.jpg
            Dirge of Karrnath No pic.jpg
            Disciple Subduer Disciple Subduer.jpg
            Disciple of Shar Disciple of Shar.jpg
            Disciple of the Shadow Disciple of the Shadow.jpg
            Doctor Theia Vulcana Dr Theia Vulcana.jpg
            Doctor Will Ewe Rushmore Doctor Will Ewe Rushmore.jpg
            Dolthin No pic.jpg
            Dom Dom.jpg
            Donner Gosling No pic.jpg
            Doom Sword No pic.jpg
            Draeton Draeton.jpg
            Dragon Knight No pic.jpg
            Dragonclaw Archer Dragonclaw Archer.jpg
            Dragonfang Assassin Dragonfang Assassin.jpg
            Dragonsoul Arms Keeper No pic.jpg
            Dragonsoul Warrior Dragonsoul Warrior.jpg
            Dragonwing Sorcerer Dragonwing Sorcerer.jpg
            Dreadlord Giddeon Dreadlord Giddeon.jpg
            Dreamer Cultist No pic.jpg
            Drenyl Fallow Drenyl Fallow.jpg
            Drien Drien.jpg
            Druid Schemer No pic.jpg
            Dun Butcher Dun Butcher.jpg
            Eidolon Darkmist No pic.jpg
            Eleonora Duboix Elenora Duboix.jpg
            Emerald Claw Arcanist No pic.jpg
              Emerald Claw Marshal No pic.jpg
                Emerald Claw Scourge No pic.jpg
                  Emerald Claw Sentry No pic.jpg
                    Empowered Devotee No pic.jpg
                    Enforcer Enforcer.jpg
                    Enforcer Recruit No pic.jpg
                    Eoman Gallius Eoman Gallius.jpg
                    Ex-Bard Ex-Bard.jpg
                    Ex-Paladin Ex-Paladin.jpg
                    Ex-Rogue Ex-Rogue.jpg
                    Falrinth Falrinth.jpg
                    Fated Revenant Fated Revenant.jpg
                    Fathom Tinkerer Fathom Tinkerer.jpg
                    Fiona Wachter Fiona Wachter.jpg
                    Fleshwright No pic.jpg
                    Flinbeck Flinbeck.jpg
                    Flora Reynard No pic.jpg
                    Forest Trapper Forest Trapper.jpg
                    Furious Berserker Furious Berserker.jpg
                    • The Land of Barovia — a wilderness encounter. She asks for your help, then attacks with two friends. Kill for a chest.
                    Galdrinn Fisk Galdrinn Fisk.jpg
                    Gang Member Gang Member.jpg
                    Garick Garick.jpg
                    Gaston Wyrst Gaston Wyrst.jpg
                    Glasvryn Tal Glasvryn Tal.jpg
                    Gloomstreaker Gloomstreaker.jpg
                    Gnaghi Ugnot Gnaghi Ugnot.jpg
                    Golem Assembler Golem Assembler.jpg
                    Golem Enchanter Golem Enchanter.jpg
                    Golem Escort Golem Escort.jpg
                    Graverobber No pic.jpg
                    Grim Harvester Grim Harvester.jpg
                    Guard Captain Tractus Guard Cap Tractus.jpg
                    Guard Folger Guard Folger.jpg
                    Guard Prosser Guard Prosser.jpg
                    Haas Mazin Haas Mazin.jpg
                    Halsaime Halsaime.jpg
                    Hartsch Hartsch.jpg
                    Hieronymus No pic.jpg
                    High Cultist High Cultist.jpg
                    Hired Muscle Hired Muscle.jpg
                    Hired Ranger Hired Ranger.jpg
                    Hosha Sollego Hosha Sollego.jpg
                    House Guard House Guard.jpg
                    Human Apprentice Human Apprentice.jpg
                    Human Barbarian Shaman Human Barbarian Shaman.jpg
                    Human Brigand Human Brigand.png
                    Human Commoner Human Commoner.jpg
                    Human Fighter/Wizard Human Fighter Wizard.jpg
                    Human Footpad Human Footpad.jpg
                    Human Hunter Human Hunter.jpg
                    Human Man-at-Arms Human Man-at-Arms.jpg
                    Human Necromancer Human Necromancer.jpg
                    Human Paladin Human Paladin.jpg
                    Human Pirate Human Pirate.jpg
                    Human Smuggler Human Smuggler.jpg
                    Human Thug Human Thug.jpg
                    Human Warrior Human Warrior.jpg
                    Icar Icar.jpg
                    Ilmarin Tychonn Rare Encounter Ilmarin Tychonn.jpeg
                    Infernal Warrior (Human) Infernal Warrior (Human).jpg
                    Initiate of Vol Initiate of Vol.jpg
                    Inquisitor Lightbringer No pic.jpg
                    Inspired Cultist Cleric No pic.jpg
                    Inspired Cultist Wizard No pic.jpg
                    Inspired Dar Qat Warpriest Inspired Dar Qat Warpriest.jpg
                    Inspired Elite Trooper No pic.jpg
                    Inspired Mender Inspired Mender.jpg
                    Inspired Sorcerer Inspired Sorcerer.jpg
                    Iztaran Gar Iztaran Gar.jpg
                    Jacoby Drexelhand (human) Jacoby Drexelhand (human).jpg
                    Jannek Jannek.jpg
                    Jianna Shaye Jianna Shaye.jpg
                    Karrnathi Apprentice No pic.jpg
                    Keldan Shadeskein No pic.jpg
                    Kelno the Prefect Kelno the Prefect.jpg
                    Klaus Klaus.jpg
                    Kondo Solanum No pic.jpg
                    Kornan Gaan No pic.jpg
                    Kuldail Ukien Kuldail Ukien.jpg
                    Kuttar Kuttar.jpg
                    Laboratory Guard No pic.jpg
                    Larres Larres.jpg
                    Leif Graves Leif Graves.jpg
                    Mage Commander Haley Mage Commander Haley.jpg
                    Major Mal Major Mal.jpg
                    Maldetto Disciple Maldetto Disciple.png
                    Maldetto Thrall Maldetto Thrall.png
                    Male Patient Male Patient.png
                    Malnourished Barovian Peasant Malnourished Barovian Peasant.jpg
                    Marideth Marideth.jpg
                    Master of the Hounds Master of the Hounds.jpg
                    Mentau Mentau.jpg
                    Miior Miior.jpg
                    Minerva Zakkas Minerva Zakkas.png
                    Molnm Molnm.jpg
                    Mountain Folk Berserker Mountain Folk Berserker.jpg
                    Mountain Folk Hunter Mountain Folk Hunter.jpg
                    Necromancer (Human) Necromancer (Human).jpg
                    Necromancer Apprentice Necromancer Apprentice.jpg
                    Necromancer of Vol (Human) Necromancer of Vol (Human).jpg
                    Netherese Arcanist Netherese Arcanist.jpg
                    Netherese Archwizard No pic.jpg
                    Netherese Mage Netherese Mage.jpg
                    Netherese Summoner Netherese Summoner.jpg
                    Netherese Wizard Netherese Wizard.jpg
                    Nichts Volpe No pic.jpg
                    Nil Nil (Monster).jpg
                    • Detour — Orange-named <Mercenary Bard>. Can't be killed, only defeated. Thus, don't show up on Monster Manual
                    Noqan Viis Noqan Viis.jpg
                    Odd Stormreach Citizen Odd Stormreach Citizen.png
                    Penal Officer Penal Officer.jpg
                    Pestilent Huntsman Pestilent Huntsman.jpg
                    Phantasmal Cook Phantasmal Cook.jpg
                    Phantasmal Herald No pic.jpg
                    Phantasmal Man-at-Arms Phantasmal Man-at-Arms.jpg
                    Phantasmal Messenger Phantasmal Messenger.jpg
                    Phantasmal Sentinel Phantasmal Sentinel.jpg
                    Phantasmal Servant No pic.jpg
                    Pirate Cannoneer (Human) No pic.jpg
                      Pirate Marauder No pic.jpg
                        Pirate Marine No pic.jpg
                          Pirate Sailor (Human) No pic.jpg
                            Poacher Poacher.jpg
                            Porto Troise Porto Troise.jpg
                            Prefect Alrrem Prefect Alrrem.jpg
                            Prelate Vendisto of the Six Prelate Vendisto of the Six.jpg
                            Priest of Damnation (Human) Priest of Damnation (Human).jpg
                            Priest of Shar Priest of Shar.jpg
                            Priest of Vol (Human) Priest of Vol (Human).jpg
                            Priest of the Burning Heart Priest of the Burning Heart.jpg
                            Priest of the Crimson Heart Priest of the Crimson Heart.jpg
                            Priest of the Immortal Heart Priest of the Immortal Heart.jpg
                            Priest of the Sanguine Heart Priest of the Sanguine Heart.jpg
                            Priestess of Amaunator No pic.jpg
                              Priestess of Shar Priestess of Shar.jpg
                              Priestess of Shar (Human) No pic.jpg
                              Proper Barovian Peasant Proper Barovian Peasant.jpg
                              Proud Member Proud Member.jpg
                              Quendrel Quendrel.jpg
                              Quickfoot Caster Quickfoot Caster.jpg
                              Quickfoot Cat Burglar Quickfoot Cat Burglar.jpg
                              Quickfoot Fighter Quickfoot Fighter.jpg
                              Quickfoot Master Thief Quickfoot Master Thief.jpg
                              Quickfoot Thief No pic.jpg
                                Quilynn Milder No pic.jpg
                                  Quinn the Quickfoot Quinn the Quickfoot.jpg
                                  Radhnik Odeen Radhnik Oden.jpg
                                  Ramsay Morcort Ramsay Morcort.png
                                  Ranging Bandit Ranging Bandit.jpg
                                  Rantha Rantha.jpg
                                  Rebel Cannith Artificer No pic.jpg
                                  Rebel Cannith Fighter No pic.jpg
                                  Rebel Captain Rorick Rebel Captain Rorick.jpg
                                  Renegade Summoner Renegade Summoner.jpg
                                  Rioting Prisoner Rioting Prisoner.jpg
                                  Romag Romag.jpg
                                  Roving Bandit Roving Bandit.jpg
                                  Rowan Watzun Rowan Watzun.jpg
                                  Sarva Bellistrae Sarva Bellistrae.jpg
                                  Scion of Wrath Scion of Wrath.jpg
                                  Scratchy Cranshaw Scratchy Cranshaw.jpg
                                  Scrawny Barovian Peasant Scrawny Barovian Peasant.jpg
                                  • Fresh-baked Dreams — you may try to convince some of them to leave before you have to fight the mob. (optional)
                                  Sellsword Archer Sellsword Archer.jpg
                                  Sellsword Brute Sellsword Brute.jpg
                                  Sellsword Footpad Sellsword Footpad.jpg
                                  Sellsword Skirmisher Sellsword Skirmisher.jpg
                                  Senshock Senshock.png
                                  Shai Shai.jpg
                                  Shanty Singer (Human) Shanty Singer (human).jpg
                                  Shar Worshipper Shar Worshipper.jpg
                                  Silver Concord Fighter Silver Concord Fighter.jpg
                                  Silver Flame Cleric Silver Flame Cleric.jpg
                                  Silver Flame Commander No pic.jpg
                                    Silver Flame Elite Templar Silver Flame Elite Templar.jpg
                                    Silver Flame Friar Silver Flame Friar.png
                                    Silver Flame Hunter No pic.jpg
                                      Silver Flame Paladin Silver Flame Paladin.jpg
                                      Silver Flame Ranger No pic.jpg
                                      Silver Flame Soldier Silver Flame Soldier.png
                                      Silver Flame War Priest Silver Flame War Priest.jpg
                                      Silver Flame Warrior Silver Flame Warrior.png
                                      Slab the Crusher Slab the Crusher.jpg
                                      Slaver Cleric Slaver Cleric.jpg
                                      Slaver Cohort Slaver Cohort.jpg
                                      Slaver Factotum Slaver Factotum.jpg
                                      Slaver Marksman Slaver Marksman.jpg
                                      Slippery Ketta Slippery Ketta.jpg
                                      Soulless Barovian Peasant Soulless Barovian Peasant.jpg
                                      Stanwicke Gall Stanwicke Gall.jpg
                                      Stone Lord No pic.jpg
                                      Stormreach Guard Enraged Guard.jpg
                                      Sturm Blucholtz No pic.jpg
                                      Suderham Guard Officer Suderham Guard Officer.jpg
                                      Suderham Patroller Suderham Patroller.jpg
                                      Supreme Commander Hedrack Sumreme Commander Hedrack.png
                                      Suspicious Stormreach Guard Suspicious Stormreach Guard.png
                                      Svalich Druid Svalich Druid.jpg
                                      Swashbuckler (Human) Swashbuckler (human).jpg
                                      Swashbuckler Scoundrel Swashbuckler Scoundrel.jpg
                                      Swiftfoot Caster Swiftfoot Caster.jpg
                                      Swiftfoot Gangster Swiftfoot Gangster.jpg
                                      • Missing — Common enemy until you first approach an evidence
                                      Sycil Weatherworn Sycil Weatherworn.jpg
                                      Syndicate Arcanist Syndicate Arcanist.jpg
                                      Syndicate Enforcer Syndicate Enforcer.jpg
                                      Syndicate Magus Syndicate Magus.jpg
                                      Syndicate Muscle Syndicate Muscle.jpg
                                      Syndicate Slayer Syndicate Slayer.jpg
                                      Syndicate Swiftblade Syndicate Swiftblade.jpg
                                      Talon Darsin Talon Darsin.jpg
                                      Tarys Tarys.jpg
                                      Tashkaar Tashkaar.jpg
                                      Tegan Darsit Tegandarsit.jpg
                                      Temple Cleric Temple Cleric.jpg
                                      Temple Cultist Temple Cultist.jpg
                                      Temple Guard Temple Guard.jpg
                                      Temple Warrior Temple Warrior.jpg
                                      Teralyn Teralyn.jpg
                                      Tessa Vanderkliefe Tessa Vanderkliefe.png
                                      Thaalan Thaalan.jpeg
                                      Tharno Tharno.jpg
                                      Theodas Riveron Theodas Riveron.jpg
                                      Thomren Thomren.jpg
                                      Thug Recruit No pic.jpg
                                      Tidy Lass Tidy Lass.jpg
                                      Torkaar Torkaar.jpg
                                      Toven d'Cannith Toven d'Cannith (Master Artificer).jpg
                                      Trapsmith Recruit No pic.jpg
                                      Tulla Chymbal Tulla Chymbal.jpg
                                      Twilight Channeler Twilight Channeler.jpg
                                      Twinight Twinight.jpg
                                      Udo Udo.jpg
                                      Underlane Hooligan Underlane Hooligan.jpg
                                      Underlane Ruffian Underlane Ruffian.jpg
                                      Unholy Friar Unholy Friar.jpg
                                      Unholy Priest No pic.jpg
                                      Vargas Vallakovich Vargas Vallakovich.jpg
                                      Vaunt Arcanist Vaunt Archanist.jpg
                                      Vaunt Bulwark Vaunt Bulwark.jpg
                                      Vaunt Guard Vaunt Guard.jpg
                                      Vaunt Healer Vaunt Healer.jpg
                                      Vaunt Patrol Vaunt Patrol.jpg
                                      Vaunt Trapsmith Vaunt Trapsmith.jpg
                                      Vespar Danville Vespar Danville.jpg
                                      Viktor Vallakovich Viktor Vallakovich.jpg
                                      Vistani Bandit Vistani Bandit.jpg
                                      Vistani Bandit Leader Vistani Bandit Leader.jpg
                                      Vistani Scout Vistani Scout.jpg
                                      Voidmind Deneith Noble Voidmind Deneith Noble.png
                                      Vol Cultist Vol Cultist.jpg
                                      Wachterhaus Cultist Wachterhaus Cultist.jpg
                                      Wachterhaus Magus Wachterhaus Magus.jpg
                                      Wachterhaus Mortifer Wachterhaus Mortifer.jpg
                                      War Wizard No pic.jpg
                                      Warehouse Worker (human) No pic.jpg
                                      Warrior Cultist Warrior Cultist.jpg
                                      Warrior of the Emerald Claw (Human) Warrior of the Emerald Claw (Human).jpg
                                      Warrior of the Six Warrior of the Six.jpg
                                      Washer Will Washer Will.jpg
                                      Wayward Adventurer No pic.jpg
                                        Wheloon Native (Human) Wheloon Native (Human).jpg
                                        Whisper Whisper.jpg
                                        Wimpell Frump Wimpell Frump.jpg
                                        Wounded Soldier Wounded Soldier.jpg
                                        Wyle Wyle.jpg
                                        Yeoman Archer Yeoman Archer.jpg
                                        Yzthmeth Yzthmeth.jpg
                                        Zakya Cult Archer Zakya Cult Archer.jpg
                                        Zakya Cultist Zakya Cultist.jpg
                                        Zastra Zastra.jpg
                                        Zaul Tasz No pic.jpg
                                        Zeligat Zeligat.jpg
                                        Zhentarim Archwizard Zhentarim Archwizard.jpg
                                        Zombie Shepherd Zombie Shepherd.jpg

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