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The Storm Horns

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DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure pack: Shadowfell Conspiracy

Some of the most untamed wilderness in Cormyr can be found on its northern edge, nestled against the cragged, nearly impassable mountain range known as the Storm Horns.

The Storm Horns  ♦HeroicNormal map - Spoilers!
The Storm Horns  ●EpicEpic map - Spoilers!
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The Storm Horns is a level 19 Heroic (levels 15-24)/level 27 Epic (levels 23-31) Wilderness adventure area. Accessible from north east Eveningstar.


Unlike most explorer zones, the Storm Horns have some Bear traps around their zone. They are randomly located and can be disabled as any normal traps.

  • Heroic Bear traps (CR:19); Disable DC: 32:Fail; 47:Success; (Suspected: 33-47)
  • Epic Bear traps (CR:27); Disable DC: 53:Fail; 54:Success; (Suspected: 54)


In addition to the Rare Encounter / Slayer / Explorer missions typical to all Wilderness Adventure Areas, the following missions can be found in this zone:

Quest NameQuest LevelBase FavorPatronCasualNormalHardElite
The Tracker's Trap19/276The Harpers
Lines of Supply19/276The Harpers
Breaking the Ranks19/276The Harpers
A Break In the Ice19/277The Harpers
What Goes Up19/277The Harpers
Total5 Quests32 
 ♣86,566Epic Casual
 ♦148,359Epic Normal
 ♥152,440Epic Hard
 ♠156,523Epic Elite

Note: All of the first four quests must be completed to flag for the final quest, What Goes Up. The first four quests can be played in any order to flag for the final quest.

Eldovar Fleetleaf (transporter NPC)[edit]

He transports you to a quest location of your choice from nearby the entrance, for 3 Astral Shard each. Additionally, he transports you to the following locations for free, if you already found them. Note - Be certain to unlock the camps by clicking/activating the Harper Camp Marker (a large standing stone with the Harper symbol on its side) at each of the three camp sites. Close by each Harper Camp Marker, there will be a small, one-person, animal-hide A-frame shelter (tent), and also small circular lit campfire, which might aid you in spotting the site.

  • Southwest camp
  • Northwest camp
  • North camp



  • Slay 10 of the enemy army:  ♦805Normal ●3,375Epic
  • Slay 25 of the enemy army:  ♦1,086Normal ●4,536Epic
  • Slay 50 of the enemy army:  ♦1,465Normal ●6,075Epic
  • Slay 100 of the enemy army:  ♦2,145Normal ●8,775Epic
  • Slay 200 of the enemy army:  ♦3,385Normal ●13,635Epic
  • Slay 400 of the enemy army:  ♦5,815Normal ●23,085Epic
  • Slay 750 of the enemy army:  ♦9,645Normal ●37,935Epic
  • Slay 1500 of the enemy army:  ♦19,845Normal ●77,355Epic
  • Slay 3000 of the enemy army:  ♦39,985Normal ●155,115Epic


  • Slay 10 monsters and beasts:  ♦805Normal ●3,375Epic
  • Slay 25 monsters and beasts:  ♦1,086Normal ●4,536Epic
  • Slay 50 monsters and beasts:  ♦1,465Normal ●6,075Epic
  • Slay 100 monsters and beasts:  ♦2,145Normal ●8,775Epic
  • Slay 200 monsters and beasts:  ♦3,385Normal ●13,635Epic
  • Slay 400 monsters and beasts:  ♦5,815Normal ●23,085Epic
  • Slay 750 monsters and beasts:  ♦9,645Normal ●37,935Epic
  • Slay 1500 monsters and beasts:  ♦19,845Normal ●77,355Epic
  • Slay 3000 monsters and beasts::  ♦39,985Normal ●155,115Epic

Rare Encounters[edit]

The Storm Horns rare encounter list includes a thorough mix of monsters with fixed spawn sites and randomly located monsters. Since these are not marked on the map, each is given a shortlist of locations below.

(Prior to Update 66, three rare encounters on this list - Eclipse, Fithrel and Permafrost - were prevented from spawning by a software bug, and the fourth entry on the list (now for the Netheril spymaster) was a duplicate of Mage Commander Haley's entry.

XP per encounter:  ♦1,100Normal ●4,500Epic, with a 67% repetition penalty
Bonus XP for solving all encounters:  ♦6,050Normal ●24,750Epic

  • Slay the rare griffon (Fithrel)
    • Spawns in fixed locations in the mountain zone, including the Netherese fortress just next to the northwest camp.
  • Slay the rare owlbear (Ulchabhán Mór)
    • May be found on the Claw-marked Stump random encounter
  • Slay the rare ice elemental (Permafrost)
    • Spawns in the Northern Cave or the fortress near A Break in the Ice
  • Slay the Netheril Spymaster
    • Can spawn in most of the Netherese fortresses
  • Slay the rare shade (Eclipse)
    • Spawns in the eastern forest zone - you may need to find and kill some Shades first
  • Slay the rare harpy (Gileren)
    • Spawns in the eastern forest zone or the mountain pass above
  • Slay the rare stone giant (Captain Stalg)
    • Spawns in the Netherese fortress by the central waterfall, or by the entrance to What Goes Up
  • Slay the rare frost giant (Lieutenant Frossgarde)
    • Spawns in the Netherese fortresses in the eastern fortress, or by the entrance to A Break in the Ice
  • Slay the rare satyr (Locrian)
    • Requires failing Perform skills check (roll) on The Piper's Song random encounter — Heroic: DC 17:Fail (starts fight); 32:Success (no combat). Epic 20:Fail (starts fight, second /dance).
  • Slay the rare wood woad (Whispering Timber)
    • Guaranteed upon completion of The Whispering Timber random encounter, but may be found on his own. No chest.
  • Slay Mage Commander Haley
    • From The Signal Fire random encounter

Random Encounters[edit]

  • Claw-marked Stump Investigate the claw-marked stumpIcon tooltip.pngChanges to Lure a large monster to the claw-marked stump - Place a gamey venison on the stump to lure an owlbear; defeat it and complete the encounter. No chest. ♦100Normal ●300Epic
  • The Piper's Song Investigate the gathering of satyrIcon tooltip.pngSome satyr are dancing to the sound of a pipesong. Perhaps they wouldn't mind if you observe? Or even join in? - If you talk to the lead satyr Locrian, he asks you to dance with them. Dance! And then he asks you to talk to him again. Changes to Impress a Satyr... buff up and dance again!  ♦600Normal ●1,800Epic
  • Poaching for the Poacher Strike a deal with a poacherIcon tooltip.pngA man, apparently a hunter, crouches by a fire. He appears to be laden with gear; perhaps he is willing to barter? - trade the hunter Gamey Venisons or Fox Tails; 5 Gamey Venisons per chest, or 3 Fox Tails. Need to unlock all three chests for completion  ♦600Normal ●1,800Epic
  • The Signal Fire Deal with the orc lookoutsIcon tooltip.pngAfter you attack the lookouts, waves of reinforcements will hit you. Last will come rare netheril wizard Mage Commander Haley. Can spawn in the Netherese camp between messages 17 and 18 (based on the Heroic map, while same location for Epic).  ♦500Normal ●1,500Epic
  • The Whispering Timber Investigate the satyrs' ritualIcon tooltip.pngSome satyrs were interrupted while performing a ritual of some kind. Maybe you can complete their work. - Complete the ritual, then slay the red-named wood woad which spawns.  ♦650Normal ●1,950Epic (requires either a Fox Tail or a Spellcraft check DC of  ♦49-?Normal ●62-?Epic)
  • Pillage the Netherese supplies (Need Open Lock or Knock to open chest, DC  ♦25-?Normal/ ●?-?Epic)Icon tooltip.pngSpawns in the Netherese camp with message 39 from the heroic area  ♦500Normal ●1,500Epic
  • Foul Play Examine the scene of violenceIcon tooltip.pngThis seems to have been the site of recent violence. Perhaps examining the scene will turn something up. - You spot a dead druid and a journal. Just read it for clues - Becomes
    • An Intimidating Pet Befriend the druid's owlbearIcon tooltip.png 1 Gamey Venison is needed; place it on the nearby stump. The Tame Owlbear (CR:  ♦19Normal ♦30Epic Normal) will follow you around and attack enemies. Can be healed/buffed.  ♦100Normal ●300Epic
  • Draconic Rage Speak to CharillionIcon tooltip.pngYou've happened upon the lair of Charillion, the red dragon of the Storm Horns! You sense that one wrong move could have disastrous consequences. - Intimidate or Diplomacy to avoid battle (successful Diplomacy doesn't avoid battle, but yields an extra chest); becomes Defeat Charillion upon failure  ♦1,250Normal ●3,750Epic Intimidate (DC  ♦?-?Normal ●?-?Epic) or Diplomacy (DC  ♦43-?Normal ●40-?Epic) to avoid battle (successful Diplomacy doesn't avoid battle, but yields an extra chest)
  • Treating Hypothermia Investigate the frozen adventurersIcon tooltip.pngYou spot some adventurers that have succumbed to the elements. But perhaps they can yet be helped? - Becomes
    • The White Dragon Strikes Defeat the white dragonIcon tooltip.pngWhile investigating the frozen ones, Nexxy will be heared clearly because of his heavy breath. Then he will appear and attacks. Defend yourselves and claim his treasure piles.  ♦1,250Normal ●3,750Epic

Bonus XP for solving all encounters:  ♦4,950Normal ●20,250Epic

Unregistered Encounters[edit]

Wounded Soldier - Sometimes you will encounter a wounded soldier. You can talk to him, or just ignore him. (This encounter is mostly for flavor, and never leads to combat or awards XP.)

Oriphaun's Journal  ♦(Heroic)Normal[edit]

XP per discovery:  ♦550Normal
Bonus XP for discovering all:  ♦6,187Normal

  • Find Oriphaun's 1st Journal: I was on the scent of a Netherese spy when I stumbled across a Satyr's camp. He made it quite clear that I was not a welcome guest. No counting on a Satyr, let me tell you! I managed to withdraw right as he drew his blade.
  • Find Oriphaun's 2nd Journal: I have discovered the remains of a Satyr fire pit and will deem it both a good omen and a fine place to rest. My own fire will be small compared to the bonfires they set to dance around. Ah, the Satyr tales and songs I've heard over such a blaze!
  • Find Oriphaun's 3rd Journal: Signs of poachers abound. I also see the hoofed tracks of a Satyr. Ah, yes. And a broken branch and a spot of blood tell me they fought... over a felled deer, perhaps. Or words taken as insults. Satyrs are as fickle as they are dangerous.
  • Find Oriphaun's 4th Journal: My uncle once told me that the best life is a balanced life. How poorly I appreciated his words at the time! But now as a Harper I take it as central to our code. It is a life's work to master, but a fair and often awe-inspring path all the same.
  • Find Oriphaun's 5th Journal: A chill passes through my heart! was entranced by a far-off song, only to realize its source was a Harpy! Had I come to my senses a moment later, I might have been tortured to death, rent limb from limb. Such a beautiful song, such a horrific death!
  • Find Oriphaun's 6th Journal: Too many in Cormyr think Dryads to be evil. Nothing could be farther from the truth! They are wild and free creatures, to be sure. But they are keepers of these woods and will defend their ground against huntsman and marauding Orc alike. Do not threaten them and you may pass in peace.
  • Find Oriphaun's 7th Journal: I know all too little about the druids in these woods, though as a Harper and a Huntsilver I dare say I should. These men and women are in thick with nature. Twined like vines into these trees, as hard to spot as a mountain Iron in the shade.
  • Find Oriphaun's 8th Journal: I stumbled across the remains of an Owlbear's meal today. Quite a mess! I'm happy not to meet the sharp claws and bone-breaking beak that created it.
  • Find Oriphaun's 9th Journal: Now this is a dangerous part of the woods. I hear what must be an owlbear somewhere in the distance. It wouldn't do to fall to an Owlbear with the entire Netherese army nipping at my heels.
  • Find Oriphaun's 10th Journal: What luck! Something new for my collection: one Red dragon scale. I found it slightly scuffed but otherwise intact in a trampled patch near the mountain. Not long after, I swear I spied the dragon itself flying far above! It is well that I stumbled on the scale, and not its owner!
  • Find Oriphaun's 11th Journal: This tributary of the Starwater is a lovely sight. It brings back many a childhood memory. Why, I recall one particularly idyllic picnic by its banks - tents and banners, wine and roasted game. Could I ever have dreamed that years hence I'd be stalking through these woods, covered in mud and eating rustic meals prepared by my own hands?
  • Find Oriphaun's 12th Journal: I wonder if the hermit that lived in that little hut is still about. He was known to me by many a childhood tale. One claimed he grabbed children out alone and cooked them into stew! All because he would not harm a hair of any woodland creature.
  • Find Oriphaun's 13th Journal: A Druid with an Owlbear companion! I'd hardly believe the tale myself had I not seen them with my own eyes. It seems he raised the Owlbear from a cub and used whistle to call him near and far.
  • Find Oriphaun's 14th Journal: I stumbled across a broken wooden barrel yesterday. Then just beyond a hedge I found a freshly-trampled path. Judging by the size and wear of this new road, many such provisions have been carried up into the mountains. To whom? For what nefarious purpose?
  • Find Oriphaun's 15th Journal: Merely setting foot upon the Storm Horn Mountains can be an invitation to death. It may seem picturesque, but among those lofty peaks lie Harpy nesting grounds, packs of Winter Wolves, and Griffon eyries, among other perils!
  • Find Oriphaun's 16th Journal: The mountains speak in stirring tones. There is a music that emanates from these cold, craggy rocks. But I must be ever wary lest it be the music of Harpy-song.
  • Find Oriphaun's 17th Journal: There. I have managed to dispatch word of all I've learned to the Harpers. Will I have such a chance again? I must learn all I can, take every opportunity... and pray reinforcements arrive before I am in the thick of it!
  • Find Oriphaun's 18th Journal: Damn my rotten luck! I will go hungry tonight. I was on the trail of a fine spotted doe when, just as I was set to loose my bow, down swoops a Griffon to whisk my dinner into the evening sky. Though I must admit the better hunter prevailed!
  • Find Oriphaun's 19th Journal: I must admit that I am not ashamed of my tracking skills tonight. Amongst a mudded trammel of heavy, humanoid footprints I could make out a half dozen paths leading in different directions. I have noted at least three different species of foot as well. Orcs, gnolls, giants... all marching as one. This bodes poorly.
  • Find Oriphaun's 20th Journal: By the gods above! A White Dragon, with the sun glinting off its scales. As beautiful and dangerous as the mountains themselves. This is a vision I will never forget.
  • Find Oriphaun's 21st Journal: I turned a bend just now to see a Griffon and an Ice Elemental in the midst of battle. I stood frozen in awe - not long, thank Ao. One does not wait for the outcome of such a fight and live to the morrow.
  • Find Oriphaun's 22nd Journal: Tonight I struggle to sleep. I hear the howl of winter wolves as they hunt and are hunted upon in that great and all-encompassing darkness.
  • Find Oriphaun's 23rd Journal: Orcs, Giants, Gnolls - marching, keeping watch, raising ramparts - I have seen it all. But what are they about? This will test my skills as both a Harper and a tracker before I'm through.
  • Find Oriphaun's 24th Journal: Through a dense bit of woods, I spied five Hill Giants building a palisade. What they lack in intelligence they make up in strength and speed! At this rate, they'll have walled off the Storm Horns by first snow!
  • Find Oriphaun's 25th Journal: A patchwork army made of Gnolls, Giants, Orcs... making camp in these mountains. But who commands, I wonder? If it's the Netherese, as I believe, to what end? Ah, but for a good night's sleep and a proper meal, I'm sure it would come clear!
  • Find Oriphaun's 26th Journal: I spied a mage of the Netheril giving council to four Orc captains. While these brutes build and march, what are the Netherese busy with, I wonder?
  • Find Oriphaun's 27th Journal: A question I ask myself time and again, but cannot answer: why stage an invasion from this steep and wintry mountain wall? You could hardly start farther from the capital and still be in Cormyr.
  • Find Oriphaun's 28th Journal: Over the course of hours and in the midst of a wretched storm, I followed three Frost Giants! The Netherese have found powerful leaders for their troops. However, there seemed to be some dissent amongst their giants. Perhaps therein lies an opening...
  • Find Oriphaun's 29th Journal: A close call! I was spying upon a camp of Orcs and Giants under cover of night, when the brutes began to bicker with one another. It broke into a full-fledged brawl! Closer and closer I crept - until a Giant hefted an Orc and hurled him clear over my head! That was enough for me. I crept away - right past the unconscious Orc.
  • Find Oriphaun's 30th Journal: The monster tribes constantly bicker with themselves and with their betters. And that might just be their undoing. My best bet might lie with one Frost Giant, by name of Rungnir.
  • Find Oriphaun's 31st Journal: I came around a corner today to see two gnolls huddled together. Thankfully, I was able to duck behind cover before being spotted. They spoke quietly, in fearful whimpers, about the dark powers of the Netherese. I dare say, they have a point.
  • Find Oriphaun's 32nd Journal: There are far too many supplies and weapons caches in the camps I have found. Unsettling doubts trouble my waking and sleeping moments. This many supplies did not come out of nowhere. Why, it would take a separate army just to move them!
  • Find Oriphaun's 33rd Journal: Gathering an army of such numbers must have been quite the challenge! How has such a large number remained hidden? What promises were made to convince this monstrous horde to spend time in the wind, cold, and snow of the Storm Horns.
  • Find Oriphaun's 34th Journal: I do believe myself to be a man of some ambition and skill. Nevertheless, I am becoming downright frustrated in my attempt to uncover the heart of this Netherese plot. I am only seeing the edges, and would give up a night's rest to learn the truth. I must learn more, and quickly. Cormyr depends on it.
  • Find Oriphaun's 35th Journal: Today has brought me closer to my goal. I was able to capture an Orc who'd strayed out alone. He confessed several key locations to me, then his comrades drew near. Before he could make a sound, I did what I must and slit his throat.
  • Find Oriphaun's 36th Journal: I overhear much, but not of what matters! I must redouble my efforts and take whatever risks are required. I am a Harper and a Huntsilver. The time has come to prove myself.
  • Find Oriphaun's 37th Journal: Tracking the movements of Orcs is not unlike tracking a deer, as I did often as a boy. I excelled at felling the hart back then, I should not waver as I play this more dangerous game, now. One must move with care, move in silence, move with all one's available skill.
  • Find Oriphaun's 38th Journal: I was forced to kill again tonight. The wretched Gnoll nearly snuck up on me. Does it never grow easier? The condemned in Wheloon. The Netherese upon the High Road. One kill never made the next one easier to bear. Yet bear I must. I must not shirk the task before me.
  • Find Oriphaun's 39th Journal: These desolate heights have given me time to reflect on my past behaviors. I confess I am not proud of all my deeds. When first I earned my Harper's pin, I thought nothing of how my actions might affect my honor or my Kingdom. But in this clear mountain air, my duty lies plain before me.
  • Find Oriphaun's 40th Journal: Every skill has been put to the test. Every fiber of my being strained to breaking here in ice and snow of the Storm Horns! Though I am weary and sore I must not waver. I must weather the storm to save my own, my beloved Cormyr.
  • Find Oriphaun's 41st Journal: I know for certain the Netherese are in these mountains, plotting war. But a growing suspicion tells me that is not all. There are hints... hints of something secret high in the mountains. And I must - I will discover what it is.
  • Find Oriphaun's 42nd Journal: When I was a lad, I loved to gaze upon these mountains and dream of adventures. Well, I have certainly seen that dream come true. Now if I could but dream into being a set of cold-weather boots, and perhaps a good warm cloak.
  • Find Oriphaun's 43rd Journal: I am alive to write this thanks only to strong fingers and quick wits! As I tread along the ledges near the great waterfall, a fox sprang suddenly from a bush, causing me to slip! I barely grabbed the ledge in time and avoided a much too hasty descent.
  • Find Oriphaun's 44th Journal: I'm certain I overheard the word "glacier", but what did the blighted wizard mean by it? I am confounded. There is a glacier atop this mountain, true. But what could Netheril possible do with a great block of ice? I have learned an answer, but to what question?
  • Find Oriphaun's 45th Journal: Few could wander these woods and think anything was amiss. After weeks of searching, tracker that I am, I have found but a few precious clues as to the Netherese plot that took me here. And those clues point in only one direction - the Storm Horn mountains that loom above me. Well, then. Up I go.

Amskar's Journal  ●(Epic)Epic[edit]

XP per discovery:  ●2,250Epic
Bonus XP for discovering all:  ●25,311Epic

  • Find Amskar's 1st Journal: He fell for the Satyr's lies not once, but twice? Was his coin-purse too heavy to bear? Enough! Next time, ply them with swords instead - or better yet, avoid them!
  • Find Amskar's 2nd Journal: Please continue to track this "uninvited guest," and see that he remains unaware that he's watched. In the meanwhile, if he falls afoul of some orc, why, then more's the pity (Bugged: this displays as the 1st Journal)
  • Find Amskar's 3rd Journal: If I hear one more report of stolen or smashed supplies, I will animate every last crate in these mountains and let them fend for themselves. I sometimes wonder if an army of enchanted barrels would not serve me more faithfully.
  • Find Amskar's 4th Journal: Tell your scouts to cease all contact with these Satyrs. All their reports are lies and jests, they go back on their words. We have twice lost scouts after the Satyr got them drunk. This has gone far enough.
  • Find Amskar's 5th Journal: Do you think I give one Cormyrean copper whether your watchmen were killed by owlbears? Surely you don't mean to tell me that we armed our hordes against swords but not against beaks?
  • Find Amskar's 6th Journal: What a bloody mess! That's what you get paying poachers to serve as scouts. We will be out of these backwards woodlands soon enough.
  • Find Amskar's 7th Journal: Our future guest watches from the edges, you say? Then he has seen little... though a little is more than I care to allow. Follow him. See that he cannot send word to his Cormyrean friends.
  • Find Amskar's 8th Journal: The Orcs complain the wolves in these mountains make their Worgs nervous. Being a hunter does not free you from being hunted.
  • Find Amskar's 9th Journal: See that the fortified camps are built in silence and under wooded cover! The success of our plan depends on it. Any who stumble across them must be killed.
  • Find Amskar's 10th Journal: By all the shadows of night! Not a single Giant must be allowed to go blundering through the woodlands. They will carry their goods on through Tumblerock Pass and then return to the mountain. Otherwise I will make them into mice and see how they like it!
  • Find Amskar's 11th Journal: We have fed many more Harpies on orc-meat than we have cages for, and I do not think they will eat from our hands. So please, see that no more soldiers fall prey to Harpy-songs - with a deafness spell if you must.
  • Find Amskar's 12th Journal: I must ask you to remind both clans of giants that there will be riches for all when Cormyr falls. Though if they wish to be left behind, they can go back to fighting Griffons for scraps of deer meat.
  • Find Amskar's 13th Journal: Do you have any notion what a leaning tower of threats and promises we have already made to the orcs, gnolls, and giants to forge this army? If I hear one more report of you making new agreements, I will have their worth cut out of your flesh.
  • Find Amskar's 14th Journal: The answer to your question is simple. If it's dragon they're afraid of now, give them something more pressing to be terrified by. And if one more soldier comes to you frightened by some white bird up in the sky, kill him.
  • Find Amskar's 15th Journal: Why are we digging in the glacier, they ask? First, why by the Twelve Princes would you offer to answer mere minions? Do you follow their orders? And second, if you ask me again I will have your tongue cut out.
  • Find Amskar's 16th Journal: I don't know which is worse - that so many have abandoned us on one Frost Giant's word - or that you have LOST this traitor inside the glacier. Are you a harebrained gnoll or are you a mage of Netheril? Write back when you have an answer I will like.
  • Find Amskar's 17th Journal: I have come to think of these ice-blighted heights as very like the Shadowfell. The blindness of dark upon dark is much like that of white upon white. In such subtle redoubts we have dwelled unseen - until it was time to strike.
  • Find Amskar's 18th Journal: My good fellow, what do you mean you had to issue orders a second time? Why was the brute still alive after the first?
  • Find Amskar's 19th Journal: Break their arms and they can't fight. Break their legs and they can't walk. Either way, they'll think you're one of them. A low beast. You've memorized how many tome of arcane lore, and this is how you deal discipline?
  • Find Amskar's 20th Journal: (#) While I agree it is quite amusing that the rustic creatures of these mountains trade in fox-tails, you will find an entirely different expression on my face if word gets out through poachers that there is an army here.Icon tooltip.pngFound at the bottom of the lake, in a giant's skeleton, west of #21
  • Find Amskar's 21st Journal: (#) I am pleased to learn the fortification-building has been completed on schedule. It seems our unruly horde can do some things right. I will make an inspection of the work myself tomorrow, at dusk.Icon tooltip.pngFound at the bottom of the lake, in a giant's skeleton, west of the Southwest Harper Camp.
  • Find Amskar's 22nd Journal: Look at the forests below and you see no roads. Gaze at the mountains above you and see nothing built or stationed among the trees and drifts of snow. Raise your eyes to the ice against the mountain's peak - but I will say nothing of that, for the present.
  • Find Amskar's 23rd Journal: As with any plan worth carrying out, ours has many layers. I think it rather a good joke that the higher you go and the colder you get, the nearer you are to the heart of our mission.
  • Find Amskar's 24th Journal: So you have learned that our peculiar little visitor is some kind of Cormyrean aristocrat. I don't see anything very noble about skulking around in the snow, spying from the shadows. Well! We will see how he fares against us in a game of shadows.
  • Find Amskar's 25th Journal: There are three ways to lead. You may be a purse of gold, and entice a desired act. You may be a coming storm, which none wish to weather. Or you may be a hunger in the gut that gnaws until appeased.
  • Find Amskar's 26th Journal: Ask yourself - could Netheril, who survived the ages, who lived on high in floating cities, whose magical peak touched godhood - could Netheril, I say, fail to conquer a kingdom that has squatted in one place... and whose greatest boast is a well-ordered forest?
  • Find Amskar's 27th Journal: The Shadow Council has spoken: Cormyr will fall before us. Therefore, it is inevitable. It is only a question of when.
  • Find Amskar's 28th Journal: It rarely takes one blow to fell a fighter. You will find a kingdom is much the same. Observe how Cormyr reels from Drow invasion and from our own actions in Wheloon. Blows will soon ran from farther east and from here in the north. It may just be our thrust of the sword that fells the beast at last.
  • Find Amskar's 29th Journal: On the one hand, we should thank the Drow for weakening Cormyr before our attack. However, a wounded animal draws many kinds of notice. Adventurers of all ilk have flocked to the kingdom's defense from I know not where. We should keep watch for them, lest they prove a nuisance.
  • Find Amskar's 30th Journal: The "War Wizards" of Cormyr are laughably ill-named. They pose no threat to the least Netherese novice, let me assure you. They shall be wiped from the realm while they still fumble with their spell components.
  • Find Amskar's 31st Journal: Cormyr believes it has withstood the test of time. They know nothing. Compared wth Netheril they are but children - proud, foolish, vulnerable.
  • Find Amskar's 32nd Journal: Your flatteries are as dull as they are pointless. The plan is not mine alone, but the voice of the Shadow Council. Do your part, and you will share in Netheril's glory.
  • Find Amskar's 33rd Journal: Our prowling little guest wears a silver brooch? Don't tell me: it is shaped like a harp. You are far too stupid to know how clever you are. That is the sign of the Harpers, you fool. It means he is more dangerous than I took him for. Let us ready our trap.
  • Find Amskar's 34th Journal: The ancients of Netheril were nearly as wise as they were powerful. It is they who first used the Nether Scrolls to found our empire - and hid things away in the cleverest of places.
  • Find Amskar's 35th Journal: Every one of us must be useful in achieving our plans. You may either be of use by gaining control of our troops - or of use in the cookpot to relieve the ration shortage.
  • Find Amskar's 36th Journal: Tyvrus may have his Nether Scroll, but I have within my grasp an artifact of even greater power against Cormyr.
  • Find Amskar's 37th Journal: We amass our strength here while the towns and cities of Cormyr beneath us sleep in peaceful ignorance. But soon - soon my friend - we will rise and our great shadow will fall across their land.
  • Find Amskar's 38th Journal: Here we are, my friend, generals over an army of oafs, brutes, and beasts. Their usefulness to our plan nearly makes up for the fact that I won't ever be able to wash their stench out of my robes.
  • Find Amskar's 39th Journal: Netheril is an empire nearly as old as night itself. And like the empire of night, the day will soon give back to us what is ours. We will rise to our former greatness.
  • Find Amskar's 40th Journal: I understand that the forces under you are ready. Your orders remain the same: keep them ready and do not let them tear each other apart. I will ask you to march when all aspects of my plan are ripe.
  • Find Amskar's 41st Journal: You are to suppress all rumors among your troops regarding the glacier. I need to tell you whether such rumors are true precisely as much as you need to be removed from your post.
  • Find Amskar's 42nd Journal: I fully agree. The Frost Giants are the tenderest point in our plan. They must be won over because, to be frank, they have what we want. I feel certain you will do whatever it takes.
  • Find Amskar's 43rd Journal: By all the blazing skies, woman. If they ask for ale and horseflesh, give it to them. You'll impress no one, least of all me, if healthy soldiers die of hunger!
  • Find Amskar's 44th Journal: Did I not tell you we must hide our activities from Cormyr? How, then, was an entire company of Orcs allowed down off the mountain - on this travesty of a "raid" - and their corpses simply left to be discovered? We might as well have pinned a note to the king's door with a dagger. Have the commander responsible disintegrated... slowly.
  • Find Amskar's 45th Journal: Ten clans of Hill Giants and eight of Stone Giants. Three great clans of Frost Giants won over to our side... the greatest of which you say we have lost because of the glacier. For now, let them go. Their reckoning will come later.


Name ( picture ) CR Type Race Slayer
Air Elemental( view
Air Elemental.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦17Normal ♦25Epic Normal Elemental Air Elemental Army
Captain Stalg( view
Captain Stalg.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦21Normal ♦32Epic Normal Giant Giant Army
Charillion( view
 • edit )
 ♦22Normal ♦33Epic Normal Dragon Red Dragon Nature
Deer( view
 • edit )
 ♦1.00Normal ♦1.00Epic Normal Animal Deer -
Dryad Tree( view
Dryad Tree.jpg
 • edit )
 ♠14Elite ♦20Epic Normal ♥25Epic Hard ♠39Epic Elite Fey Dryad Nature
Dryad( view
 • edit )
 ♦17Normal ♦20Epic Normal ♥25Epic Hard ♠39Epic Elite Fey Dryad Nature
Eclipse( view
 • edit )
 ♦29Epic Normal Humanoid Shade Army
Fithrel( view
 • edit )
 ♦29Epic Normal Magical Beast Griffon Nature
Fox( view
 • edit )
 ♦0.50Normal ♦0.50Epic Normal Animal Fox -
Frost Giant Hetman( view
Frost Giant Hetman.png
 • edit )
 ♥24Hard ♠30Elite ♦31Epic Normal ♥35Epic Hard Giant Giant Army
Frost Giant Iceblade( view
Frost Giant Iceblade.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦20Normal ♦28Epic Normal Giant Giant Army
Gileren( view
 • edit )
 ♦21Normal ♦32Epic Normal Monstrous Humanoid Harpy Nature
Gnoll Skirmisher( view
Gnoll Skirmisher.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦15Normal ♥17Hard ♠20Elite ♦25Epic Normal ♠29Epic Elite Gnoll Gnoll Army
Gnoll Tracker( view
Gnoll Tracker.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦19Normal ♦27Epic Normal Gnoll Gnoll Army
Gnoll Warlock( view
Gnoll Warlock.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦19Normal ♥23Hard ♠29Elite ♦30Epic Normal ♥34Epic Hard Gnoll Gnoll Army
Griffon( view
 • edit )
 ♦18Normal ♦28Epic Normal Magical Beast Griffon Nature
Harpy Forager( view
Harpy Forager.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦19Normal ♦30Epic Normal ♥34Epic Hard Monstrous Humanoid Harpy Nature
Harpy Warbler( view
Harpy Warbler.jpg
 • edit )
 ♥19Hard ♠29Elite ♦30Epic Normal ♥34Epic Hard Monstrous Humanoid Harpy Nature
Harpy( view
 • edit )
 ♦15Normal ♦25Epic Normal ♥30Epic Hard Monstrous Humanoid Harpy Nature
Hill Giant Shaman (Forgotten Realms)( view
Hill Giant Shaman.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦19Normal ♦27Epic Normal Giant Giant Army
Hill Giant Warrior( view
Hill Giant Warrior.png
 • edit )
 ♦19Normal ♥23Hard ♠29Elite ♦30Epic Normal ♥34Epic Hard Giant Giant Army
Ice Elemental( view
Ice Elemental.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦18Normal ♦28Epic Normal Elemental Ice Elemental Nature
Lieutenant Frossgarde( view
Lieutenant Frossgarde.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦32Epic Normal Giant Giant Army
Locrian( view
 • edit )
 ♦21Normal ♦32Epic Normal Fey Satyr Nature
Mage Commander Haley( view
Mage Commander Haley.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦21Normal ♦32Epic Normal Humanoid Human Army
Mountain Lion( view
Mountain Lion.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦21Normal ♠22Elite ♦32Epic Normal ♥36Epic Hard Animal Lion Nature
Netherese Arcanist( view
Netherese Arcanist.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦20Normal ♦28Epic Normal Humanoid Human Army
Netherese Mage( view
Netherese Mage.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦19Normal ♦30Epic Normal Humanoid Human Army
Netheril Spymaster( view
Netheril Spymaster.png
 • edit )
 ♦29Epic Normal Humanoid Human Army
Nexxylplyx( view
 • edit )
 ♦22Normal ♦33Epic Normal Dragon White Dragon Nature
Orc Archer( view
Orc Archer.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦17Normal ♥20Hard ♠25Elite ♦29Epic Normal ♥33Epic Hard Orc Orc Army
Orc Battle Priest( view
Orc Battle Priest.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦17Normal ♥20Hard ♠25Elite ♦29Epic Normal ♥33Epic Hard Orc Orc Army
Orc Berserker( view
Orc Berserker.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦17Normal ♥20Hard ♠25Elite ♦29Epic Normal ♥33Epic Hard Orc Orc Army
Owlbear( view
 • edit )
 ♦19Normal ♥23Hard ♠29Elite ♦30Epic Normal ♠34Epic Elite Magical Beast Owlbear Nature
Permafrost( view
 • edit )
 ♦29Epic Normal Elemental Ice Elemental Nature
Poacher( view
 • edit )
 ♦17Normal ♦28Epic Normal Humanoid Human Nature
Pseudodragon( view
 • edit )
 ♦18Normal ♦29Epic Normal Dragon Pseudodragon Army
Roving Wolf( view
Roving Wolf.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦18Normal ♠28Elite ♦24Epic Normal ♥29Epic Hard Animal Wolf Nature
Satyr Elder( view
Satyr Elder.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦19Normal ♦27Epic Normal Fey Satyr Nature
Satyr( view
 • edit )
 ♦15Normal ♦25Epic Normal Fey Satyr Nature
Shade Lord( view
Shade Lord.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦20Normal ♦31Epic Normal Humanoid Shade Army
Shade( view
 • edit )
 ♦16Normal ♠23Elite ♥30Epic Hard Humanoid Shade Army
Stone Giant Crusher( view
Stone Giant Crusher.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦28Epic Normal Giant Giant Army
Stone Giant Rockcaller( view
Stone Giant Rockcaller.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦20Normal Giant Giant Army
Troll( view
 • edit )
 ♦5Normal ♥7Hard ♠10Elite Giant Troll Army
Ulchabhán Mór( view
Ulchabhán Mór.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦32Epic Normal Magical Beast Owlbear Nature
Whispering Timber( view
Whispering Timber.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦17Normal ♦31Epic Normal Plant Wood Woad Nature
Winter Wolf( view
Winter Wolf.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦17Normal ♦25Epic Normal Magical Beast Wolf Nature
Worg( view
 • edit )
 ♦15Normal ♦25Epic Normal Magical Beast Wolf Army

Native Fauna[edit]

Move your mouse pointer over the animal's name for details.

  • DeerIcon tooltip.pngShooting a deer gives a chance to drop a portion of Gamey Venison (in a treasure bag), which can be used at several random encounters
  • FoxIcon tooltip.pngShooting a fox gives a chance to give a Fox Tail (in a treasure bag), which can be used at several random encounters