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Dividing the Loot

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Both parties discussing


A random encounter in The King's Forest. You approach two parties around a chest and a pile of gold. They successfully raided a drow camp, and are discussing how to divide the loot. Both parties have their reasons, and you should help dealing with this.


Mediate between adventurers (led by Jonabas Foreman) and bandits (led by Devian Trell) over who should get some treasure. You have two chances to convince the other party to give up on their loot. If you succeed once, you complete the encounter.

If you fail to convince the other party, the encounter still ends in a success, but you don't get the chest as a reward.



Siding with the adventurers[edit]

  • Jonabas Foreman: Agh! This is getting nowhere. They just won't listen to reason!
  • You: What seems to be the problem?
  • Jonabas Foreman: My party and I had been planning on a raid on a nearby Drow emcampment for weeks. We finally pushed through and took the camp, where we found this treasure.
  • Jonabas Foreman: Then this band of thugs shows up and claims we would have failed without them, so they should get the treasure. It's preposterous! We planned the raid, we found the treasure! That makes it ours! Please talk some sense into these rogues.
  • You: I'll go talk to the other guy.
  • Devian Trell: What did he tell you? Let me guess, he spun you some yarn about how that treasure's his, and how we didn't earn it. Well, did he tell you how most of his party was down when Drow started being felled by arrows from the shadows? Like it or not, they were in over their heads and would have been dead if not for us.
  • Devian Trell: We deserve that treasure for saving their lives. What do you say? Will you help us get our due?
    • You: They owe you a debt. I'll talk to them and see that you get it. (Continue with argument in the next section)
    • You: Hmmm... Maybe I should go talk to the Adventurer leader again.
  • Jonabas Foreman: Have you made a decision yet? I could really use your help in keeping these thugs away from our hard-earned treasure.
    • You: I'm on your side. I'll make them leave.
      • Jonabas Foreman: Thank you so much! I know you can talk some sense into them.
    • You: Hmmm... Maybe I should go talk to the bandit leader again. (Continue with argument in the next section)

  • Devian Trell: So, you've sided with them, huh? Give me one good reason I shouldn't get what I deserve here!
    • You: (Diplomacy) They earned that treasure fair and square. You had no right to step in and claim it.
      • Devian Trell: (Failure) Ha! If we hadn't been there, they would likely be dead now. Surely a few gold coins is fair compensation for saving their lives.
      • Devian Trell: (Success) Fine. Perharps it was beyond our bounds to step in when we did. Doesn't change the fact that we saved their lives, and they owe us.
        • Devian Trell: Are you saying that we should have left them for dead? Surely saving their lives warrants payment?
          • You: (Diplomacy) Saving their lives is its own reward.
          • You: (Bluff) They would have been fine without you.
    • You: (Bluff) Look, I didn't want to tell them this, but there's a much better treasure hidden not far from here.
      • Devian Trell: (Failure) Near here? I doubt it. Our scouts would have noticed it by now.
        • Devian Trell: Tell me more about this 'other treasure'. Where might we go looking for such a thing?
          • You: (Bluff) It's just beyond the hills...that way.
          • You: (Intimidate) Start walking in any direction, and don't come back.
    • You: (Intimidate) Back off. You have no claim to this treasure.
      • Devian Trell: (Failure) Are you saying they shouldn't pay us what we're owed? I disagree.
        • Devian Trell: Fine, so maybe we're just out to get a little gold. No need to be mean about it. What are you going to do about it?
          • You: (Intimidate) I'm not doing anything. You're leaving.
          • You: (Diplomacy) I'm going to ask you kindly to rescind your claim on this treasure.
            • Devian Trell: (Failure) Your kind words are lost on me. We will have what's ours.

  • Devian Trell: (Skill Failure) I think we're done discussing this. Words won't solve this conflict.
    • You: I'm sorry it has come to this. (Start battle)
    • You: Bring it. (Start battle)

Siding with the bandits[edit]

  • Devian Trell: Hey there! You look like the kind of person that would enjoy helping a fellow out. Interested?
  • You: What seems to be the problem?
  • Devian Trell: Well, it goes something like this. See these men with me? We're a band of... let's say, 'do-gooders'. Yeah. we go around, we see some people in trouble, we help 'em!
  • Devian Trell: ...For a modest fee, of course. Now this lot, we helped them out of a jam. They were about to be killed by Drow! We saved their lives. And now the ungrateful bunch won't share the treasure we helped 'em get! Talk some sense into 'em, will ya?
  • You: I'll go talk to their leader.
  • Jonabas Foreman: Look, I don't know what he told you, but it's all lies! My party and I had been planning to raid that encampment for weeks! He can't just stroll in at the end of the fight and then claim the treasure! It's not right!
  • Jonabas Foreman: We would have taken the encampment just fine without them there. I mean, sure, we had a few men down, but still. They don't deserve any of this treasure.!
  • Jonabas Foreman: Will you help me convince those rogues they aren't getting any of our treasure?
    • You: I'm on your side; I'll make them leave. (Continue with argument in the previous section)
    • You: Hmmm... Maybe I should talk to the Bandit leader again.
  • Devian Trell: Come to a decision, have yeh? Will you help us get our due?
    • You: They owe you a debt. I'll talk to them and see that you get it.
      • Devian Trell: Hey, thanks. I knew someone would see reason.
    • You: Hmmm... Maybe I should go talk to the Adventurer leader again. (Continue with argument in the previous section)

  • Jonabas Foreman: You sided with them? What they are doing amounts to robbery! Why should I give them a single copper?
    • You: (Diplomacy) Well, they did save your lives.
      • Jonabas Foreman: (Critical Success) Well... we were on the ropes... we might not have made it out without them. That might be worth something...
        • Jonabas Foreman: So even if they did save our lives, what of it? They're not entitled to our earnings just for that!
          • You: (Diplomacy) They provided a service. You owe them for their help.
            • Jonabas Foreman: (Critical Success) well... that does make sense. I certainly wouldn't want to not pay something I owe...
          • You: (Bluff) Those men are heroes of the realm, and you owe them tribute!
    • You: (Bluff) They're collecting taxes for the King!
    • You: (Intimidate) Because otherwise, he'll get upset. You won't like it when he's upset.
  • Jonabas Foreman: (Skill Success) I see no other choice. I cannot keep this treasure, and hereby cede it to these... bandits.
    • You: Thank you for your cooperation
    • You: It's about time
  • Jonabas Foreman: ...I concede this fight. The treasure is yours.
  • Devian Trell: Ha! I knew they'd see reason. Thanks for you help, take somethin' from the chest for your troubles.


Sometimes the party leaders will be sneaking, and are untargetable to talk, unless you have enough Spot to see them.

Skill DCs[edit]