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Ruined Keep: The Sunset Ritual

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Eveningstar Challenge Pack adpack icon.jpg
DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure packIcon tooltip.png: Eveningstar Challenge Pack

(Note: This does NOT mean it requires purchase of anything, you may play with free daily tokens.)

The Ruined Keep: The Sunset Ritual
Level Range: 15-30
Duration: Fixed time limit
10 minutes
Base XP Range:
Takes place in: Ruined Keep
Challenge entrance(s) in: Eveningstar
Patron: Purple Dragon Knights
Free to Play: No
Group Difficulty: Easy
Solo Difficulty: Average
5 Star Difficulty: Easy
The Ruined Keep: The Sunset Ritual map (legend)
Loading screen


This challenge is located on the northeastern edge of Eveningstar, south of the foot of the large bridge

Spoiler Warning: Information below this point can be considered spoiler material!

Star Objectives

  • Defend Arganon until the ritual is complete
  • (Optional) Protect the Spell Ward until it is fully charged
  • (Optional) Defeat Claive the Carver
  • (Optional) Defeat Bladeback
  • (Optional) Repair both Ballistas

Note: You must complete the first star objective to receive experience & rewards from this Challenge.

Known Traps

Tips and Misc

  • The parts to the Ballistas are down the different paths and around the ruined keep. They are randomly placed on a fixed set of locations.
  • If one of the Purple Knights falls, the shield around Arganon will fall and all enemies will immediately aggro on him.
  • You can heal the two purple knights, but they are such bags of HP that it my be more efficient to let them fall, and defend Arganon.
    • After a few moments, the Purple Knights will get up again, fully healed, and return to the fight.
  • You can also heal Arganon, but he is also a bag of HP.
  • It seems that the Knights and Arganon have reduced benefit from healing. The knights will get about 4 points for every 25 and Arganon will get about 1 point for every 25.
  • When the Spell Ward is completed, all enemies will start with high aggro on it. Any current enemies will immediately aggro on it.
  • Claive the Carver is a high CR enemy. You will get a warning when you approach that it is a tough fight. (on level 15, he has 7000+ hp with one player and one hire)

Challenge Duration

  • Fixed: 10 minutes
  • The timer for this challenges only starts when you talk to Arganon, allowing you to properly buff everyone without any rush.
  • If you fail to protect the spell ward, the challenge will finish immediately.


  • Chests:
  • Ingredient reward: Platinum Tricrowns


Monster Information

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