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  • What is it? Did She bring it for us to hurt?
  • We eat your pain and drink your sorrow! Num!
  • Make it suffer! Make it scream!
  • Num! Taste its pain!
  • Glarb! Stop it!
  • We make you writhe! We make you shake!
  • It tastes like screaming!
  • Num! Pull it apart! Make it weep!
  • Crush it! Smash it! Make it pay!
  • There it is! Hurt it!
  • Not fair! It fight back ...
  • Stop hurting! That my job!
  • Death ... not ... taste good ...
  • It brings pain!

Type: Evil Outsider (List)

Race: Demon (List)

Sub-race: Dretch (List)

Monster Manual classification: Dretch

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Rare: No

Organization: gang (3-5)

CR:  ♦15Normal ♥17Hard ♠20Elite ♦31Epic Normal ♥35Epic Hard

Attack: Claws (Slashing, Evil), Bite (Piercing, Evil); Stinking Cloud; Slime throw (ranged, Bludgeoning)

Special Qualities: DR /Cold Iron or Good, Immunity to Electricity, Immunity to Poison, Cold Resistance, Fire Resistance


Description: Dretches are slow, stupid, and not very effective combatants. They stink so much they use it in combat. In groups, they depend on sheer numbers to overcome foes.