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Augment Slot
Level 1+
Cannith Crafting
Level 1+
Event Items
Levels 1+
Stone of Change
Level 1+
Level 4+
Level 4+
Item Upgrading
Level 6+
Green Steel Items
Level 11+
Nearly Finished
Level 15+
Alchemical Crafting
Level 16+
Incredible Potential
Level 18+
Epic Crafting
Level 20+
Sentient Weapon
Level 20+
Level 22+
Legendary Green Steel items
Level 26
Slave Lords Crafting
Level 8/28
Schism Shard Crafting
Level 20+
Legendary Crafting
Level 30
Dinosaur Bone Crafting
Level 31
Lost Purpose
Level 18/32
Deck of Many Curses
Level 32

Crafting, introduced with Module 6, is, simply put, a way to create and/or upgrade custom magic items. Any character, of any class, can become a "Crafter" - it is not exclusive to spellcasters etc. Crafters advance through increasing tiers of ability, each allowing them to add more powerful magical attributes to the item. These attributes are added individually, stage by stage, through to the final finished stage (in most cases an extra special effect.)

In most cases you begin crafting by using ingredients gathered in quests, raids (and their end rewards) or wilderness rare chests.

The exception to this rule is Cannith Crafting. This is the only type of crafting that can be improved via your character skills, feats, and level-ups. A Cannith Crafter begins by preparing a base item (that you have acquired by looting or trade) and then begin upgrading it with ingredients which are (dependent on the crafting type) crafted themselves, bought from a crafting vendor or found in raids or quests. (For example, alchemical ingredients are crafted by you, breaking unwanted items into their magical parts requires a (minor) vendor purchase, and shroud ingredients must be looted those from chests in that quest.)

Augment Slot[edit]

Augment Gem vendor

Introduction: Update 17

Augment Slots can now be found at all levels. This is a revamp of the old Epic Augments and Guild Crafting allowing a slot-at-will type of item modification. Items with Guild Augment Slot ceased to drop, however Guild Augmentation vendors and its mechanic remain unchanged.

Cannith Crafting[edit]

Crafting Hall in House Kundarak

Originally Introduced: Update 9 (Beta Tag Removed: Update 11)

Revamped: Update 32

This crafting system originally allowed players to construct completely customized weapons, shields, armor, jewelry, and clothing, using various types essences obtained from treasure chests throughout the game or by deconstructing other randomly generated treasures, and collectables of many different kinds found in dungeons. It was a fairly complex system, with three crafting schools (Arcane, Divine, and Elemental) and 24 different essences.

Revamped with Update 32, to align the system with the lootgen pass from Update 29 and allow items to scale up to the current level cap, the three old schools were merged into one school now using one singular essence, Cannith Essences, and collectables of many different kinds. Items now have effects that scale (excepting some few static effects) based on the item's minimum level rather than by the specific shards put on the item.

Special Event Upgrades[edit]

Risian Altar

Introduction: Varied

From time to time through each year Standing Stone Games presents us with special events on the servers within the game. Each type of event is a reward based system with some items that you might be useful for your character such as a Bottomless Flask of Rum from Crystal Cove.

Each event returns on a scheduled basis according to Standing Stone Games.

Main article: Special Events

Seasonal events[edit]

Stone of Change[edit]

Stone of Change

This is the most basic level of crafting. There are currently three known possible locations for Stone of Change altars. The first is located in The Marketplace to the right of the entrance to Lordsmarch Bank, the second is located just to the right of the front of the tower in The Twelve, the third possible location for a Stone of Change is on a Guild Airship that has reached Guild Level 32Icon tooltip.pngGold Seal Stone of Change Contract: costs 395 DDO Points in the DDO Store. or more typically at Guild Level 40Icon tooltip.pngStone of Change Contract: base price of 1,011 pp 9 gp.
May be wise to have your highest haggle skilled player purchase contracts.
through the acquisition of renown. The Stone of Change is used to upgrade existing items (non-"named", randomly-generated items). The Stone of Change is also used for binding the Guild Augment Crystals used in Guild Crafting (see below).

Some of the Stone of Change recipes allow you to do the following:

These are simple upgrades. For the full recipes, see Stone of Change - Recipes.


Trapmaking Device Workstation

Introduction: Update 7

Trapmaking is a Feat granted to Rogues and Artificers at Level 4. It enables them to create their own traps and salvage parts from existing traps using Device Workstations to create your items.

This is also the place to go if you want to convert a set of Handwraps to a Collar for your pet

You can find Device Workstations in the following locations:

Detailed information can be found on the Trapmaking page.


Adventure Compendium lists Challenges

Introduction: Update 12 and Update 14

Challenges item crafting allows creation of an item from challenges rewards at different selected levels of 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24.

There are two kinds of challenges item creation using the different ingredients from each:

  • Evening Star challenges - ingredients turn-ins for randomly generated effects on armor and weapons
  • Vaults of the Artificers challenges - ingredients turn-ins to generate and upgrade items to a higher level or higher tier of effects.

For more detailed information, see Vaults of the Artificers loot and Eveningstar Challenge Pack.

Item Upgrading[edit]

Cauldron of Sora Katra

Introduction: Varied

There are many named items from various Adventure Packs which can be upgraded or have their initial enchantments restored by using ingredients gathered in the same quest module or later in the story-line. Players often call this type of mechanic "Unlocking" or "Upgrading". Some of them can further be upgraded to their Epic crafted versions.

As well as this type of upgrading there are also single crafting step items which can be attained using the same barter interface to acquire (for example: Zhentarim Attuned), the upgrade type is specific to the crafting type you use, with the example items are upgraded, using Commendations of Valor you can acquire potions to increase one or all of your Abilities or sometimes Skills on a temporary basis.

For more detailed information, please refer to the following pages:

Effect Altar/UI Levels Adventure Pack
Unraveling Enchantments (obsolete with U40) Visbane's Folly 6 - 8 Sentinels of Stormreach
Dampened Altar of Vulkoor 7 - 9 The Red Fens
Fusible, Malleable, Fragmented, Battle-Scarred Cauldron of Sora Katra 12/ 29 - 31 Attack on Stormreach
Trace of Madness Altar of Insanity 14 - 17 Disciples of Rage, Reign of Madness
Suppressed Power Dreamforge 18 - 20 The Dreaming Dark
Nearly Finished Cannith Reforging Station 18 - 20 Secrets of the Artificers, Masterminds of Sharn, The Soul Splitter
Upgradeable Item (Stormreaver) Stormreaver Monument 14 - 25 The Ruins of Gianthold
Upgradable Item (Black Abbot) Fountain of Necrotic Might 15 - 17 Litany of the Dead Part 4
Insightful, Spellpower & Alchemical Potions,
Hearts, Heart Seeds
Commendation of Valor 20 Turn in Commendations
Attuned to Heroism, Armor Upgrade,
Cormyrian Dragon Armor
Mikrom Sum 23 Menace of the Underdark
Zhentarim Attuned Black Stone 26 The Haunted Halls of Eveningstar
Upgradeable Item (Temple of Elemental Evil) (obsolete with U56) Overgrown Workbench 7 - 9/28 - 30 The Temple of Elemental Evil

Green Steel Items[edit]

Introduction: Module 6

Green Steel Items start from nothing more than the ingredients you loot from quests & the completion of an initial story line, with a "blank" which is manufactured you then upgrade through a series of crafting steps in The Shroud, which is a level 17 Raid area.

You can create both Green Steel Weapons and Green Steel Accessories although you cannot equip more than one accessory at a time without a certain cleansing process.

Access to Meridia, Tier 1 Favor with The Twelve (40 favor), and completion of all 5 Pre-Raid quests in The Vale of Twilight are required.

For more detailed information, see following articles.

Fountain of Necrotic Might[edit]

Fountain of Necrotic Might

Introduction: Update 12

Introduced in Update 12, the Fountain of Necrotic Might is used to upgrade named treasure from Ascension Chamber raid.

  • Gather Seals of the Black Abbot from playing Hard or Elite difficulty.
  • Place a seal and the named item in the Fountain to upgrade the named item to a more powerful form.
  • You can preview the available upgrades by visiting the fountain and clicking the list interface.

Alchemical Crafting[edit]

Alchemical Greataxe

Introduction: Update 11

Alchemical weapons and shields are customizable items crafted by combining an alchemical "Blank" (which you loot by completing The Master Artificer) with one of three tiers of spirits you gain by running The Lord of Blades raid then using the crafting devices afterwards.

This does require you run two raids initially with one raid afterwards, but the rewards can be very beneficial if you wish to craft specifically for a certain type of monster.

For more detailed information, see Alchemical Crafting.

Dragontouched Armor[edit]

Introduction: Module 8

Another portion of Crafting is the Dragontouched Armor, introduced with Module 8. In Reaver's Refuge you'll find three explorer areas which can spawn rare encounters and in turn chests which provide you with "Eldritch Runes"; these runes are also awarded in the end chest of the three quests plus as a reward for completing the Stealer of Souls end mini-raid/quest. By using these Runes, you can create Armors, Robes and Docents of your own. Update 7 removed the random-factor on these runes, allowing players to add specific effects to their armor.

Access to Reaver's Refuge and completion of the Stealer of Souls quest and its pre-quests are required.

For more detailed information, see Dragontouched Armor.

Incredible Potential[edit]

Altar of Subjugation

Introduction: Module 9

The Amrath storyline contains a series of quests leading up to the Tower of Despair raid, as end rewards here you'll find rings which have an attribute called "Incredible Potential".

Completing the raid also grants you Shavarath Trophies of War. By collecting 9 of these trophies and adding an Imbued Shard of Great Power you can add various attributes to your rings. Also, these rings make up set bonuses with other named items found in the area.

Access to Amrath, completion of Tower of Despair raid and its pre-quests are required.

For more detailed information, see following articles.

Epic Crafting[edit]

Altar of Epic Rituals and Lahar, Epic Vendor

Introduction: Update 1

Revised: Update 50

The old favorite items that originated in epic-capable quests can be upgraded into powerful Epic versions by collecting special materials.

This system was greatly simplified in Update 50. Previously, this was also known as the "Seal/Shard/Scroll" system because a set of these items was needed for each upgrade.

Access to the areas, completion of quests within the areas on Epic setting is required.

Eligible adventure packs[edit]

For more detailed information, see Epic Crafting.


Magma Forge

Introduction: Update 21

Thunder-Forged crafting is a current way of creating customizable items; starting with a "Blank" and then moving on to three tiers of attributes which you can add until the item becomes a "Completed" item finally.

There are two kind of items sharing the same set of ingredients:

  • Thunder-Forged Weapons
  • Shadowscale Armor

For more detailed information, see Thunder-Forged.

Legendary Green Steel items[edit]

Altar of Subjugation

Introduction: Update 29

Legendary Green Steel items consist of weapons and equipment items. They can be customized by selecting 3 passive tiers and 1 active effect. They are crafted at the altars inside legendary shroud - with ingredients from there as well.

For more detailed information, see Legendary Green Steel items.

Slave Lords Crafting[edit]

Garvon <Armorer and Outfitter>

Introduction: Update 32

Slave Lords Crafting items consist of base items and upgrade gems. Finished items are ML 8 or 28.

For more detailed information, see Slave Lords Crafting.

Sentient Weapon[edit]

Sentient Jewel with 7 filigree slots unlocked

Introduction: Update 37

Sentient weapons is a mechanic introduced in Update 37 that allows to upgrade weapons with sentience, gaining mechanical benefits (increase to various abilities) and roleplay effects (weapons commenting your actions).

For more detailed information, see Sentient Weapon.

Schism Shard Crafting[edit]

Varron Tertius can upgrade your items

Introduction: Update 41

For more detailed information, see Schism Shard Crafting.

Legendary Crafting[edit]

Altar of Legendary Rituals

Introduction: Update 50

Similar to the revamped style of Epic Crafting, Legendary Crafting revolves around collecting pack ingredients, as well as Star Fragments, to upgrade the Epic versions of those items to a new tier of power. A few select items can be upgraded to an even more powerful Perfected form using extremely rare Nebula Fragments.

For more detailed information, see Legendary Crafting.

Dinosaur Bone Crafting[edit]

Dinosaur Bone crafter

Introduction: Update 55

Isle of Dread quests and wilderness rares drop fossilized dinosaur bones that can be used to add effects to many of the Legendary items from the pack, including the minor artifacts, which can be completely customized using this system.

For detailed information, see Dinosaur Bone crafting.