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See also: Epic Feats, Epic Destiny Feats

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Feats are special abilities that give your character a new capability, or improves one he or she already has.

Every character gets one feat at the first level, and then at the 3rd level and at every 3 heroic levels after that (6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th) for a total of 7 at level 20.

Every character also gets a feat at levels 21, 24, 27, and 30 (& levels 33, 36, & 39 when the cap is raised) for which Epic Feats can be selected in addition to standard feats.

Every character also gets an Epic Destiny Feat at levels 22, 25, 28, and 31 (& levels 34, 37, & 40 when the cap is raised.)

Every character also gets a Legendary Feat at level 30.

Certain races and classes gain additional feats:

Free Active Feats are provided to any character that meets the requirements, and represent things most people can try (but not necessarily with much success).

Note also that some classes automatically gain free class feats based on their class level: check each class' page for more details on those. Sometimes they allow the player to make a choice of which to take, as with rogue special abilities, ranger favored enemy, and monk philosophical path. Those feats will not be listed on this page, and are described with the appropriate class, even though they are treated as feats for some gameplay purposes (such as swapping them by spending dragonshards).

For alphabetical listing of all feats, see Category:Feats.


Some feats have prerequisites that your character must meet to qualify for that feat. These requisites often take the form of minimum Ability scores, Skill scores, or other Feats.

Note: Feats with Ability prerequisites only take into account the following bonuses:

Any other bonuses, including Ability bonuses from Racial past lives, enhancements, gear, effects from spells or potions, class abilities (such as Frenzy), guild ship buffs, other feats (such as Completionist), etc., do not count toward feat requisites.

Free active feats[edit]

Free passive feats[edit]

Active Feats[edit]

Active feats are in two different forms, Special Attacks where you click on the icon to execute that particular type of attack and Combat Stances which are toggled on and off.

Special attacks[edit]

Combat stances[edit]

Offensive and Defensive Combat Stances do not work with each other but one of either type does work with any ranged stance.

Passive Feats[edit]

General passive feats[edit]

Shield Passive Feats[edit]

Single Weapon Fighting Passive Feats[edit]

Two-Handed Fighting Passive Feats[edit]

Two Weapon Fighting Passive Feats[edit]

Weapon Focus Passive Feats[edit]

Weapon Specialization Passive Feats[edit]

Tactical Passive Feats[edit]

  • Note: they all stack with each other.

Heavy armor Passive Feats[edit]

  • Note: they all stack with each other.

Ranged Combat passive feats[edit]

Passive Music related[edit]

Turn Undead related[edit]

Wild Shape related[edit]

Spellcasting related[edit]

Armor, Shield & Weapon proficiencies[edit]

Skill bonus feats[edit]

Skill and Save bonus feats[edit]

Save bonus feats[edit]

Save related feats[edit]

Exchange feats[edit]

See also[edit]