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Type: Humanoid (List)

Race: Human (List)

Monster Manual classification: Human

Alignment: True Neutral

Rare: No

CR:  ♠5Elite

Attack: Soundburst, Hold Person, Blindness


Description: She is next to the chest that guards the iron key. You can either free her, or try to keep her as a slave, making her attack you to prevent being enslaved again. She is not a threat, and drops no extra loot if fought, but her entry will appear in your Monster Manual.

Trivia: You meet her again as Annelisa Hdar, the miniboss in The Keeper's Sanctuary

  • Annelisa: So have you come here to take up where Blaeric left off? Are you going to claim all of his possessions including me?
    • You: I don't see why not. Why mess with a good thing? (Fight her)
      • Annelisa: Then you will not take me without a fight.
    • You: No, you are free to go. I have no intentions of keeping you against your will. (Free her)
      • Annelisa: If you truly intend to set me free and you haven't already done so, you can find the key to the treasure room with Ras Clowery. She usually keeps to the area above the main room.

If you speak to her again after freeing her, she will only say "If you'll excuse me so I can change into something decent."