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Armor Shields
Question icon.png
Cloth Armor
Leather Armor icon.png
Light Armor
Breastplate icon.png
Medium Armor
Full Plate icon.png
Heavy Armor
Docent icon.png
Wooden Buckler icon.png
Light Steel Shield icon.png
Small Shields
Heavy Steel Shield icon.png
Large Shields
Wooden Tower Shield icon.png
Tower Shields
Question icon.png
Clothing Jewelry
Icon ItemSlot Head.png
Icon ItemSlot Eye.png
Icon ItemSlot Back.png
Icon ItemSlot Waist.png
Icon ItemSlot Feet.png
Icon ItemSlot Wrist.png
Icon ItemSlot Hand.png
Icon ItemSlot Neck.png
Icon ItemSlot Finger.png
Icon ItemSlot Trinket.png

Border colors[edit]

Teal-, Green- and Blue-bordered background items as they appear in inventory.

The color of an items border provides information about the origin and restrictions of the item.

  • Green - randomly generated items, filigree
  • Teal - items with Masterful Craftsmanship
  • Blue - named items, and items with Wondrous Craftsmanship
  • Orange - raid items
  • Silver - filigree
  • Yellow - Cosmetics, Commendations of Valor
  • Yellow/Orange - Minor Artifacts
  • Red Bar with "X" - Restricted: Character does not meet the items requirements (level,race ,class, alignment, etc.)
  • Yellow Bar with "!" - Non-proficient Character is consider non-proficient when equipping this item
  • Border less - Items can be from any source and any type (scrolls, potions, DDO store items, name items, etc)

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Lists of named items[edit]

Random loot[edit]

Most loot is randomly generated. There have been several changes to the randomly generated loot over time.

Update 29 introduced new randomly generated loot.


Weapons are a key component of your character's equipment for battling the foes that you will face. All weapons are associated with a proficiency skill that your character needs to have, otherwise you suffer a -4 to your attacks when battling monsters. Some weapons have an additional requirement, such as race or alignment, to equip it at all.

Basic weapons[edit]

Basic weapons can range from simple things such as a Club to an exotic Khopesh. For further details of basic weapons please click on one of the links below. These list just the very base stats of weapons, which can be modified by a suffix and a prefix on randomly generated weapons, or be changed in any number of ways in the case of named weapons.

Named weapons[edit]

Named weapons are weapons that are named and can be found throughout your adventures in and out of Stormreach. Named weapons have preassigned abilities to them and will always be the same unless the developers decide to change them. Just a few of the more widely known and used named weapons are Muckbane, Sword of Shadow, and Adoryn's Malice.

Throughout your adventures you will find weapons that are enchanted like this. For a listing of these enchantments please check out the Weapon enchantments page.

See also[edit]


Studded Leather Armor icon.png Splint Mail icon.png Scalemail icon.png Padded Armor icon.png Leather Armor icon.png Hide Armor icon.png Half Plate icon.png Full Plate icon.png Banded Mail icon.png Brigandine icon.png Breastplate icon.png Chain Shirt icon.png Docent icon.png

A list of random Armor enchantments that can be found on various items.


Wooden Buckler icon.png Light Wooden Shield icon.png Light Steel Shield icon.png Heavy Wooden Shield icon.png Heavy Steel Shield icon.png Wooden Tower Shield icon.png

A list of random Shield enchantments that can be found on various items.


Magical clothing items known to be in game, and their stats

Various enchantments can also be found on randomly generated items.

Magical equipment[edit]

Magical equipment not covered in the above categories


Other miscellaneous items