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In development

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Here we list all references to upcoming changes, some are specific to particular updates, others are general.

  • When adding content always remember to link to the thread ({{Forums}}) or the quoted text ({{Quote}}) in order to verify the findings.
  • Brief information is placed in the Annual Quarterly Release Schedule (Green box).
  • Quotes are placed in the Next Release Information.
  • Next release is updated after each update becomes public.

Release schedule and calendar

  • Each year contains four updates: Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter.
Calendar of releases (edit)
YEAR Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2022 Update 53(R) Update 54 Update 55 (IoD) (R) Update 56
2021 (R) Update 49 Update 50 (SSoSM) Update 51 Update 52
2020 Update 45 Update 46 Update 47 (R)(R)(R) U48 (FotF)
2019 U42 (MoS) (R) (R) Update 43 Update 44
2018 Update 38 Update 39 Update 40
Update 41
2017 Update 34 Update 35
Update 36 U37 (MoR) (R)(R)
2016 Update 30 Update 31 Update 32 Update 33 (SSG)
2015 Update 25 Update 26 Update 27
Update 28 Update 29
2014 Update 21
Update 22 Update 23
Update 24
2013 Update 17
Update 18 U19 (SC) Update 20
2012 Update 13 U14 (MotU)
Update 15 Update 16
  • bold - expansions
  • (R) - raid contents

Speculative info

Tharashk Dragonmark Heir enhancements • Deneith Dragonmark Heir enhancements • Scorpion Wraith enhancements • Kundarak Dragonmark Heir enhancements • Phiarlan Dragonmark Heir enhancements • Orien Dragonmark Heir enhancements • Jorasco Dragonmark Heir enhancements • Warforged Juggernaut enhancements • Cannith Dragonmark Heir enhancements • Dwarven Defender enhancements • Psion (speculation) • Kalashtar • Shavarath Epic Energy Cell • Kobold (speculation) • Dark-Sun • Pale Master enhancements/Update 43

2022 updates

Possibly included in Update 56:

  • Archetypes: New "sub-class" options offering different ways to play existing classes. New options currently on Lamannia trial include negative energy DPS Cleric, Handwrap-using Paladin and Sonic/Lightning DPS Bard
  • Crystal Cove update for easier access to the challenge (much of the actual code was added in U54 but Crystal Cove has not arrived yet)
  • Rework of Temple of Elemental Evil - difficulty adjustments, pack being split up into more quests, introduction of Legendary levels

Update 57 and beyond (some of this may release in 2023):

  • Updated character bank
  • Adventuring pack featuring Vecna and the Hidden Hand as villains
  • Return of Night Revels / Snowpeaks Festival

Next big thing:

  • Maybe more Ravenloft based on recent van Richten's PnP book. Maybe include Revenant universal tree, undead

Update 53

Released February 24th

2021 updates

Update 52

Released December 9th

Update 51

Released November 3rd

  • Epic Destiny complete overhaul in U51 - DDO Forums

Update 50/Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh

Released August 4th

Update 49

Released April 21st

  • Producer letter/February 2021
    • Season 4 of the Hardcore League
    • Summer/Update 49: Adventure pack involving Morgrave University in Sharn, Eberron
    • "Mini-expansion" (not free to VIPs): adaptation of the classic 1E AD&D/5E D&D scenario The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh
    • Universal Enhancement Tree: Horizon Walker
    • (Fall) - adventure pack including quests and a raid, update to our Epic Destiny system

2020 updates

Update 48

Update 47

Update 47

Update 46

Update 46

Update 45

Update 45

2019 updates archive

Update 44

Update 44

Update 43

Update 43

Update 42: Masterminds of Sharn expansion

Update 42

2018 updates archive

Update 41

Update 41
  • Status: Released
  • Release Date: 5 December 2018
  • Information: Update 41 Release Notes
  • Previewed 11/13-11/15 DDO Forums
    • New Free to Play Dungeon
    • End Game Raid Loot Revamp
    • Arcane DPS Spells Pass (Wizard/Sorcerer "nuking" spells)
    • Eldritch Knight Revamp
    • Bard Songs Revamp
    • Assorted smaller changes and bug fixes

Update 40

Update 40

Update 39

Update 39

Update 38

Update 38

2017 update archive

Update 37: Mists of Ravenloft

Update 37
Expansion logo

Release Date


  • Ravenloft will be level 10 and level 30+ so players at cap have stuff to do. We will have a special "veteran status" option during the launch of Ravenloft that allows players to create level 10 characters and go right there.--DDO Forums
  • Barovia wilderness area in development, its listing to the in-game Compendium UI leaked on Lamannia
  • Also possibly 2 raids - Strahd von Zarovich and Baba Yaga as antagonists
(Standard): Raid Completions:
DNT Story Quest For raid_strahd : 0
DNT Story Quest For raid_baba : 0



  • Sentient Weapons are included as customizable reward
    • Some sort of progression mechanic for these were also planned to be included but scrapped (?)

Update 36 Patch 3

Update 36 Patch 3

Things previewed with U36P3 but will be included with U37

DDO Forums

Update 36 Patch 2

Update 36 Patch 2

Update 36

Update 36

Update 35

Update 35

Things not included/pulled from U35:


  • Questing hub
    • created to help people figure out where to go and what to do
    • hub will help get to quest entrances more quickly.
    • We don't have a name for this new system yet
    • We'll be talking a lot more about it in the coming weeks.
  • Character Bank Storage - previewed but pulled from U35


  • Possible updates to all festivals / events in the update that takes them live

Developer quotes

August 2019 continued class balance tweaking

Originally Posted by SteelStar (Contribs • Message• SteelStar) Source on August 30, 2019

so like I've said before, here's what's on our to-do list in terms of revising existing classes:

  • KOTC (ostensibly this year, but might slip to early 2020)
  • Sorc Savant tree adjustments (mostly cleanup)
  • Archmage (still needs design work on our end)
  • Radiant Servant (mostly needs cost adjustments)
  • Divine Disciple (still needs design work on our end)
  • Some boosts to Stalwart and Sacred Defender to bring them up to par at tanking
  • Some combat-style-level adjustments to THF and Bows

...and beyond that, we don't have major plans to overhaul every tree in the game. More like make smaller adjustments where needed. All classes have 3+ trees now, and compared to when we started these revisions almost 7 years ago, a LOT of kinds of builds are relatively viable. We'll be taking a closer eye at specifics from there forward.

October 2018 raid loot overhaul

DDO Forums

March 2017 Bank update to be pulled from U35

Originally Posted by Cordovan (Contribs • Message• Cordovan) Source

It is likely we will be pulling the new character bank from Update 35, and will not bring out an updated UI with additional bank space until we resolve at least some of the community's concerns over it.

DDO Producer's Letter - September 2016

See Producer letter/September 2016

7 Sept 2016 Tree trimming and Wolf training

Originally Posted by SteelStar (Contribs • Message• SteelStar) Source on September 7, 2016

Some interesting opinions there! Let's break that down:

Wolf/Tree build fixes are coming. The timing has less to do with the severity or priority and more to do with the complexity. Yes, there is time to fix Warlock before broken Druid abilities. It takes less time to repair a crack than rebuild an entire wall.

Planned Warlock changes are based primarily on data collection and testing. Warlocks aren't the most powerful damage-dealers in the game right now, but neither are Paladins or Barbarians. For that matter, we really haven't been hearing that "Melee players are upset that their OP Paladins and Barbarians aren't miles ahead of all the Casters anymore" at all. Even if we had, it would not be the sole deciding factor.

Endgame is not the only measure that counts. The fact that some changes are necessary is not diminished by the fact that other necessary changes have not happened yet.


Hope everyone is having a fine morning.

7 Sept 2016 Warlock Balance

Originally Posted by SteelStar (Contribs • Message• SteelStar) Source on September 7, 2016

Relatively small, targeted balance adjustments to Warlock (especially Enlightened Spirit) are in the works for sometime after U32.

6 Sept 2016 Livestream / Podcast

Originally Posted by Cordovan (Contribs • Message• Cordovan) Source

We are very interested in bringing Ravenloft to DDO, it's not so much a matter of if, as it is when, So it is a plan that we are absolutely pursuing at this point, to go into Ravenloft. Stay tuned for More information

Originally Posted by Cordovan (Contribs • Message• Cordovan) Source

There can always be things, that lead to changes in our scheduled and that sort of thing, but we are very much interested into going into Ravenloft, at the very least it will be brought up in a producer's letter, that we are working on it currently

Development archive

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