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Forum:Village pump

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Welcome to the village pump! This is place to hang out with fellow DDO players and DDOwiki editors, and discuss meta things/projects about the wiki.


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Questions for DDOGamer/archive114:48, October 18, 2023PurpleSerpent
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Working on Epic Destinies17:44, November 13, 2018Kobold sneak
What happened to the Sirocco disambig?17:44, November 13, 2018Kobold sneak
Suggestion: Crafting "Seperation" ID17:44, November 13, 2018Kobold sneak
Slavers Part 1 Trap and Plate DCs17:44, November 13, 2018Kobold sneak
Search-fu17:44, November 13, 2018Kobold sneak
Lord of Stone conquest bonus17:43, November 13, 2018Kobold sneak
Item Namespace17:43, November 13, 2018Kobold sneak
How does something get added to a category?17:43, November 13, 2018Kobold sneak
Dance of Death17:43, November 13, 2018Kobold sneak
Ambiguatizing of resource pages17:42, November 13, 2018Kobold sneak
Adding a picture17:42, November 13, 2018Kobold sneak
Request for interview with DDO reps09:05, August 31, 2018Kobold sneak
What is the plan, if any, for the new Crystal Cove items?11:37, August 16, 2018Faltout
Beacon of Magic Set (Legendary) - mouse-over22:27, June 23, 2018Niminae
Barbarian Ravager AC?01:28, June 13, 2018Cru121
Arabic vs. Roman numerals00:48, May 19, 2018Niminae
Patron pages15:37, May 16, 2018Faltout
Sentent jewel Item xp? should we add a section for that....07:17, May 1, 2018Technical 13
Implement Bonus12:32, April 24, 2018Technical 13
Different quests that share favor18:02, April 12, 2018Faltout
Which Adpack notice is current?01:12, March 30, 2018Cru121
Augment Summoning category?01:20, March 23, 2018Niminae
Item Type being truncated23:02, January 10, 2018Technical 13
RareScrollWandPotion20:20, January 9, 2018Niminae
Raid index doens't list flagging for Curse of Strahd23:28, January 7, 2018JJMC89
Able01:49, January 4, 2018Zunzyne
Item vs not11:37, November 22, 2017Technical 13
Spell usefulness07:17, September 5, 2017DDOstream
New item effects / descriptions19:38, July 19, 2017Aeranda
Bulk-uploading cosmetic armor images06:30, July 12, 2017Technical 13
So much broken lately07:43, July 11, 2017DDOstream
Proposal: destiny reqs10:03, May 19, 2017Technical 13
Favicon18:01, May 2, 2017Technical 13
NPC Dialogue Text dump12:52, January 29, 2017Nibelung
Moving Songs and Spells10:59, September 1, 2016Uurlock
Admins and edit patrols14:58, August 31, 2016Uurlock
Zone23:51, August 24, 2016Kobold sneak
Use of DDO assets?23:51, August 24, 2016Kobold sneak
Update to Servants of the Overlord locations of rare items23:51, August 24, 2016Kobold sneak
Unique23:50, August 24, 2016Kobold sneak
Twitter, g+ and Facebook23:50, August 24, 2016Kobold sneak
Template picture size 420 vs 43423:50, August 24, 2016Kobold sneak
Suggestion23:50, August 24, 2016Kobold sneak
Quests by Adventure Pack23:49, August 24, 2016Kobold sneak
Overview23:49, August 24, 2016Kobold sneak
Not gonna get any edits from me23:49, August 24, 2016Kobold sneak
MotU wiki update23:48, August 24, 2016Kobold sneak
Forum PM regarding spammer block23:47, August 24, 2016Kobold sneak
Been busy with small stuff...23:46, August 24, 2016Kobold sneak
Area23:46, August 24, 2016Kobold sneak
Adding new item enchantments23:46, August 24, 2016Kobold sneak
2012-8-30 IP/banning issue23:46, August 24, 2016Kobold sneak
Lamannia server problem19:57, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
Error 50317:01, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
Feats Pre-requisites17:00, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
Incredible Life - The Big Rip Off?16:57, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
More Noob Questions16:55, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
New forum16:54, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
SC wiki update16:52, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
TP redeem codes from Cordovan16:50, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
Wiki style changes applied ?16:46, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
No more T:Post!08:47, March 8, 2016DDOstream
Help improve and update tag07:46, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Wolf trip07:29, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Why, me? Start a new topic? Why not!07:29, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Why World of Warcraft destroys your social life ...07:28, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Updating items by enchantment07:28, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
U18p1 launcher error07:28, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Still running?07:27, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Skill DC table standard07:27, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Shock News: Idiot equates D&D with 'Black magic'07:27, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Saga page - level list07:27, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
SC lamannia closed beta07:27, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Resilience and Precision07:27, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Replacement text for mid-page jumps?07:27, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Rare encounter07:27, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Named Ingredient template07:26, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
NPC template / details modification07:26, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Mobile version ddowiki (, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
MANY THANKS07:26, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Item enhancement, item enchantment07:26, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Glancing blow07:25, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Dragonborn and other playable chaacters???07:24, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Downtime extended, guess I'll keep on changing spell pages07:24, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Does the storyline matter?07:24, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Deletions and categories07:24, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Custom character builds07:24, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Character pages07:24, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Character builds section07:24, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
2011 project for the wiki07:23, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
'Named Chest Drop' section missing from edit07:23, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Old 'In Development'15:41, March 6, 2016Kobold sneak
Who wishes be kobold for a day?15:18, March 6, 2016Kobold sneak
Ddo won't save on my computer. Help!14:57, March 6, 2016Kobold sneak
DDO Wiki policy re "default" key mapping21:56, January 20, 2016Technical 13
Category structure06:52, March 20, 2013Technical 13
Shards from Lords of Dust04:42, August 30, 2012Yoko5000
DDO won't update18:23, March 7, 2012Bladedge