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Wilderness Adventure Areas[edit]

These maps show the Wilderness Adventure Area, including the location of the Rare Encounter and Explorer points:


  • The maps are upside-down as compared to in-game play for the following areas:
    • Cerulean Hills, The Sands of Menechtarun, Gianthold, the Vale, and Aussircaex’s Valley.
  • And are sideways for:
    • Ataraxia’s Haven, Red Fens, Searing Heights, and Tangleroot.

Quest Maps[edit]

These maps show the insides of various quests, and may contain locations for named mobs, chests, or other events within the quests. As such, they should be considered ***Spoilers***

Quest Map Legend[edit]

Quest Entrances[edit]

These maps show how to traverse the appropriate wilderness adventure area in order to get to the entrance of the quest. They do not contain maps for the quests themselves. However, they may also show Explorer or Rare Encounter points for the nearby Wilderness area, and so may contain ***Spoilers*** for the wilderness adventure area itself.

Town/City Maps[edit]

Amrath • City of Sharn • City zones • Court of the Wild Hunt • Eveningstar • Falconer's Spire • Gianthold • Hall of Heroes • Harbormaster's House • House Cannith • House Deneith • House Jorasco • House Kundarak • House Phiarlan • Inns • Isle of Forgotten Dreams • Junction of the Spheres • Keep on the Borderlands • Korthos Village • Lordsmarch Palace • Lordsmarch Plaza • Meridia • Morgrave University - Upper Commons • Night Revels Crypt • Reaver's Refuge • Shops • Siber Atoll • Smuggler's Rest • Smuggler's Rest (History) • Test Dojo • Tethyamar Mining Outpost • The Catacombs • The Gatekeepers' Grove • The Harbor • The Hut from Beyond • The Inspired Quarter • The Marketplace • The Necropolis • The Thunder Peaks • The Tower of the Twelve • The Twelve • Village of Tanaroa • Wheloon • Wylkes Manor • Wynwood Hall • Zawabi's Refuge