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Welcome to the reference desk. This is a place to ask questions about mechanics and data of Dungeons & Dragons Online the game - ask anything you want to, and somebody who knows the answer will try to assist you.

Please head over to troubleshoot if you need log-on/setup help or to help desk if you are looking for help on the wiki coding and such.

If you know a lot about DDO, or just want to help out, try your hand at answering some of the questions - it will be much appreciated!


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Deception07:09, January 13, 2024Dywypi
Is there a place on wiki where we can report something that needs to be changed on a map?07:08, January 13, 2024Dywypi
Alternate MyDDO lite06:59, January 13, 2024Dywypi
Unknown quest item - Waterworks Engineering Blueprints06:52, January 13, 2024Dywypi
Stuck in walls06:12, January 13, 2024Dywypi
Alacrity06:10, January 13, 2024Dywypi
Starting point14:26, January 12, 2024Dywypi
How can u get a character back that has been deleted by the game07:25, January 11, 2024Dywypi
Festival Coins07:21, January 10, 2024Dywypi
Two Weapon Fighting08:22, January 5, 2024Dywypi
Drop Rates05:32, December 16, 2023Dywypi
Focus Orb disappeared! Please help!13:25, September 3, 2023PurpleSerpent
Quest: Good Intentions - Named Items14:20, October 26, 2022Arranar
A Relic of a Sovereign Past06:20, September 4, 2022Corgrind
Alchemical Crafting15:03, August 19, 2021GMTrojan
Companion Collar16:23, July 26, 2021Corgrind
Plugins? Getting full character report15:33, June 1, 2021Cru121
Plugins?13:27, June 1, 2021136.37.143.73
Rank (level)18:47, January 24, 2021Faltout
Wilderness area called "DNT - "10:19, July 16, 2020Cru121
Quest eligibility level02:56, December 30, 2019Cru121
I just got my 1st craftable trinket from a chest drop. What are the best enchantments to add to it?17:21, September 18, 2019Kobold sneak
How to make grenades and please17:21, September 18, 2019Kobold sneak
Quest Lookup18:43, November 13, 2018Kobold sneak
Pet heal18:43, November 13, 2018Kobold sneak
Lost key18:43, November 13, 2018Kobold sneak
Critical enhancement stack18:43, November 13, 2018Kobold sneak
Best way to get two weapon fighting as a barb18:42, November 13, 2018Kobold sneak
Gold Coin above monster's head. Some kind of passive fear?21:09, August 16, 2018Mogafi
Resistance (enchantment)16:58, December 10, 2017JJMC89
U17 Random-gen Outfit Dissaperance12:17, July 27, 2017Kobold sneak
TR and Crafting XP12:17, July 27, 2017Kobold sneak
How can you lock the character's appearance for new toon builds?04:17, March 17, 2017EllisDee37
Are account-wide favor benefits (Drow, 32-pt build, etc.) retained through TR?16:18, September 1, 2016Cru121
Where can i find the free codes for the ddo store?00:51, August 25, 2016Kobold sneak
Taking Pictures and Post them00:50, August 25, 2016Kobold sneak
Sneak Attacks00:49, August 25, 2016Kobold sneak
Shroud of Night00:49, August 25, 2016Kobold sneak
Ship Buffs00:49, August 25, 2016Kobold sneak
Ring of the mire exceptional fort save?00:49, August 25, 2016Kobold sneak
Questions about Fighter StD00:49, August 25, 2016Kobold sneak
Playing in Spain00:49, August 25, 2016Kobold sneak
Non-purchaseable augs00:49, August 25, 2016Kobold sneak
Most useful. Acid or Electricity?00:48, August 25, 2016Kobold sneak
Level question 100:48, August 25, 2016Kobold sneak
How to break apart stacks of items00:48, August 25, 2016Kobold sneak
Getting enough essences00:47, August 25, 2016Kobold sneak
Eveningstar and epic tokens00:47, August 25, 2016Kobold sneak
Essence crafting, how to craft essences00:47, August 25, 2016Kobold sneak
Destroying enhancment on Armor00:47, August 25, 2016Kobold sneak
Archi Arcane Archer question00:46, August 25, 2016Kobold sneak
Alchemical Shield changes?00:46, August 25, 2016Kobold sneak
Robbed? Warlock Stacking Effects11:45, April 28, 2016Sstegner2
Flawed Siberys Dragonshard and Imperfect Siberys Dragonshard10:54, April 25, 2016Technical 13
Echoes of Power02:11, April 22, 2016Technical 13
Forum Help Please01:23, April 21, 2016Sstegner2
Healing in Cloak of the Night20:23, April 19, 2016Thalone
Warlock Eldritch Blasts To-Hit02:49, April 19, 2016Cru121
Same Elementals do not attack18:13, April 18, 2016Sstegner2
Wiz Armor17:31, April 18, 2016Sstegner2
Good Luck20:33, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
F2P levelling to 2020:23, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
Crafting question19:59, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
Cannith Crafting changes - fairly minor?19:48, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
About dual crafting ingredients18:06, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
Adventure Pack Invitations18:05, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
Artificer Prestige Enhancements18:05, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
Best Crafted Green Steel for a Cleric?18:04, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
Chief Uggorn in eClaw18:03, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
Cleric Font of Healing (Enhancements)18:03, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
Dex base with Weapon Finesse18:02, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
Got +2 supreme ability tome, but stats didnt change?17:59, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
Haunted halls of eveningstar: Fallen giant.17:59, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
How long tell my guild gets posted17:58, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
How to restart quests without finishing them17:58, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
I'm dead.. how do i ressurect?!?!17:57, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
Inventory Export17:57, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
Leveling Guide17:56, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
Mobile Spellcasting feat17:55, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
Newbie questions . . .17:54, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
OTWF/rapier vs TWF/Kukri for Finesse Rogue17:54, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
Shortcut Bar Usage17:51, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
Stacking17:51, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
Swimming17:50, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
TWF17:50, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
Unbankable17:47, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
What are "Retroactive Turbine Points"?17:46, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
What does w/p mean and why are they uber?17:46, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
What is "ML:20" ??17:46, March 13, 2016Kobold sneak
Inscribel Scroll spell for wizards08:46, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
What would happen if...?08:28, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
What is "skull head"?08:28, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
What determines a characters ability to see and target distant enemies?08:28, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
What are devotion items08:28, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Welcome to the reference desk!08:28, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
WHY USE Two weapons?08:28, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Two Weapon fighting question08:28, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Tubine points08:28, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Trap the Soul on Greensteel08:28, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Swings per minute guide?08:28, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Stuck in Party08:28, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Some questions08:27, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Some Page-Editing Questions...08:27, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Shimmering Arrowhead and Gilvaenor's Necklace08:27, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Shared Bank- How to please08:27, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Shaman's Brooch08:27, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Shadow Lord and hirelings08:27, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Saving a DDO character08:27, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Redemption Hidden Room???08:27, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Pros cons cross classing08:27, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Problem with the DDO Crafting Helper linked on this site08:27, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Posting btcoe on shard a/h08:27, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Paladin Turn Undead08:26, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Movement and Tumble Questions08:26, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Leaving Party08:26, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Item Creation, Trade skills08:26, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Improved Critical Stacking08:25, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
If I use a stone of exp and delete the char. can I use another stone of exp?08:25, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
I just got Divine Righteousness and it keeps saying I have 0 charges, why?08:25, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
How to make smaller the shortcut bars?08:25, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
How do you use a soul stone?08:25, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
How do you get your team mates health to show over there head?08:25, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
How do I dual wield08:25, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Help with Cavern of Korromar08:25, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Guild size renown question08:25, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Guild quetion08:25, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Epic Destiny Farming: Is It Useless?08:25, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Druid questions08:25, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Does deepwood stalker provide sneak attack?08:24, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Dmg reduction08:24, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Different World, New Character?08:24, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Did a Stone of Change ritual screw me?08:24, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Changing Quivers08:24, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Can i multy-action with a key?08:24, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Blighted by Blight08:24, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Attack die is missing08:24, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Adding to the short cut bar08:23, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Active vs inactive accounts08:23, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
10,000 stars?08:23, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
+2 Max Dex08:23, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
"Toughness"08:23, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
"20% negative energy absorption"08:23, March 8, 2016Kobold sneak
Opening secret doors16:41, March 6, 2016Kobold sneak
Positive Energy and Undead16:13, March 6, 2016Kobold sneak
True Seeing vs. Secret Door Detection16:10, March 6, 2016Kobold sneak
Cleric empower healing spell -feat16:10, March 6, 2016Kobold sneak
Cannith Crafting +X Enhancement Bonus16:09, March 6, 2016Kobold sneak
Artificer Pets16:09, March 6, 2016Kobold sneak
Twitching and crit confirm?16:04, March 6, 2016Kobold sneak
Ranger: why does it take 4-8 arrows to kill one normal enemy. seems like alot16:00, March 6, 2016Kobold sneak
Arcane archer work around15:58, March 6, 2016Kobold sneak
Blocking a character?15:58, March 6, 2016Kobold sneak
Renown decay15:56, March 6, 2016Kobold sneak
Buccaneer's walk15:55, March 6, 2016Kobold sneak
Lever in eyes of stone15:51, March 6, 2016Kobold sneak
Trade between charactors15:51, March 6, 2016Kobold sneak
Wizard Stoneskin15:29, February 2, 2016Kobold sneak
Guild decay - 2nd toon in another guild12:39, February 2, 2016Kobold sneak
Tremor sense06:43, October 29, 2012Yoko5000
Need advice on a ftr Ac build (gorund up)11:36, June 16, 2012Technical 13
Human Improved Recovery22:02, April 24, 201212.75.110.38
New auction limits?01:01, March 5, 2011Yoko5000
Currency16:06, February 12, 2011LrdSlvrhnd
Premium adventure packs15:08, September 8, 2010LrdSlvrhnd
Can I get all of my charactors in my guild18:44, September 4, 2010LrdSlvrhnd