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The Master Artificer

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Before he was replaced as head of the Manufactury, Toven d'Cannith tinkered with his own secret projects inside this superbly-equipped workshop.

Secrets of the Artificers adpack icon.jpg
DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure pack: Secrets of the Artificers
The Master Artificer
Heroic level: 19
Epic level: None
Duration: Long
Heroic XP:  ♦4,580Normal ♥4,740Hard ♠4,900Elite
Epic XP: N/A
Takes place in: Toven's Workshop
Bestowed by: Vesper d'Cannith
NPC contact: Vesper d'Cannith
Quest acquired in: House Cannith
Patron: House Cannith
Base favor: 7
Purchase: Secrets of the Artificers or VIP
Extreme Challenge: No
M master artificer.png
Loading screen


Channa d'Cannith, the new head of the Cannith Manufactury, is concerned that Toven d'Cannith may be about to carry out his plan to turn all the warforged in Stormreach into mindless automatons.

Channa wants you to go to the Artificer Workshops inside the Cannith Manufactury and confront the Master Artificer.

  • Note: Although this raid is shown on the map of The Cannith Manufactury wilderness, the raid can also be entered via the quest giver, located in a raised alcove at the extreme north end of the House Cannith enclave. This allows a raid party to skip a lengthy run through two wilderness areas.


No flagging is required for this raid.

Spoiler Warning: Spoiler material below this point!


  • Confront Toven d'Cannith
  • Destroy all opposition and arrest Toven d'Cannith
  • (Optional) Destroy Toven's Soul-Cleansing Device — Bonus (10%): Heroic( ♣-0 ♦458 ♥474 ♠490 )

Known Traps

Magefire Cannon DC

  • Three boxes near the "break pipes" optional
  • Magefire Cannons that can be disabled
  • Devastating lightning floor trap/puzzle. Watch the pattern that appears above Toven to learn how the trap works.

Tips and Misc

  • To get through the raid, you'll need to clear a few waves of artificers and golems. Adamantine and/or construct-bane weapons are helpful.
  • Electrical resistance is very helpful, and fire resist is good as well.
  • Note: The damage from the electric floor is more than any resistance will stop.

The quest is very linear, with only one choice, whether to detour back through the secret door just north of the diamond-shaped central room for the optional.

The Workshop

This is the diamond-shaped central room, full of dormant Warforged and a couple more golems, as well as an image of Toven. Speaking to him activates all of these as hostiles.

  • There is a small "lockbox" chest at the sound end; this holds the key for the optional (see next).
The Soul-Cleansing Device
  • Go back north, through the secret door on the west wall, then down the west tunnel, fighting your way and looping around and eventually under Toven's workshop. You'll need the Iron key from the chest in Toven's workshop to get in.
  • Here you'll face a number of Magefire Cannons and Iron Golems, as well as a nasty electric floor. Luckily this can be disarmed.
  • Six breakable pipes are spread around the room, guarded by more golems. Smashing them all achieves the optional for +10% XP and an extra end chest (crafting items possible).
  • Once the device is down, you are under no obligation to face the remaining Iron Golems or Magefire Cannons, and as they're slower than you it's generally faster just to flee back up. The Golems stop following you when you exit the tunnel.
End fight and Lockout
  • To reach the lockout point you need to head south from the workshop.
  • Lockout is activated when someone enters the main room. The door by the shrine will close. (Needs to be confirmed)
  • The final fight starts when you approach Toven and is divided into several phases. Toven himself is invulnerable throughout the fight.

Phase 1
  • Toven summons many Warforged and Golems to fight you. All must die before the raid can progress to Phase 2. The Warforged cannot be Charmed to have them assist you in later phases.

Phase 2
  • When the last reinforcement dies, four big crystals appear.
  • Beating on a crystal while standing near it will regenerate spell points very quickly.
  • During this phase, a GM notice will periodically appear, saying "A pattern of flashing lights appears above Toven. What could it mean?". Following this announcement, a pattern of lights will appear above Toven and change seven times. Shortly after that, parts of the room will be charged with lightning, dealing heavy damage. This lightning will move every few seconds, as indicated before by the pattern of lights above Toven. On lower difficulties, it is possible to heal through this lightning damage, but on harder difficulties, players will have to move constantly to dodge the lightning. (See DDO Forums animation.)

Phase 3
  • After the last crystal is destroyed, 8 Magefire Cannons will spawn throughout the room. These can be disabled or destroyed.

Phase 4
  • Shortly after the end of phase 3, Toven will activate two Warforged Titans.

  • Toven will repair and restore his Warforged Titans if given a chance to do so. He will restore them to roughly 20% health once defeated. Prevent this by destroying both of them at the same time (within some few seconds of each other). Once he is forced to restore both titans at the same time, he will be put under enormous stress, enough to cause his shield to drop temporarily, giving you an opportunity to attack and (hopefully) kill him.
  • Wait to see Toven's spherical shield visibly drop before attacking him directly. (See "Tactics", below)
  • If you die in the final fight, you will get a debuff preventing you from being resurrected. The duration of this debuff depends on the difficulty (none on normal, 60 seconds on hard, 90 seconds on elite or 120 seconds epic). Players with the debuff will display a white pattern above their ghost's head.
  • A Resurrection shrine (only) appears in the middle of the room when the fight is won.
  • See the various raid boss articles for tips on how to beat them:
  • Generally parties will designate a healer and kiter or tank for Margie (Green) and begin with Ronny (Purple). The kiter/tank will keep Margie away from the rest of the group. Melees will generally attack Ronny from the side in order to keep up the damage. Ronny has ranged AI so he will continuously run away from the player who has his aggro. A common misbelief is that he will just continue to run around the entire raid randomly. He will not if fought correctly: simply let one player establish some threat, then move away from Ronny long enough to let him fire off one charged shot, dodge the shot and move into melee range; he will never run away again from that point on unless his aggro changes due to poor threat management or the tank dying. And more importantly, if you stay in melee range, he will also never use his devastating charge shot.
  • Healers will need to use mass heals or other Level 8+ healing spells in order to penetrate the magic shield. Once the shield is down, all spells are back in play. Usually Ronny is brought down to about 1–3% before having the group move onto Margie. Ronny will be easily tanked at this point, as full buffs will function, Ronny will no longer use his charged shot and heal scrolls will easily keep up any decent tank indefinitely.
  • The rest of the party will then concentrate on Margie and bring her down. At this point casters can begin to DOT Toven while the rest of the party takes down Ronny. When Toven's shield comes down, hit him with as much ranged damage as possible. It's rare that he'll survive long enough to raise Ronny and Margie.

Bonus XP


  • Chests: Up to three
    • One after the initial conversation and battle against Toven's guards, also containing a key.
    • First end chest
    • Optional: Second end chest (requires breaking some pipes before the main fight)
        • Has a small chance of dropping the Cerebral Distillation Unit part for upgrading Toven's Hammer.
      • Both end chests have an extremely high (~90%) chance of dropping a random alchemical weapon or shield per player.
      • The right-hand chest has a small chance of dropping Toven's Hammer.
      • Binding Khyber Dragonshards drop in both raid chests.
      • Normal - Base (T1) shards [2 chests both can drop a weapon blank, 1 main chest dropped 11 base khyber fragments the optional chest dropped only 3 base khyber fragments]
      • Hard – ?
      • Elite – ?
  • NPC rewards: Standard, Choose from 7. Special rewards on every 5th completion: Select from ~43 Alchemical weapon/shields. Every single list will be the same for everyone, select your choice of any type of alchemical weapon/shield, all ~43 will always appear.

Named Chest Drop


Name ( picture ) CR Type Race
Augmented Lightning Guard( view
Augmented Lightning Guard.png
 • edit )
 ♥39Epic Hard Construct Golem
Augmented Magefire Cannon( view
Augmented Magefire Cannon.png
 • edit )
 ♦23Normal ♥36Epic Hard Construct Animated Object
Cannith Artificer( view
Cannith Artificer.png
 • edit )
 ♦19Normal ♠29Elite ♥36Epic Hard Humanoid Human
Cannith Power Crystal( view
Cannith Power Crystal.jpg
 • edit )
0 (non-scaling) Construct Inanimate Object
Superior Sentinel Guardian( view
Superior Sentinel Guardian.jpg
 • edit )
 ♥36Epic Hard Construct Animated Object
Titan Mk III( view
Titan Mk III.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦30Normal ♥34Hard ♠40Elite ♥39Epic Hard ♠54Epic Elite Construct Warforged Titan
Titan Mk II( view
Titan Mk II.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦30Normal ♥34Hard ♠40Elite ♥39Epic Hard ♠54Epic Elite Construct Warforged Titan
Toven d'Cannith( view
Toven d'Cannith (Master Artificer).jpg
 • edit )
 ♦24Normal ♥28Hard ♠34Elite ♦24Epic Normal ♥36Epic Hard ♠44Epic Elite Humanoid Human