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The Underdark

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Menace of the Underdark adpack icon.jpg
DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure pack: Menace of the Underdark

It is a vast realm, where darkness pervades and danger lunks (sic) at every unseen corner. It is home to the Drow, amongst other things...

The Underdark map Spoilers!
The Underdark map with pathing Spoilers!
Underdark map with pathing overlay Spoilers!

The Underdark is a level 22 wilderness adventure area, allowing characters from levels 20 to 26 to get full experience. It is located in the Forgotten Realms.

Access and overview[edit]

There are two ways to access this area. These are two different entrances, and get you to different starting points in the map.

  • From within The King's Forest
    • The most direct method is to use the Underdark entrance in the extreme south of the King's Forest, which initially requires simply running through the length of the Forest. If you tag the Purple Dragon Knight's Forward Outpost (located in the southeast of the forest), you can then teleport to that directly and make the run from there to the southern portal much shorter. Speak with Milus Sherton, Transport Officer, once you are at the camp, then again at the entry to King's Forest whenever you wish to use his services.
  • From the portal in the Eveningstar Cavern

The King's Forest entrance is very close to the Sschindylryn portal entrance. Once the Sschindylryn central portal has been unlocked, you can enter the city from the Eveningstar cavern and then exit the Sschindylryn zone to the Underdark close to the King's Forest entrance. Until it is unlocked, the portal is not visible to the character (except on the map).

There is another portal in the Underdark at the ruins of Riz Malag explorer option. Once this has been found (and the Sschindylryn portal unlocked, as above), it is available as an optional entrance point to the Underdark from the Eveningstar Cavern.

  • This portal is very close to the quest entrance for the quest In the Belly of the Beast. Just follow the right hand path upwards to the "secret cave".

Malchor's Undersun Goggles[edit]

Although the Underdark is true to its name (it's dark!), Malchor's Undersun Goggles amplify the Underdark radiation to give you better sight and reveal hidden enemies by making them glow red. It is provided to players from a NPC Beli Bragason (Optics Merchant) upon reaching the Underdark.

These goggles will not help in other low-light quests (such as Rainbow in the Dark). This NPC is located just east of Master Scout Atrezt Dun'Robar, in an open area next to large pillar.

Navigating the Underdark[edit]

True to its pen-and-paper namesake, getting disoriented in the Underdark is easy. Take advantage of the maps provided in this article. The Underdark is arguably the second largest wilderness area in terms of sheer height (the The King's Forest is probably larger in area but The Storm Horns trumps in both categories), with many levels and few access points to reach explorer points and rare enemies. Dead-ends often have powerful and deadly rares. Feather fall is important here to reach some ledges. Monks and Favored Souls have advantage here with their long-jump abilities.

Most parties will be prepared to fight anything they encounter—and there is much that will find you there. A stealthy approach allows casual exploration without attracting attention.


Unlike most explorer zones, the Underdark have scattered around their zones some bear traps and spell wards. They can be disabled as any normal traps.

  • Bear traps (CR:22) Disable DC:
  • Spell Wards (CR:22) Disable DC: 20:Fail; 55:Success; (Suspected: 47-55)


In addition to the Rare Encounter / Slayer / Explorer missions typical to all wilderness adventure areas, the following quests can be found in this zone:


Main article - Sschindylryn

The Drow city of Sschindylryn is another adventure area, accessible from this zone. The four quests required to advance the raid flagging arc (the entire second quest chain series) are located in Sschindylryn, not in this area. So you must gain initial access here through the Underdark.

The easiest way to get to Sschindylryn via the Underdark is by going to the very southern part of The King's Forest and using the cave there. Once you enter the cave you may fight your way along the path and will discover the portal to Eveningstar/Sschindylryn. Then use that portal which takes you back to the Eveningstar Cavern and from that point on you may use the Eveningstar Cavern portal to get to the city, by way of a portal that rests on the southern outskirts of the city, and the quests within.

Should you use the portal located in the heart of the city to take you to other locations, any future uses of portals to get to the city will take you to that inner city portal and not the southern outskirts portal that leads to the city via the main bridge. Enemies that may normally patrol around this portal will not be present if you zone in before others in party enter into the city's main entrance, which triggers enemies to spawn.

Rare Encounters[edit]

Denizens of the Underdark[edit]

XP per encounter: 3,750 Bonus XP for solving all encounters: 35,625

Tips for the red dragon fight[edit]

The red dragon Micahrastir doesn't always spawn on the instance. In fact, when he is absent the "Dragon's Roost" doesn't look like a dragon's nest at all (no gold pile, no nothing). When he is there, two chests and gold pile appears. By backspacing these from below the nest, around the salamanders' area, you can check if he is there or not without running all the way up the "Grand Waterfall" side way. For this reason it is recommended to enter the Underdark area from eastern entrance (Merchant Camp), if you are going for the dragon fight.

The bridge to the nest gets destroyed shortly after starting the fight. So all the party members must be together on the platform in order to participate on the fight and get loot after. And yes, Micahrastir can wing-buffet you off the platform. Once you fall, there will be no way to reach the platform/chests again. It is recommended to rely solely on ranged/caster nuke and not to melee for this fight.

Note that active blocking will negate the wing buffet. If you have no choice but to melee, blocking continuously while taking shots immediately after each of Micahrastir's attacks may help. The wing buffet seems to be telegraphed by Micahrastir rearing up on his hind legs, which may give you time to block if you have a low-latency network connection and your character isn't stuck doing something else (like casting a spell) at the time.

If you do get wing-buffeted off the platform, it is actually possible to defeat Micahrastir with ranged weapons (it is too far for spells), if you return to the end of the broken bridge then jump down onto the dark, rounded pillar a few meters away from the edge.


Denizens of the Underdark[edit]

  • Slay 10 creatures in The Underdark: 2,775 XP = 277.5 xp/kill
  • Slay 25 creatures in The Underdark: 3,735 XP = 249 xp/kill
  • Slay 50 creatures in The Underdark: 5,025 XP = 201 xp/kill
  • Slay 100 creatures in The Underdark: 7,311 XP = 146.22 xp/kill
  • Slay 200 creatures in The Underdark: 11,460 XP = 114.6 xp/kill
  • Slay 400 creatures in The Underdark: 14,167 XP = 70.84 xp/kill
  • Slay 750 creatures in The Underdark: 19,560 XP = 55.89 xp/kill
  • Slay 1,200 creatures in The Underdark: 32,310 XP = 71.8 xp/kill
  • Slay 2,000 creatures in The Underdark: 74,550 XP = 93.19 xp/kill
  • Slay 3,000 creatures in The Underdark: 96,600 XP = 96.6 xp/kill


During some encounters, you might fight some enslaved people. If you can find and kill all Slavemasters nearby, they will stop attacking, and you can remove their collar and free them.

Once freed, they will help you against any other enemy that is still nearby, but will not follow you.

Usually, the slaves are near the entrance from King's Forest, near the broken cart, and around the portal of Riz-Malag.

Captives of the Drow[edit]

  • Uncollar 3 slaves: 2,448 XP
  • Uncollar 5 slaves: 3,072 XP
  • Uncollar 10 slaves: 3,909 XP
  • Uncollar 15 slaves: 4,590 XP
  • Uncollar 25 slaves: 5,601 XP
  • Uncollar 40 slaves: 6,654 XP
  • Uncollar 70 slaves: 8,502 XP
  • Uncollar 100 slaves: 9,300 XP


The Underdark[edit]

Each Explorer is worth 1,875 XP, the bonus for finding all of them is 6,093 XP.

  • Find the portal gate to Sschindylryn
  • Find the Boneyard
  • Find the Daycrystals
  • Find the Cave of the Elements
  • Find the Dragon's Roost
  • Find the Spider Hatchery
  • Find Tranquility Grove
  • Find the Riz Malag portal
  • Find Nessaleesa's Garden
  • Find the Overlook
  • Find the Grand Waterfall
  • Find the source of the Demon infestation
  • Find Agathea's Hut


Monsters in the zone not found on the rare encounters list.
Monster Information

Native Fauna[edit]

Killing native fauna here adds to your slayer count.

Common Monsters[edit]

Named Monsters[edit]