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Mentau (monster).png

Type: Humanoid (List)

Race: Human (List)

Monster Manual classification: Human

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Boss: Red Named - Quest Boss

CR:  ♦18Normal ♥20Hard ♠23Elite

Attack: Punch, Stunning Blow

Special Qualities: Plaht Device shield (Deals heavy fire damage and suppresses all buffs, negate with Cold Fire clicky.)



Mentau's NPC appearance in Flesh Maker's Laboratory.

Mentau is a Chaotic Good human that is one of the four guardians of the Black Abbot.

Title: The fleshmaker.

Trivia: Parody on Mentos the Freshmaker slogan

Mentau's wing is accessed from the dragons chamber in Litany of the Dead by answering the questions as follows:

  1. Silver Flame. (Good)
  2. Never. He is a scourge on Xen'drik and he must be stopped. (Good)
  3. If something has heat it should be left as it is and Cinnis should deal with his hatred internally. (Good)
  4. I would have done anything to save my daughter. (Good)
  5. Destroy it once and for all. (Good)
  6. I think using his artificing skills to make flesh golems is ingenious. (Chaotic)
  7. I would have ransacked the temple for anything I needed to stay alive and killed any who had what I needed. (Chaotic)
  8. Broken the arrangement as soon as I could get another good chance to strike down the Black Abbot. (Chaotic)
  9. Forget that. It's not my fight, I'd leave and go somewhere far from where the Abbot would ever tred. (Chaotic)
  10. If the Black Abbot offered him a better deal, I can't blame him for taking it. (Chaotic)
  11. The Rebel. (Chaotic Good)
  12. They lack both a free spirit and a good heart. (Chaotic Good)
  13. Brass or bronze. (Chaotic Good)
  14. Let the adventurers pass and aid them in their battle against the Black Abbot. (Chaotic Good)
  15. Mentau, the Flesh Maker.
  • Mentau's fight is the most complicated of the four.
  • Mentau is perched upon a high platform surrounded by his Plaht Device. The Plaht Device sphere renders everything in it immune to level 9 and lower spells. Flesh golems are constructed and drop through grates to the floor; if a golem is killed, another will be constructed a few seconds later to replace it.
  • Mentau's Plaht Device must be deactivated if you wish to damage him with spells or have the use of your own buffs or healing spells near him. The Item:Cold Fire from defeating Cinnis will deactivate the Plaht Device for about 20 seconds if it's activated within close proximity to the platform Mentau and his Plaht Device are on. Any vertical location from the base to the top works.
  • From the floor, if you stand far enough away, you can just barely jump and successfully target Mentau with non-ray spells - this can be used by people who failed to make the air jet to heal those at the top or cast at Mentau, though it won't help you any if the Plaht Device is on. Mentau will continue to be damaged by DOTs that were cast on him while the Plaht Device is off even when it reactivates. Mentau will also continue to be damaged from guard procs from spells like Fire Shield.
  • There is a lever at the base of Mentau's platform that will activate a jet of air, allowing you to get up to Mentau's platform (or one of the other platforms in the room). The lever begins unlocked, but will lock after every use. To unlock the lever to use the air jet again, you must light the three runes on the purple crystals in the room near the stairs. Use caution, however, as once the rune on a crystal is activated, it will begin to constantly fire Ball Lightnings which can damage you and will heal/haste the golems.
  • The Plaht Device "buff" will sometimes remain on you after Mentau is defeated. If that happens, the only way to be rid of it is to log out of the game.

Defeating Mentau can be made easier with the assistance of Item:Cold Fire, which is obtained from the work table in the black dragon's chamber in Litany of the Dead after you have successfully defeated Cinnis.

Unique loot for defeating Mentau: see Litany of the Dead loot.

Completing the Mentau wing of Litany of the Dead makes the Golem Gem Trinket available for use in defeating High Priest of Vol on the work table in the black dragon's chamber.