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DDO wiki:Administrators' noticeboard

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} /* End Tabs */ </css>


The purpose behind having an Administrator Noticeboard here is to keep a centralized area for all things that require Wiki Administrator eyes. It is able to be edited by the general editor/user so they can bring important information easily to the attention of those in the position to be able to remedy it.


As mentioned above, this is a place for every user to come to and have Administrator attention. Rather than posting a Point of Interest on 10 different admin's pages, you can post them here and all admins will be able to see them. if you want to start a major project and want to make sure the admins are aware of it, post it here. Think you'll make a good admin on the wiki here, nominate yourself, or nominate someone else that you feel would be an outstanding admin.

What Not to Do[edit]

The only thing not to do here is this. This is a notice board, not a place for long drawn out discussions about any certain page or topic (other than Promotion/Demotion discussions). If you have a concern about what is going on with a potential edit war, let us know about it here. Think of this notice board as kind of like an organized collection of sticky notes stuck all around your desk at work.