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Nash Braza

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Nash Braza.jpg

Name: Nash Braza

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): Where There's Smoke...

Affiliation(s): The Free Agents

Location: The Cerulean Hills, at the western roadblock

Description: Farmer living near the Cerulean Hills who was driven off his farmstead by the invading orcs. He's worried about not only his farm but the dogs he was forced to leave behind.

The Cerulean Hills[edit]

Before Where There's Smoke... is bestowed:

  • Nash Braza: By Khyber, it's good to see a civilized face from Stormreach again!
  • Nash Braza: These thrice-damned orcs are on the rampage for some reason and they've driven me off from my own farmstead. Last I saw they were about to burn down my farmhouse. And my dogs ... who'll save my dogs?
  • Nash Braza: You look like you've fought an orc or two in your time. Can you go to my farm and drive them off? I don't have much, but I'll make it worth your while.
    • You: I'll do it. No orc will burn down your farm while I'm around! (Where There's Smoke... bestowed)
    • You: What happened? Why did the orcs attack?
      • Nash Braza: 'Cursed if I know! I've farmed these hills for years and the orcs never made a peep.
      • Nash Braza: Then the other day a fella showed up - not from around here, he talked funny - and he said if I paid him he'd protect me from the orcs.
      • Nash Braza: I said I never had any orc troubles and sent him away. Next thing I know orcs are attacking my farmstead, smashing everything and setting the buildings afire. I escaped by the skin of my teeth!

After Where There's Smoke... is bestowed but before completion:

  • Nash Braza: I don't want to nag, but those orcs are still swarming over my land like ants. Get your feet moving and save my farm!

After completion of Where There's Smoke... but before taking reward:

  • Nash Braza: You took care of all them orcs? Well now, that is good news! Here, take this. It's not much, but it will help make up for all your trouble.
    • You: Why, certainly.

After completion of Where There's Smoke... and after taking reward:

  • Nash Braza: Those orcs are worse than gophers! They're back and they're threatening to torch my farmstead again. Could you take care of them for me?