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Dr. Rushmore's Mansion: Moving Targets

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DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure pack: Vaults of the Artificers

(Note: This does NOT mean it requires purchase of anything; you may play with free daily tokens.)

Dr. Rushmore's Mansion: Moving Targets
Level Range: 8-20
Duration: Variable time limit
Base XP Range: 720-1800
Takes place in: Dr. Rushmore's Mansion
Challenge entrance(s) in: House Cannith
Patron: House Cannith
Free to Play: No
Group Difficulty: Average
Solo Difficulty: Easy
5 Star Difficulty: Difficult
Dr. Rushmore's Mansion: Moving Targets map (legend)
Loading screen


Dr. Rushmore's Mansion: Moving Targets is one of the challenges added in Update 12.

Dr. Rushmore and his band of Criminals are not content to stay in one place. He and his companions wander their mansion, while they are unknowingly hunted by Adventurers.

Dr. Rushmore's Mansion puzzle

Spoiler Warning: Spoiler material below this point!

Star Objectives

  • Defeat at least one of the bosses of Rushmore's party
  • (Optional) Defeat the other bosses (4 more)
  • (Optional) Open all the sealed gates (16 total)
  • (Optional) Activate every portrait of warforged (37 Total)
  • (Optional) Kill a boss in the bathroom (The Rest Rooms)

Note: You must complete the first star objective to receive experience & rewards from this Challenge.

Known Traps

Spinning blade, flame jet, blade, and other traps on the ramps leading to the Rogues room.

Tips and Misc

Quick Start Guide

  1. Find the wizard Rushmore and his four fellow outlaws. Assassinate them before time runs out!
  2. Unlock gates to quickly navigate to your target and extend your time.
  3. Watch for the clues to find the outlaws as they move throughout the Mansion!

The Rules

Assassinate Your Target

  • The vile wizard Rushmore has retreated to a magical safe-house to relax with his no-good cohorts.
  • Infiltrate their Mansion and eliminate these outlaws before time runs out! ** Tip: You can earn extra treasure for killing red and orange named boss monsters!
  • Outlaws can teleport to different rooms of the Mansion.
  • Outlaws who have teleported to a new location may speak a clue that can help you determine where they have gone.


  • Each Gate you open will extend your time by 2 minutes.
  • To open a Gate, you must obtain the associated Crest(s).
  • The deeper you go into the mansion, the more Crests are required to open the next Gate.
    • First gate requires just 1, then 2 for the next two gates, then three, then four for the final gates
  • Crests can be found by:
    • Breaking furniture and containers
    • Killing monsters
    • You will also occasionally find Crests lying out in the open.

The Paintings

  • There are paintings scattered throughout the walls of the mansion.
  • If you get too close to a painting, its eyes will glow red and phantasmal guards will appear to fight you.
  • The painting will continue to spawn phantasmal guards indefinitely. And will spawn in greater numbers as your score increases.


You will earn points for the following:

  • Monsters killed (1–3 per kill)
  • Outlaw Bosses killed (~600 per boss)

Player notes

  • The Bosses you must defeat will periodically move from their locations. When they do so, they will make an announcement so you know who is moving and where they are going.
  • Nearby bosses can be kited to The Rest Rooms to gain credit for the 5th star.
  • The phantom defenders from the paintings will continuously respawn once activated.
    • The amount of monsters spawned will vary from 1–6 depending on several factors including but not limited to: Group size and Current score.
  • The breakables will sometimes give a boost when smashed.
  • The Trap control panels are at the bottom of the ramps.

Challenge Duration


  • Timer starts at 9 minutes and the timer increases for many events:
    • Checkpoint! Time extended by 2 minutes for opening gates.
    • Chrono Buff! Time extended by 1 minute for obtaining rare orb buffs.
    • Minute of time watch. These rare items can increase the timer by 1 minute, only 1 may be used per instance.
      • Expect a perfect 5/6 star run to take 42–45 minutes.


  • Ingredient reward: Icon Ingredient CannithChallenge IlluminatedManuscript.png Illuminated Manuscripts – 19% of your total score


Monster Information
Primarily Phantasmal creatures. They count the same as the type they match, but are illusionary and thus gain immunity to mind effects, and should be (but currently are not) vulnerable to dispel magic. Vorpal effects will kill these phantasms.

Named monsters:

  • Crystal the Giant <Renegade Blackmarket Ex Union Leader> (Li'l tiny jewel-encrusted Paragon Kobold Shaman)
  • Doctor Will Ewe Rushmore - <Renegade Master Wizard Himself> (Human Wizard)
  • Mistress Temptia - <Girlfiend Healer> (Succubus)
  • Mother of the Nest (Orange Named Huge Brown Spider Drops a chest)
  • Smiling Sam <Newbie Assassin> (Tiny Elf Rogue)
  • Ugg the Assertive - <Confused Meatshield> (Fat Half-Orc Tank)
    • All of the red-named bosses except Sam and Mistress Temptia begin with elementals guarding them and will summon more as they are vanquished. Ugg begins with two earth elementals, Crystal has a mix of air, fire, and water elementals, and Doctor Rushmore has one of each in his chamber. Each elemental will buff their controller according to their type:
    • Air: Boosts their speed
    • Fire: Boosts their strength
    • Earth: Boosts their armor class
    • Water: Heals them at an insanely fast rate – Kill these!

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