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Heroic, Racial, Iconic, and Epic Reincarnation.
Note: Despite the wording, Heroic Reincarnations cannot choose their past life feat; it is automatically determined by the dominant class.

What is Reincarnation[edit]

Reincarnation enables players to leverage their existing progress with one of their current player characters and allows them to change certain decisions made in that character's advancement:

  • Lesser Reincarnation (LR) allows a character respec, retaining current character level
  • Heroic (HR), Racial (RR) and Iconic (IR) reincarnation allow the creation of a more powerful hero, starting from level 1 (as a non-iconic) or level 15 (as an iconic)
  • Epic Reincarnation (ER) provides more character power and allows a character respec in the current class, returning the character to level 20

HR, RR and IR are referred to as True Reincarnation (TR), as the character is completely reborn with all Race, Class, Gender and Alignment options available to them, resetting all quest completions, favor and class advancement. LR and ER retain a character's progression in heroic levels, quest completions and favor, thus do not count as True Reincarnation.

All reincarnated characters will retain the name and items from the previous character incarnation:

  • If the character is performing a Heroic Reincarnation, Racial Reincarnation, Iconic Reincarnation or Epic Reincarnation they will acquire a Past Life feat
    • HR will grant a Past Life Feat based on the class that the character is reincarnating out of (or highest class if the character is multi-class)
    • RR will grant a Past Life Feat based on the race that the character is reincarnating out of
    • IR will grant a Past Life Feat based on the Iconic race that the character is reincarnating out of AND a Past Life Feat based on the class that the character is reincarnating out of
    • ER will grant a Past Life Feat based on the Epic Destiny Sphere the character selects during the reincarnation process
  • Lesser Reincarnation provides no Past Life Feats
    • All Lesser Reincarnations allow a character respec, changing feat, skill & spell choices
    • +1 to +20 Lesser Reincarnations allow a character to change classes as they re-level (explained in more detail on the Lesser Reincarnation page)

How to Reincarnate[edit]

  • In order to reincarnate, a character needs to speak with the Life-Shaper in the Halls of Heroes
    • The Life Shaper is located in the Reincarnation Grove on the lower floor of the Hall of Heroes, accessed through a door on the North Wall of the Eastern Chamber, and appears as a Lantern Archon (a glowing ball of light)
  • The Character requires a certain type of Heart of Wood in order to reincarnate:
  • The Life Shaper guides the character through the relevant Reincarnation process
  • After speaking to the Life Shaper the Character should log off, and the Reincarnate option becomes available on the login screen
  • On choosing the Reincarnate option, characters go through the Character Creation Menu, as with initial character creation
    • Characters undergoing Heroic, Racial or Iconic Reincarnation can now log in to play
    • Characters undergoing Lesser or Epic Reincarnation can now log in, but will arrive on some rocks floating in space in a place between
      • The Life Shaper, now appearing as a blonde human woman, will meet the character in the place between and guide them through the leveling up process
        • For both Lesser and Epic Reincarnations, the character has to speak to the Life Shaper for each level to open the menu, then select options as if they were talking to a class Trainer
        • If the character is changing classes (with a Lesser Heart +1 to +20), they have to immediately make that selection as they level up, or else are stuck with their previous class choice(s)
        • Only once the character has leveled up to their current level can they leave the place between and continue adventuring

How to get a Heart of Wood/Blood[edit]

Warning regarding reincarnation![edit]

It is perfectly legal to perform an Epic Reincarnation (from Level 30 to 20), followed immediately by a Heroic or Racial Incarnation (from Level 20 to Level 1 (new heroic) or 15 (new iconic)), HOWEVER, a bug has been observed to occur which can erase much or all of that character's inventory, tomes, etc!

  • To avoid this bug, it is currently advised that you
    • LOG OUT COMPLETELY after speaking with the Life Shaper, closing down the game
    • Wait a few minutes, giving the game time to update any relevant details
    • Use the Reincarnate option to recreate your character
    • LOG OUT COMPLETELY after character generation, closing down the game
    • Wait a few minutes, giving the game time to update any relevant details
    • Log back in and continue
  • There currently is not 100% proof that this will prevent this bug, but a considerable amount of anecdotal evidence points in that direction

Likewise, it is recommended that you DO NOT log out in the middle of any individual reincarnation (only after it is complete)

  • Allow yourself ample time, especially if you need to re-build a complex character

Quick summary[edit]

Appearance, abilities, enhancements, feats, skills, and selected spells1 are reset for all types of reincarnation. For those types of reincarnations that allow, alignment can only be reset within the limits of the first class taken*, at level 1.

(* Players who plan to multiclass a character should choose their alignment with limitations of future classes in mind!)

Veteran Status has no effect on any Reincarnation.

Type of
Min. Lvl. Build
Classes Alignment,
Heart of Wood Cost
Lesser 1 28pt → 32pt3 Lesser Heart of Wood
+X Lesser Change X levels +X Lesser Heart of Wood
Heroic 20 28pt → 34pt,4
32pt → 34pt,
34pt → 36pt
Start over at Level 1
(15 if becoming an Iconic Hero)
Reset Heroic True Heart of Wood
  • Loss of all Heroic XP 5
  • Loss of all Favor
  • Loss of all quest completions, flagging, and raid completion counter
Racial 20 Heroic True Heart of Blood
Iconic True Heart of Wood icon.png
30 Iconic True Heart of Wood
Epic 30 28pt → 32pt3 Epic Heart of Wood
  • Loss of Epic XP (level 30 back to level 20)
  • Loss of 6 million Karma from an Epic Destiny Sphere
1 On Lesser/Epic Reincarnation Wizards and Artificers will keep their spell books. They cannot select new/different spells when leveling up. Any additional spells desired need to be learned through scrolls. All other spell casting classes get to re-select spells on Lesser/Epic Reincarnation. For Heroic, Racial and Iconic Reincarnation, spell books will be fully reset, irrespective of class before and after.
2 Due to Drow racial inherent stat bonuses, reincarnations into Drow will only yield 30 point builds (not 34) on 1st reincarnation and 32 (not 36) on 2nd (and higher) reincarnations.
3 If a character/account has achieved Champion status, non-Drow 28 point builds will become 32 point builds on Lesser/Epic reincarnation, otherwise they will remain 28 point builds
4 Adventurers (28 point builds) who Heroic/Racial/Iconic Reincarnate before the account has achieved Champion (32 point build) status will become 34 point builds on 1st Reincarnation and 36 point builds on 2nd; This applies only to those characters and does not grant Champion status to the entire account for new builds if it has not been earned or bought.
5 Reaper XP is not lost during any Reincarnation, but persists and accumulates through every successive life of the character.


  • Since Update 11, experience, guild experience, crafting experience, loot boost potions carry over through reincarnation.
  • With all forms of reincarnation, your tomes will gradually re-apply themselves as you increase in level, at the minimum levels the tomes can be applied at. If you ate a +3 strength tome, for instance, and then lesser reincarnated, you would get a +2 inherent bonus to strength upon logging in at level 1, +3 inherent bonus strength at level 3, +4 at level 7, and +5 at level 11, and so on. See Ability tome for more information.
  • An Epic Reincarnation on a non-Iconic character can be followed up with a Heroic True Reincarnation. At level 30, you use the Epic Heart of Wood at the Life Shaper, log out and press Reincarnate on the character select menu, talk to your class trainer(s) to level back up to 20, then visit the Life Shaper again and use a Heroic True Heart of Wood and press Reincarnate on the character select menu again.
  • If you Lesser Reincarnate, you must wait 3 days before Lesser Reincarnating again. You may, however, undergo TR immediately after Lesser Reincarnating, as TR is on a timer separate from the timer for Lesser Reincarnation. (That is, of course, provided you have not also TRed within the previous week)
  • The NPC Kruz the Reincarnation Trainer in House Jorasco has been discontinued as of Update 20, but his replacement will send you to the right place.
  • Once you use a Heart of Wood at the Life Shaper and enter your character's name to confirm the usage of that Heart, you will be flagged for that specific reincarnation. The character is now flagged until which time you proceed in the reincarnation process. You may continue to login and enjoy full usage of that character, but you will not be able to flag for another reincarnation type until you have fully completed the process.
    • Example: Your iconic character uses an Epic Heart of Wood. You will not be able to use an Iconic True Heart of Wood until you have finished the epic reincarnation process and have reacquired level cap.

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