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Update 36 Release Notes

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Here are the Release Notes for Update 36: Duel for the Underdark. July 12, 2017

Of Special Note[edit]

The Mines of Tethyamar

Dwarves have uncovered riches in a long lost outpost in the Underdark. They urge you to join them; help them take on the deadly drow threatening their excavation, and you can share in the spoils! Their offer seems too good to be true. Yet who can resist the promise of the Jewels of Ardor? Claim your share of the fortune in the new adventure pack, "The Mines of Tethyamar" (free to VIPs)! Level 15 on Heroic and 31 on Legendary. Five new quests and a new public area available. You can reach the Tethyamar Mining Outpost by speaking with Arman Argentine to the west of the town square in Eveningstar. The Quest Arc can be accessed by speaking to the Asta the Deep-Minded, located outside the tavern within the Tethyamar Mining Outpost.

News and Notes[edit]


  • Several Airship amenities that did not have descriptions now do.
  • The Airship Captain Anceia now remembers where the Hall of Heroes is.
  • The Shrine to the Devourer amenity now gives its correct Acid and Cold Spell Power.
  • Sully's Old Grog now has a proper mouse-over tooltip.


  • Rune Arm's cooldown has been improved by 30%.
  • Rune Arm's Charge Decay while moving has been reduced by 50%.
  • There is no longer a penalty to movement speed while charging a Rune Arm.
  • Artificers now get Warhammer and Light Hammer proficiencies.
  • Improved Critical: Bludgeoning has been added to the Artificer Class Feat list.
  • Artificer Admixture spells now fire straight down if the caster has themselves hard-targeted.
  • Rune Arm shots now scale with 100% Spell Power.
  • Rune Arm weapon imbues now scale with 200% Melee or Ranged Power (whichever is higher).
  • Homing on Rune Arms now works at about the same angles you can shoot a crossbow and still hit your target.
  • Cannonball Shot now uses homing.
  • Cannonball Shot is now a much smaller projectile.



  • Common persistent spells, such as Ice Storm, Acid Fog, and Glitterdust, will now display a red circle visible to players when cast by an enemy to better understand their borders.
  • Pressure plate traps will no longer hit those that set them off twice.
  • Fixed an issue where monks with equipped handwraps were not able to damage enemies while moving or in stealth.
  • The party scaling curve for Warlocks has been adjusted to better reflect their contribution strength.


  • Fighter's Swift Defense and Paladin's Swift Defense now properly state that they are Action Boost bonuses to Movement Speed.
  • Arcane Archer Toggle Imbues now remove their effects whenever the character is wielding something other than a Shortbow or Longbow. The effects return when you return to wielding those items.
  • Shadow Arrows now properly applies its passive critical multiplier.
  • Devour the Soul's DC description has been updated to match its effect.
  • Fighter and Vanguard Shield Rush now benefit from abilities which add to DCs.
  • Deep Gnome's Phantasmal Killer SLA description has been updated to no longer use the term SLA.
  • Gnome's Color Spray no longer adds DR to targets that it dazes.
  • Tempest and Deepwood Stalker abilities that apply effects while in light or no armor now apply more consistently, including on Warforged.
  • Tempest active abilities that claim to be Melee Dual Wielding Attacks now actually require you to be dual-wielding.
  • The Critical bonuses granted in Tempest now apply more reliably.
  • Warlock enhancement trees now have their correct icons.
  • Know the Angles now has its proper icon, and its description has been improved.
  • The Spell Point Value at the end of Enlightened Spirit's Resist Energy SLA has been corrected.
  • Half-elf Artificer Dilettante's Rank two now states that it does not allow you to use Rune Arms.
  • Fixed incorrect values displaying in the Harper Agent tree:
    • Magical Endurance: Changed tooltip from 30/30/40 to 30/60/100.
    • Harper Enchantment: Added caveat that the +1 applies to main and off-hand weapons, but does not work with shields.
    • Traveler's Toughness: Changed tooltip from +5 Max HP at all ranks to 5/10/15.
    • Strategic Combat I and II: Added caveat that this ability does work with handwraps, but not with shields.
  • Spellsinger's Spellsong Vigor now has its duration listing in the tooltip.
  • Artificer Battle Engineer
    • Core Changes:
      • Core 2 gets +1 Stable Charge Tier in addition to everything it already does.
      • Core 4 gets +1 Stable Charge Tier in addition to everything it already does.
      • Core 5 gets +15 Physical Resistance Rating and Magical Resistance Rating addition to everything it already does.
      • Core 6 gets +2 Intelligence (for a total of +4 INT), +1 Competence bonus to Critical Multiplier with Crossbows, Bastard Swords, Dwarven Axes, Light Hammers, Warhammers, and Morningstars.
    • Tier 1:
      • Weapon Training has a third line added for Light Hammers, Warhammers, and Morningstars.
      • Field Scrapper has been added. It provides +1/2/3 to Sunder DCs.
      • Thaumaturgical Conduits has been moved to Tier 1 from Tier 2.
    • Tier 2:
      • Weapon Training has been added for Light Hammers, Warhammers, and Morningstars.
      • Wrack Construct now matches the Mechanic's version.
      • Caustic Strike has been added. It provides +1/2/3 [ w ] damage (.5/1/1.5 for Crossbows), adds 3d6 Acid damage, and 10d6 Rust damage. This damage scales with Melee or Ranged power. Ranged variant requires a crossbow. 6 second cooldown.
      • Extra Action Boost has been moved to Tier 2 from Tier 3.
    • Tier 3:
      • Weapon Training has been added for Light Hammers, Warhammers, and Morningstars.
      • Disable Construct now matches the Mechanic's version.
      • Shatter Defenses has been added. Provides 1/2/3 [ w ] for Melee and .5/1/1.5 [ w ] for Crossbows, procs Improved Sunder. DC 14+INT Modifier+Sunder bonuses. Ranged variant requires a crossbow. 10 second cooldown, shared with Sunder.
    • Tier 4:
      • Weapon Training has been added for Light Hammers, Warhammers, and Morningstars.
      • Battle Mastery's Fusillade now lasts for 18 seconds.
      • Agility Engine has been added, that provides 3/6/10% Doublestrike and Doubleshot while wearing a Rune Arm.
    • Tier 5:
      • NEW: Reconstructed Armaments: +1 Competence bonus to Critical Threat Range with your chosen weapon line.
      • NEW: Thunder-Shock Weapon: +3 [ w ] Melee or 1.5 [ w ] Crossbow, 3d6 Electric Damage which scales with Melee or Ranged Power. Procs Trip, DC 14+INT modifier+Sunder bonuses. Ranged variant requires a crossbow. 12 second cooldown, shares a cooldown with Trip.
      • NEW: Unlock Potential: +20 Melee and Ranged Power while wielding a Rune Arm.
      • Tactical Mobility: 10% Action Boost bonus to Movement Speed.

Epic Destinies[edit]

  • Stay Frosty's tooltip has been updated to match its effect.
  • Divine Crusader's Celestial Champion Crit Threat now persists through zone transfers, and no longer excludes handwraps.
  • The Core enhancements in Legendary Dreadnaught and Shadowdancer now properly reflect Melee and Ranged Power gained per Epic Destiny level.
  • Tooltips in Fatesinger have had their descriptions and flavor text improved.
  • Fury of the Wild's Ward Against Weird ability is now a Primal Bonus to Spell Resistance, and has new values of 5/30/60.
  • Magister's Call Kindred Spirit summoning spells now fail if you try to cast them under level 20.


  • Artificer, Bard, Barbarian, and Monk-specific class feats now have a category in the Feats panel.
  • All proficiencies now appear under one Proficiencies feat.
  • Monk active form strikes now have their correct icon.
  • Hellball's description now matches in both the Intelligence and Charisma descriptions.
  • Metal damage-type Epic Feats now persist through zone transfers.
  • The Epic Past Life Feat Doubleshot now gives only its intended benefit.
  • The feats for White and Purple Reaper Eyes no longer disappear on logout.
  • Burst of Glacial Wrath's freezing effect is no longer considered to be a mind-altering effect.



  • Purple Worms are now immune to knock down effects.
  • Champion damage-over-time effects now look like the element they are associated with.
  • Monsters will now take the distance of their targets into account, with closer targets more likely to be targeted compared to currently on live.
  • If a monster kills or loses their primary target, they will now aggro correctly on who has the most hate next, instead of the closest target.
  • Monsters with the ability to see stealthed characters will now display an angry red eye icon to anyone observing them in stealth.
  • Fixed an issue where monsters who phase out of combat sometimes reappeared as a Champion.

Quests and Adventure Areas[edit]



  • Displacement now properly states that it can only be used on Self.
  • Lightning Sphere now has a functional saving throw for both monsters and player casters.


  • Skills in the Character Sheet and level up panel now sort differently. On the Character Sheet, Skills with assigned ranks sort to the top, skills without assigned ranks sort to the bottom, and skills sort by name within those groups. In the Level Up Skill Panel, Skills with assigned ranks that are class skills sort to the top, skills with assigned ranks that are cross class are next, skills with no assigned ranks that are class skills follow, then finally skills that have no assigned ranks and are also cross-class are listed. Skills sort by name within these categories.
  • Guild Buffs can now be hidden on-screen. This option can be found in Options > UI called Hide Guild Buffs.
  • Fixed a typo when an Airship invitation teleportation fails.
  • Numerous minor typos corrected.
  • The /raid completions command now properly shows completions for newer raids.
  • Poison damage that lowers Wisdom on-hit has been renamed from Wisdom to Bewildering.

Source: Official U36.0.0 release notes on

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