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Update 4 Release Notes

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Welcome to the Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These release notes were posted Monday, April 5th 2010.

News & Notes[edit]

Adventure steals in from the sea! The high walls and crack troops of House Deneith are not enough to protect it from the most vicious, blood-crazed crew of pirates ever to rove the crashing seas of Eberron.

Of Special Note[edit]

New Adventure Packs[edit]


In this new series of swashbuckling adventures from DDO, join the Sentinels as they seek to defeat the pirate scourge. But don’t think you’re safe once the seas are clear: the skies themselves will rain scurvy death—and scurvy undead. Because when this pillaging pirate captain runs short of troops, he just brings back the ones you’ve already disposed of. Pirates—and zombies? How could it get any better?

  • Cut the pirate lair off the map in a daring assault!
  • Close down the booty business at the Pirate Mart
  • Zombie Pirates! Board their black ship to cut them off at the source!
  • Root stinking pirate spies out of the House of Deneith!
  • Will you defeat Captain Tew and discover the infamous pirate leader's ultimate secret?

Find out in this exciting new Adventure Pack available for levels 6 through 8, and also available for level 20 characters on Epic difficulty!

UI Improvements[edit]

  • The default keymapping for the in-game access to my.ddo and social sites is now Ctrl-M

Quest & Adventure Area Changes[edit]

Taming the Flames[edit]

  • Fixed a stuck spot

Vault of Night[edit]

Tharashk Arena[edit]
  • The quest objectives have been changed slightly to avoid issues with players not getting credit for killing one monster in there.
  • Strange ten thousand hitpoint kobolds will no longer spawn on elite in Thrashk Arena. Thank you for playing.
Prison of the Mind[edit]
  • It is no longer possible to bypass the Minotaur maze.
  • Fixed stuck spots.
  • Orphne dreamed up some changes to the dream landscape that should help Hirelings get around easier.

Devils of Shavarath[edit]

Vision of Destruction[edit]
  • Blowing the trap boxes in the raid will no longer cause their explosion effects to spam.

Acid Wit[edit]

  • The Troglodytes have amassed more wealth in their efforts. Perhaps some brave adventurers can take it from them.
  • The rare encounters should be a little less rare now.

General Quest Changes[edit]

  • Epic traps have been re-calibrated to damage very close to level 20 elite traps. Enjoy!

Skills, Feats, and Abilities[edit]


  • Certain traps can no longer be automatically detected. Spot is once again being correctly checked.


  • Mass Heal now affects one target per caster level.


  • The Risian recipe for Cold touch can no longer be added to an item that already has a cold effect, as per the recipe description.
  • Risian recipes that add Cold Touch, Frost, and Icy Burst to a randomly generated weapon can no longer be stacked on each other in random orders, and items that previously had multiples stacked in this manner now have only the most powerful effect.


  • Xachosian Larvae are no longer stackable or bankable.


  • Some additions were made to the text of the Epic Ward description. The Epic Ward that creatures get on Epic Difficulty has always made creatures immune to death effects and death effects have always included Banishment and Dismissal. The text now mentions the word "banishment". This ward has also given epic creatures the ability to regenerate negative levels fairly quickly and to shake off charm spells more quickly than non-epic creatures. The text now mentions these benefits as well.


  • If you have earned enough experience to progress to your next character level (your experience bar will be blue and the "ready to level" icon will appear in the upper right corner of your screen), it is no longer possible to begin a reincarnation before you have leveled up with the trainer. Level with your trainer first and you can then proceed with your reincarnation.

Other changes[edit]

  • It is no longer possible to receive your tome early by using the "Share" button on the 1750 Favor achievement.
  • The Warehouse District of the Harbor is currently under construction. While no businesses have been obstructed, citizens should be mindful of the workers, and avoid standing under scaffolding to avoid work hazards.

Known Issues[edit]

Known issues are now available:

Source: Official U4.0.0 release notes on

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