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Update 59 Release Notes

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Update 59: Legendary Droaam Release Notes[edit]

Here are the release notes for Update 59: Droaam Legendary Edition, released on Wednesday, April 26th, 2023.

Of Special Note[edit]

Update 59: Droaam Legendary Edition[edit]

The three free quests and four quests that are part of the Attack on Stormreach adventure pack now support Legendary difficulty!

Attack on Stormreach:

Free quests:

You can find the NPCs for these quests in the Lordsmarch Plaza, located off of the Marketplace in Stormreach.

Performance Work[edit]

We have fundamentally changed how bonuses are calculated behind the scenes to be using a more performant algorithm to reduce lag in the game. This change impacts:

  • Feat bonuses
  • Enhancement bonuses
  • Epic destiny bonuses
  • Past life bonuses
  • Toggled bonuses
  • Temporarily granted Feats
  • Armor Class bonuses
  • Blocking Armor Class bonuses
  • Attack bonuses
  • Damage bonuses
  • Savings throw bonuses

News and Notes:[edit]

Bug Fixes:[edit]

  • We have implemented a fix intended to address a crashing issue related to sounds.
  • Level 32 skill augments now grant their listed benefit.
  • The offhand slot should no longer go missing sometimes after reincarnation as an Artificer.
  • The Legendary Spiked Turban should now have its proper visuals.
  • Mirrors of Glamering now have a clearer tooltip to explain how their eligibility works.
  • Energy Vortex Poison and Negative now both have their correct tooltips within the spell.
  • The web barriers in the quest Sacrifices can now be broken with Eldritch Blast.
  • Technomage filigree now provide their 5% Armor Class set bonus and no longer call the set the wrong name.
  • Divine Righteousness (Paladin Sacred Defender 3rd core) is now untyped and grants its correct amount of threat generation.
  • Mass Suggestion now has its correct icon.
  • A few pet benefit icons have changed to reflect their passive states.
  • Black Dragon Bolt's damage to PLAYERS has been reduced to its original values (from before Blightcaster update.)
  • Natural Fighting Feats will now work correctly with Blight Wolf.
  • Fixed the bank issue where moving an item from the shared crafting storage to character bank if the character bank was full would result in the 'loss' of the item and the breaking of inter bank transfer. If this did happen to you, please contact Customer Service for your character to be fixed as well.
  • The Soul of Cruelty damage over time effect now has a cooldown again and no longer provide a triple stack from Frost Lance.
  • Enemies should no longer attack dead pets, defenders, and NPCs.
  • Spear of the Mournlands is once again considered a Favored Weapon by Bladeforged.
  • Insightful Deadly shards can now be properly applied to Trinkets.
  • Dark Apostate's Shadowform is now correctly hidden by the Full Character Overlay option.
  • Silverfang from Dinosaur Bone Crafting now grants its listed DCs.
  • Sovereign Lightning Strike on Legendary Alchemical Weapons now correctly applies
  • Pale Master's Skeletal Knights will no longer go down in CR if you level beyond level 30.
  • Dark Hunters may now use specific grenades without requiring them to bypass the UMD requirements
  • The OpenAL32.dll has been updated to v1.23.1.
  • EAX has been corrected for 64-bit clients.
  • Fixed the issue with Nature's Protectors killer instinct VFX system gradually causing client lag the more you use it.

Gameplay Changes:[edit]

  • The firing arc tolerance for general missile weapons (bows, etc.) has been upped from 45 degrees to 60 degrees. This should help avoid dry fires when the player is strafing circling a monster up close with a missile weapon.
  • Most individual Resistance, Insight, and Quality bonuses to Reflex, Fortitude, and Will Saving Throws on items have been increased by 1, putting them slightly above the values on Resistance items.
  • Work has been done behind the scenes for Universal Tree tomes to make them work slightly differently on our end. This should have no effect on Universal tome functionality - existing tomes will still function - but we wanted to let you know work had been done in case something goes pear-shaped.
  • The Fast Nightmare mount is now Bound to Account.
  • When you spot or automatically detect a secret door, a "?" icon will appear over your head.
  • When you spot or automatically detect a trap, a "!" icon will appear over your head.
  • Fury of the Wild - Great Leveler:
    • Reduced the duration of the movement pause.
    • Removed awkward pause to your ability to attack after using the great leveler.
    • Detect size increased on none enhanced smash.
    • Visualizes on enhanced smash better match detect size.
    • +500 attack bonus applied to hit roll.
  • The cooldown on Sacred Vial has been increased from three to ten seconds to match Banishment and other death effects.
  • Tsunami's correct max caster level and crowd control duration have been adjusted. The Max caster level is down to 20 from 25 to match other level 9 spells, CC duration down to 6 seconds to match other CC+Damage Combo Spells.
  • Caster damage in Reaper difficulty has been adjusted for Skull 7 and higher:
    • Skull 7: From 25% damage to 23%
    • Skull 8: From 20% damage to 18%
    • Skull 9: From 18% damage to 15%
    • Skull 10: From 15% damage to 10%
  • The self-healing penalty in Reaper Difficulty has been adjusted. The penalty for self-healing while outside of combat is now the same as the existing penalty for healing others while in or out of combat.
  • Ego Wipe casts by Mindflayers and Kopru will no linger scale up as aggressively in Epic difficulty.
    • Editor's note: This probably refers to Ego Whip.
  • Sora Kell now uses a Dispel Force Ball instead of the Dance Sphere in her encounter.


  • Any chest that is locked but can be picked now displays a "lock" visual effect over itself.
  • Pet character sheet now only sorts its pet feats by alphabetically instead of nonexistent categories.
  • Pet character sheets saving throws label is now no longer cut off visually.
  • The crafting storage sort should no longer reset if you hover over the options.

Source: Official U59.0.0 release notes on

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