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Update 48 Patch 1 Release Notes

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Here are the release notes for Update 48.1, released on Tuesday, November 17th.

Of Special Note[edit]

A Fables of the Feywild Saga is now available! Heroic and Legendary Sagas are now available in Fables of the Feywild. Find the Saga NPCs in Wynwood Hall in the Feywild!

News and Notes[edit]


  • Corrected some text in character generation for the Razorclaw Shifter.
  • Favored Enemy: Lawful Outsider and Favored Enemy: Chaotic Outsider now work properly.
  • Favored Weapons gained via Dwarven Axe Training, Book of War, and Adept/Holy Combatant now work properly with Favored Soul's Grace/Knowledge of Battle ability.
  • Corrected an issue that was causing too many effects to stack up on characters. This should help improve game performance.


  • Illusory Sprite is now a familiar option in the Feydark Illusionist tree.


  • Randomly-generated armor, robes, outfits, docents, and shields now have a lower chance to appear with Spell Power and Turn Undead properties, and now have a higher chance to appear with defensive effects. Note that Orbs remain unchanged.
  • The Prince's Sceptre and the Queen's Sceptre now have their correct visual appearances.
  • Augments with the Sheltering benefit now also apply Magic Resistance Rating.
  • Resistance augments now scale correctly.
  • Docents in the Feywild now have their correct name and description.
  • Corrected descriptions for Spell Focus and Sheltering augments.
  • Set Bonus augments now have more information describing their sets.
  • The Firefly Garb now has its proper set bonus.
  • Attribute scaling augments no longer display an erroneous buff on your buff bar when slotted.
  • The Sphere of Souls now drops with Profane Well Rounded 2.
  • Thrown weapons from Fables of the Feywild now have their appropriate physics set.
  • The Crown of Summer received via items is no longer removed on death.
  • The DC for the Gloryborne Glove is no longer removed on death.
  • Thorn Boots now have an updated tooltip.
  • The Pendant of Bottled Sunlight now has actual charges and now properly casts.
  • Feywild set bonuses have had several bugs fixed with their values.
  • Fixed the description of Maiming.
  • The Shield of Snow effect now works correctly.
  • Corrected an animation issue with the Feywild Muse.


  • Corrected some NPC text with Pixies.
  • Fixed a crush damage scaling issue with Kelpies and Shambling Mounds.

Quests and Adventure Areas[edit]

  • Fables of the Feywild
    • Corrected several voice over timing issues.
    • Corrected several pathing issues in Feywild dungeons.
    • Feywild rest shrines now allow characters to change spells.
    • Made some minor cosmetic improvements to Wynwood Hall.
    • The Summer Court Favor patron now properly tells you when you have gained feats on ranking up in Favor.
    • Corrected various typos.
  • Feywild landscape
    • The Slayer cap in the Heroic and Epic Fey landscape is now 3,000. This required versioning characters that had already hit the previous cap, so that their Slayer quest is not complete, and they have the 3,000 goal.
    • An area in the Feywild landscape that is intended to be difficult to reach is now actually difficult to reach.
    • Slaying Grim Wood Walker in the Heroic Feywild Landscape now completes its Rare Encounter.
    • Some small updates and tweaks have been made to the Feywild landscape.
  • A Frosty Reception
    • Fixed an issue with an optional quest involving a couch.
  • Immortality Lessons
    • Corrected several enemy pathing and event triggering issues.
    • Corrected a ladder that was too short, causing a stuck spot.
  • Needle in the Feystack
    • The magic egg and the needle are significantly shinier.
    • Joy the Almost Dragon will now spawn consistently.
    • Joy the Almost Dragon now has particles to make him easier to follow, and the dragon now communicates better about his teleporting behavior.
    • Some hanging chests can now be used from further away, so players will no longer need to jump to reach them.
    • Some quality of life improvements and other bug fixes have been made, including a new optional objective and an additional rest shrine.
  • The Knight Who Cried Windmill
    • Armond Allweather now casts Otto's Sphere of Dancing less frequently.
    • Armond Allweather and his pets can no longer be killed before opening his hideout.
    • Fewer collectibles are now available per run of the quest.
    • Most collectible locations are now randomized.
  • The Soul Splitter
    • The gnoll announcer in Finding Dorris now acts in a more consistent fashion.

Source: Official U48.1.0 release notes on

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