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Update 33 Patch 2 Release Notes

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Here are the Release Notes for Update 33 Patch 2, released on Wednesday, December 21st.


  • Monks have had some updates:
    • Monk finishing moves now incorporate Stunning bonuses into their DC calculations.
    • Ki Shout has had its cooldown reduced to match Intimidate, and its Ki cost lowered slightly.
    • Meditation of War is no longer considered a Defensive stance.
    • Flash Bang should now add Stunning DCs.
    • Ki Bolt now scales with 3x Melee Power, and adds Stunning DCs.
    • Incinerating Wave now scales with 3x Melee Power, and adds Stunning DCs.
    • Cauldron of Flame's damage has changed to 1d2 Fire Damage per Monk level, scaling with 2x Melee Power, at each tier, to a maximum of 10d2 per Monk level before scaling. In addition, while wielding a quarterstaff inside your Cauldron of Flame, you gain +20 PRR, +10 MRR, and +15% Dodge that ignores Dodge Cap.
    • Serenity grants an additional boost to Cauldron of Flame: While wielding a quarterstaff inside your Cauldron of Flame, you gain +5 to hit and damage, and a +1 Critical Multiplier.
    • Serenity now grants a +15% attack speed with quarterstaves.
    • Henshin Mystic has a new Tier 5 ability called Henshin Staff Training: +3 to hit and damage with quarterstaves.
    • Lighting the Candle now deals abotu twice as much damage as before.
    • Void Strike now adds +1 to Critical Threat Range and Multiplier with its attack.
    • Shintao's Touch the Void Dragon now also passively grants +1[w] with handwraps or while unarmed.
    • Shintao's to Seek Perfection now also passively grants +2[w] with handwraps or while unarmed.
    • Ninja Spy's Diversion now also grants +5 Sneak Attack Dice for 20 seconds when activated.
    • Ninja Spy's Ninja Master now also passively grants +5 Sneak Attack Dice.
    • Diversion and Touch the Void Dragon no longer share a cooldown.
    • Hit boxes for monks with handwraps have been restored to their previous size.
    • Every Light Casts a Shadow should no longer give negative levels to friendly members of your party.
    • Spring Attack is now a Monk Feat at level 6.
    • Henshin Mystic: Focus has been completely redesigned. It now grants a passive bonus to the Monk and nearby allies that grants +10 Exceptional bonus to Spellpower and +5 Exceptional Bonuses to both Melee and Ranged Power.
    • Bluff can now be used to pull mobs away from their friends! If a mob has no enemy when you apply bluff it will chase the player without sharing aggro to its friends for the duration of the bluff. Bluffed enemies who already have aggro are distracted as normal.
    • Monsters' resistance to Bluff now scales better with level and dungeon difficulty.


  • We've corrected a long-standing bug where groups of enemies would not aggro correctly. Players will find that they can no longer use a ranged attack to pull singular enemies from a group without aggroing nearby enemies.
  • Bluff and Deception will no longer cause bosses to turn around. This also corrects an issue where ranged enemies would stop attacking after being bluffed or affected by Deception, and improves the enemy combat experience. Red-named bosses are still affected by sneak attack damage vulnerability.


  • We've corrected some text display errors in Cannith Crafting where there was a conflict between where the crafting machine says a shard can go and where the shard says it can go. The following effects should be allowed by the crafting machine in the listed slots, and their respective shards should list these same slot locations:
    • Armor Piercing - Prefix: Weapon, Suffix: Gloves, Trinket
    • Insightful Deadly - Extra Weapon, Shield (Bound)
    • Spell Resistance - Prefix: Cloak, Belt, Armor, Ring, Trinket
    • Parrying - Suffix: Helm, Belt, Boots, Trinket, Extra Slot: Bracers, Armor
    • Weapon damage effects: Acid, Cold, Electric, Fire, Sonic, Force, Light, Negative - Prefix: Weapon
    • Deathblock (Bound only, unbound properly showed belt) - Suffix: Belt, Armor
    • Doublestrike - Prefix: Belt, Gloves, Trinket; Suffix: Weapon
    • Doubleshot - Prefix: Belt, Gloves, Trinket; Suffix: Weapon
    • Incite - Prefix: Helmet, Trinket; Suffix: Weapon


Quests and Adventure Areas[edit]

  • Maps: Fog of War no longer conceals quest and portal entrances.
  • Against the Slave Lords
    • Crossbow-using half-orcs now actually shoot their crossbows.
    • Fixed an issue where a boss' escort would not aggro with him.
    • Monsters should no longer get aggro through secret doors.
    • Fixed a ladder which was causing some problems due to physics clipping.
  • Temple of Elemental Evil
    • A frog will no longer draw aggro. Why would someone get angry at a frog?!?
  • To Curse the Sky
    • Abishai will now stop flying when they make a basic melee attack.


  • Game credits have been updated.
  • Turbine Points have been renamed to DDO Points.

Known Issues[edit]

Known issues are now available:

Source: Official U33.2.0 release notes on

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