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Update 9 Patch 1 Release Notes

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Welcome to the Release Notes for Update 9 Patch 1. These release notes were posted on Monday, May 16th, 2011.

News & Notes[edit]

Of Special Note[edit]

Crafting Beta[edit]

  • The crafting level cap has been increased to 75!
  • Deconstruction of items now grants players a small amount of crafting XP in the crafting school associated with the essences gained.
  • Deconstructing low tier effects on high-end loot will now return more reward essences.
  • The ingredient cost to create shards has been significantly lowered.
  • A maximum enchantment level of +5 now appears on all standard craftable item blanks. This level determines how much power a given item can hold when adding magical effects through crafting. The items can have their maximum enchantment level increased by crafting Shards of Potential.
    • Recipes exist in all three schools of crafting to create “Shards of Potential” of various strengths that can be applied to a crafting blank to increase its maximum enchantment level. Higher plus Shards of Potential are significantly more expensive to create than lower plus Shards of Potential.
  • Bound crafting shards are now Bound to Account instead of Bound to Character.
  • It is now possible to deconstruct crafting Shards using the Deconstruction Eldritch Device.
  • Crafting recipes will now display how much the minimum character level to equip an item will increase when the recipe is applied.
  • The names of essences have been changed for better standardization.
  • The "Vengeful Rage" mutation is now a prefix instead of a suffix.
  • Numerous treasure mutations have had their enchantment values lowered.
  • The Everbright Shard has been consolidated, and can be applied to either weapons or shields.

General Changes[edit]


  • The Intimidate symbol will no longer randomly appear over monsters' heads.

DDO Store[edit]

  • The Lesser Anti-Beholder Crystal now blocks beholder telekinesis attacks.


  • Cleave and Great Cleave are now working correctly for half-orc characters.


  • Mineral II greensteel items now have all of their expected effects.
  • Older arrow types that went mad with the release of Update 9 have now been made sane, and are back to their proper descriptions.
  • Crafted handwraps will now properly apply their to-hit and damage bonuses.
  • Bows, crossbows, and thrown weapons will now work properly with smiting, banishing, and disruption.
  • Several typos have been corrected in the description of disruption.


  • The Crafting tab is now available on the character sheet for players with localized German clients.


  • Thaarak hounds are less prone to dancing and falling down, and have new abilities.
  • Orange-named mini bosses now get deathblock on epic difficulty.


  • The Twelve favor patron now gives out a Small Ingredients Bag when first visited.
  • The Free Agents now subscribe to the Stormreach Chronicle instead of the Korranberg Chronicle.


Harbinger of Madness[edit]

Fear Factory[edit]
  • Fixed some DM text.
In The Flesh[edit]
  • Dead Pykzyl is now able to leave his room and pursue attackers.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Yaulthoon to become unresponsive.
  • Parties will now have their soul stones sent to the beginning of the dungeon after a party wipe in the final fight with Yaulthoon.
The Missing[edit]
  • The mini-boss Pale Fire has been upgraded slightly.
  • Auto-opening doors are now selectable.

Inspired Quarter[edit]

I Dream of Jeets[edit]
  • Corrected several focus orbs.

The Necropolis[edit]

Ghosts of Perdition[edit]
  • Ice floors no longer re-form upon dungeon re-entry.

The Twelve[edit]

The Tower of the Twelve[edit]
  • The door to the Eldritch Chamber in the Twelve can now be used normally.

Vale of Twilight[edit]

The Shroud[edit]
  • Fixed a stuck spot.


  • Half-orc and half-elf males no longer use the female icon in the Who panel.

Skills, Feats, and Enhancements[edit]

  • Some enchantment-based effects that inadvertently affected raid bosses no longer do so.


  • The visual appearance of barkskin will no longer remain on characters after the effect wears off.
  • Solid Fog's reflex penalty now works on bosses and raid bosses, and has been fixed to apply the correct -5 penalty to creatures within the spell's area of effect.
  • Acid Fog's tool tip now states that enemies within its area of effect suffer a -4 penalty to Armor Class.


  • When receiving a quest from an NPC, the yellow guidance arrows in the mini map now point at the correct dungeon entrance. Quest Journals correctly default to the most recently-bestowed quest instead of the alphabetical first on the list.
  • The Escape key can now be used to close Barter UI and Crafting UI windows.
  • The focus orb has been fixed for the Gnollish War Bow.

Other Changes[edit]

  • Fixed a bug where shadows were not displaying properly with DX10 and DX11.
  • Moving can now interrupt the /death command.

Known Issues[edit]

Known issues are now available:

Source: Official U9.1.0 release notes on

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