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Type: Suffix
Base price modifier: +1 per +2 bonus
Effect: A Stunning (pre-Update 5, Weighted) weapon adds to the DC of your Stunning Blow, Stunning Fist, or Kukan-Do check. Any Stunning weapon also has a 3% chance to make a fortitude save check to stun an opponent on any attack with either hand (works on ranged attacks too). Fortitude DC on stun check depends on + written on it. This 3% chance to stun does not apply when the Stunning enchantment is on a non-weapon slot, e.g. Seal of House Dun'Robar.

  • Stunning +2 - DC 25
  • Stunning +4 - DC 27
  • Stunning +6 - DC 29
  • Stunning +8 - DC 31
  • Stunning +10 - DC 33

Example: +1 Warhammer of Stunning +10 would give +10 to the DC of any Stunning Blow attempts made with either hand. All attacks would also have a 3% chance on-hit to make DC 33 fortitude check to stun the monster.

Note: While Two-Weapon Fighting, the increased DC of your stunning blow attempts applies to both weapons.

Note: The 3% chance to stun applies to attacks with any weapon (single weapon melee, dual weapon melee, and ranged attacks). It can be useful to hold a Stunning +10 weapon in your off-hand when using a thrown weapon. The same is true of Backstabbing, Double Strike, and Seeker.

The Stunning property also comes from non-weapon sources, for example Hide of the Goristro or Seal of House Dun'Robar.

Items with Exceptional Combat Mastery grant a bonus that stacks Stunning items.
Found on: all weapons types (piercing, slashing and bludgeoning - previously only on bludgeoning weapons); named items