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Type: Suffix
Base price modifier: +1 per +2 bonus
Effect: A Stunning (pre-Update 5, Weighted) weapon adds to the DC of your Stunning Blow, Stunning Fist, or Kukan-Do check. On older versions, Stunning weapons also have a 3% chance to make a fortitude save check to stun an opponent on any attack with either hand (this works on ranged attacks too). To compensate, items with newer versions of Stunning typically have higher values. The Fortitude DC on this stun check depends on the level of the enchantment. This 3% chance to stun also does not apply when the old Stunning enchantment is on a non-weapon slot, e.g. Seal of House Dun'Robar.

  • Stunning +2 - DC 25
  • Stunning +4 - DC 27
  • Stunning +6 - DC 29
  • Stunning +8 - DC 31
  • Stunning +10 - DC 33

Example: +1 Warhammer of Stunning +10 would give +10 to the DC of any Stunning Blow attempts made with either hand. All attacks would also have a 3% chance on-hit to make DC 33 fortitude check to stun the monster.

Note: While Two-Weapon Fighting, the increased DC of your stunning blow attempts applies to both weapons.

Note: The 3% chance to stun applies to attacks with any weapon (single weapon melee, dual weapon melee, and ranged attacks). It can be useful to hold a Stunning +10 weapon in your off-hand when using a thrown weapon. The same is true of Backstabbing, Double Strike, and Seeker.

The Stunning property also comes from non-weapon sources, for example Hide of the Goristro or Seal of House Dun'Robar.

Items with Exceptional Combat Mastery grant a bonus that stacks Stunning items.
Found on: all weapons types (piercing, slashing and bludgeoning - previously only on bludgeoning weapons); named items