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Update 56 Patch 1 Release Notes

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Here are the release notes for Update 56.1, released on Wednesday, September 14th, 2022.

Bug Fixes:[edit]

  • Corrected an issue that could cause the game client to hang when entering or leaving a dungeon.
  • Dark Apostate's spells that take damage-boosting Metamagic Feats now correctly scale with those Metamagics.
  • Stormsingers will now see their correct spell lists when swapping out spells.
  • Stormsinger's Eye of the Storm proc now lasts a little longer.
  • Stormsinger's Core 5 Enhanced Bolt III now has its stun proc working correctly.
  • Unlocked Favor upgrades now persist through Lesser and Epic Reincarnation, but continue to not persist through True or Iconic Reincarnation.
  • House Jorasco's favor buffs no longer take ten times the amount of gold asked for when selecting "Give Me the Works".
  • The Doom spell once again deploys its debuff.
  • Invisibility no longer causes your displays movement speed to fluctuate.
  • Salt Ray now does its correct damage and is now properly considered an offensive spell in some cases it was not.
  • Salt Ray now has a randomized cooldown when cast by enemies to prevent overly stunning players.
  • Salt Ray will now only stun players for three seconds.
  • Gust of Wind now properly works against players again, but has had its knockdown duration lowered to four seconds against players.
  • Enemies will now cast Gust of Wind on a longer cooldown.
  • Slow has had its duration reduced to six seconds against players.
  • Gaining Strikethrough through a temporary method no longer removes your ability to get Strikethrough once that temporary method wears off.
  • Whirlwind Attack now does its intended 2[W] on each hit, and now properly hits behind you.
  • Shiradi Champion's Pin attack now properly scales with Attack Speed. KNOWN ISSUE: While using this with Thrown Weapons the attack is now faster than it was prior to this patch, but still slower than it should be. This is due to a Thrown Weapon animation issue we intend to correct in the future.
  • Shiradi Champion's Pin attack now uses its current animations and number of projectiles in all ranged styles.
  • The Path of Light is no longer exclusive with other religions and players can no multiclass without losing the feat.

Game Changes:[edit]

  • Crystal Cove has arrived! The Crystal Cove Collection Challenge can now be played up to Challenge Rating 37. Read more in our guide on
  • Temple of Elemental Evil
  • Several elemental nodes now have additional Optional Objectives.
  • Some random encounters have been thinned in the elemental nodes.
    • First Level and Earth Temple:
      • The Ballista no longer slows targets it hits.
    • Lower Temple Complex
      • A note has been added at the start to give additional direction to the Air Temple quarters.
      • The Water Temple key encounter has had its difficulty adjusted.
      • The end fight elementals now count towards Monster Manual gains.
      • Jotun Rimeblade will no longer fall into the water as easily.
      • The Goristo now has its correct CR and Hit Points on Legendary difficulty.
      • Temple Harpies now properly count in the Monster Manual as generic Harpies.
    • Depths of the Temple
      • Monsters that spawn in the Zuggtmoy fight can no longer be Champions.
      • Earthquake has been removed from Zuggtmoy's spell list.

Source: Official U56.1.0 release notes on

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