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Module 6 Patch 2: Second Anniversary

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Welcome to the Release Notes for Module 6 Patch 2 (Also known as Module 6.1). These release notes were posted on Februrary 28th, 2008.

Second Anniversary - Release Notes[edit]

  • To celebrate the second anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach, all existing characters have received an anniversary gift in their inventory. Note: The Djinni of the birthday cake is very mischievous. We advise all players to pay close attention to the choices he offers, as he may try to trick you. Enjoy!
  • A "Report Harassment" button has been added to the Mail UI. Selecting a letter and reporting it will also delete all mail from the sender.
  • Clicking on a highlighted players name in the chat box will now open a context menu giving you the following options: Tell, Party Invite, Guild Invite, Add Friend, Squelch, Unsquelch, and Report Harassment.
  • The minimum level requirement for using the green steel raid weapons has been increased to 12.
  • The Deepwood Sniper enhancement no longer says it can be used under water.
  • Items placed in bags will now display their background along with the icon all of the time
  • The Twelve has requested that vandals cease placing tasty ham in to the stone of change. The stench at the base of the tower and outside Lordsmarch bank are unbearable!
  • New Spell: Panacea
    • Cleric, 4
      • "Channels powerful positive energy into a target to wipe away afflictions, restores 1d8 hit points +1 per caster level (max +20), and removes temporary ability damage and the conditions blinded, confused, dazed, dazzled, deafened, diseased, exhausted, fatigued, feeble minded, insanity, nauseated, and poisoned. Against undead this spell will damage 1d8 hit points +1 per caster level (max +20) Undead who make a successful Will save reduce the damage by half."
  • The pvp matching UI will now close if you are in a party that is converted to a raid, or if you are invited into a raid group.
  • The General Vendor in Meridia, Belline Toulia, has learned the secrets required to repair dragonscale armor. She does not demand any special components to repair such armor, but does charge a premium for her repairs as though she were an expert smith.
  • In the Vault of Night, Haywire's Voice is no longer bound on acquire and will drop on death or leaving the dungeon.
  • Previously, when you leveled up while wearing an item that granted you the toughness feat (Minos Legens helm, for example), your HP gained from leveling would be reported incorrectly. This has been fixed.
  • Previously, getting hit repeatedly by the Black Abbot's "encase" ability would intermittently cause some other effects to be stuck on you permanently (staying through resting, death, etc, removable only by logout/login). This should no longer happen.
  • When your character has effects which increase your charisma active, logging out and then back in, will no longer change your remaining "Turn Undead Attempts".
  • There have been multiple improvements to Logitech G15 Keyboard support, including:
    • The LCD Display will no longer display SP for non-casters
    • It will now display temporary hit points
  • The Agents of the Twelve who have been studying the shroud have recently reported a shift in the 13th moon. They speculate the Moon of Death's influence will wane in the northwest part of the valley.
  • Insightful Reflexes and Force of Personality feats previously required that you logout and login to take effect; now they take effect immediately.
  • Transmuting weapons should gain mithril damage in addition to magic damage.
  • The invading Shavarath portal keepers found in the shroud now function properly. Failing to kill a portal keeper quickly will result in quest failure. (Previously a Known Issue)
  • Vista players will no longer need to specify a port of 0 to work around chat problems.
  • The Lesser Dragonmark of Warding and the Lesser Dragonmark of Making had incorrect uses per day; they now start at two rather than three, as per the tooltip.
  • The following loading screen tips have been updated to reflect recent changes.
  • "Tip #61: High level clerics can cast the Raise Dead spell, which will return you to life with a few hit points."
    • "Tip #62: When you die on an adventure you can use a Resurrection shrine (marked with a flame symbol) to come back to life."
    • "Tip #199: Using the /death command while you are at 1 or more hp will kill your character and immediately send your spirit to your bind point. If you are at less than 1 hit point, /death will kill your character but won't release you."
    • "Tip #200: When you die, any non-stacking items you have equipped take some damage."
    • "Tip #201: Dragonshard Fragments can be combined at a Stone of Change if you place a large enough number of them into the device."
    • "Tip #202: Eldritch Devices usually require a power source. On failed recipe attempts, the power source is usually consumed but the rest of your materials will generally remain intact."
    • "Tip #203: Death is a traumatizing experience. When you die, you will be affected by resurrection sickness that goes away over time."
    • "Tip #204: Rest shrines reset five minutes after use on Solo difficulty, and fifteen minutes after use on Normal."
    • "Tip #205: Bound items never take permanent damage when repairing. You can bind an item you own using Khyber Dragonshard Fragments at the Stone of Change at the base of the Twelve's tower or next to the bank in the Marketplace."
    • "Tip #206: Devils are lawful evil and tend to dislike silver. Demons are chaotic evil and tend to dislike cold iron."
  • In Twilight Canyon, the way to the upper levels will now only open for players who speak to Paetus after he has been rescued.
  • The collectibles in The Shroud now have descriptions
  • The crimson foot spider shepherds and heralds have been fixed. They can now cast their full range of spells and can fight properly instead of just standing motionless and casting buff spells periodically.
  • In Ritiual Sacrifice, If you kill Ramak Orenah before the objective to do so appears, your quest won't break anymore.
  • Removed a troublesome wraith from Ghost of Perdition that was having physics trouble with melee attacks.
  • You can now use potions of Lesser Restoration while raging.
  • The following green steel raid loot effects have been changed as follows. Any items that already have these effects will update to the new ones automatically:
    • Acid, Electricity, Fire, and Cold Absorption 5% now absorb 10%.
    • Acid, Electricity, Fire, and Cold Absorption 10% now absorb 15%.
    • Weapons with Good Burst, Evil Burst, Good Blast, and Evil Blast will now bypass appropriate damage reduction properly and will have the holy or unholy particle effects on them. In addition, the blasts now do damage on criticals and additional damage on natural 20's.
    • Acid Blast, Shocking Blast, Flaming Blast, and Icy Blast now have their proper elemental particle effects. In addition these effects now do damage on criticals and additional damage on natural 20's.
    • The Aspect of Water effect now allows you to cast the new cleric spell "Panacea".
  • Ring of Troll's Regeneration description has been updated to mention that it heals via positive energy.
  • It is no longer possible to break some quests by having a pet trigger a monster entry (example: triggering the Gatekeeper in Gianthold Tor).
  • Randomly generated treasure accessories (necklaces, bracers, boots, rings, cloaks, etc.) that have a plus equivalence of +6 (which typically require minlevel 13) should now get their increased durability and hardness. On average, they will have a hardness of 8 and a durability of 70. The items that have already been generated without the increases cannot get the increases retroactively, but can still get a boost to their hardness and durability by going through the adamantine ritual at the Stone of Change.
  • The optional objective to find Cholthulzz was checking off as soon as you entered the dungeon, granting players optional XP. This has been remedied and the objective now completes at the appropriate time.
  • We have improved the way the game behaves when resizing your window. (When playing in windowed mode.)
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