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Update 63 Release Notes

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Here are the release notes for Update 63: Illithid Invasion, released on Wednesday, November 1st, 2023.

Of Special Note: The Illithid Invasion begins![edit]

From the vastness of the Astral Plane, an ancient hunger descends upon Eberron...

Take part in a one-time event across Dungeons & Dragons Online! The game needs YOUR help to stop the Illithid Invasion! Powerful and unusual Illithids are on the prowl throughout the world. Update 63: Illithid Invasion is a limited time event in which you'll scour Reaper difficulty dungeons throughout the game to locate these powerful invaders! Defeating these threats unlocks new quests that hold the key to ending their sinister plan! The dungeons stick around after the event, but the invasion starts November 1st!

As part of Update 63 players can unlock four extreme challenge dungeon quests:

These quests are all level 34 and only available on Legendary difficulty. Speak to a Twelve wizard named Omryn Cedarbrook in the Clifftop Tower District of Sharn to learn more! Other NPCs will be located near Omryn as the dungeons become available.

News and Notes:[edit]

The Deck of Many Curses[edit]

Collect cards to make Decks, then use those decks to apply mysterious Curses to your equipment! Cards from the Deck of Many Curses can appear in end chests throughout Update 63's Illithid Invasion quests.

  • Once you have enough cards, click on a card to open a UI that allows you to turn 12 of each card type into a Deck!
  • Cards are unbound, and Decks are Bound to Account.
  • Click on a Deck to open a UI that allows you to add a random effect to an item of your choice! The item must be unequipped.
  • Adding a Deck effect to your item does not impact its minimum level or ability to be equipped.
  • A special Card of Curse Cleansing can appear very rarely in almost any chest throughout the game! This card removes an applied Curse from the Deck of Many Curses to an item, allowing the item to receive another Deck effect.
  • Deck effects cannot be placed onto Cosmetics, Wands, Scrolls, Quivers, or Ammunition.

Bug Fixes:[edit]

  • Wrack Construct in Battle Engineer now correctly does +10/20/30% damage.
  • Shadowdancer Core 4 now works correctly with Trap the Soul.
  • Fixing apothecary new t4 to reduce spell costs correctly.
  • Falconry's Tier 2 Sprint Boost now states its correct percentage.
  • Light and Dark is now correctly 3 rank.
  • Holy Smite/Chaos Hammer/Unholy Blight/Order's Wrath from Divine Disciple upgrade now works on Mephits.
  • The first core of Divine Disciple's dark side no longer locks out Core 20 capstones.
  • A typo has been corrected in Avenging Cleave.
  • Feat descriptions from Knight of the Chalice have been removed.
  • Occult Slayer's antimagic action boost now works with things that proc on action boosts.
  • The buffs from the Flasks of Icy Coffee are now dispelled via Rest.
  • The scaling version of Improved Deception now correctly boosts your Bluff and not your Hide skill.
  • Items with Disease Guards now more reliably drop with those Disease Guards correctly attached to the item.
  • New copies of Vinelasher Bracers and Legendary Vinelasher Bracers have a correctly scaling Improved Deception effect.
  • The Dinosaur Bone Greatsword has done a flip and now faces the correct direction.
  • Secret chests from Vecna Unleashed no longer give you a Fire Elemental Essence.
  • You can now break breakables while under the effects of Fiendish Symbiosis.
  • Several icons have been corrected in Blightcaster.
  • Corrected an icon in Primal Avatar.
  • Holy Retribution now properly scales with Melee and Ranged Power, and the ranged version now correctly restores Smite Evil charges.
  • Dusk Surge in Legendary Dreadnought now properly restores Action Boosts with ranged weapons.
  • Ear Smash is now a +10/20/30% damage scalar.
  • Law of the Divine in Divine Crusader now scales correctly with Melee and Ranged Power.
  • Tabaxi's bonus trip DCs for quarterstaff now correctly increment.
  • A player with the Rune Arm proficiency destiny ability will no longer just lose their offhand sometimes.
  • Fixed a typo in Blight Wolf's tooltip.
  • Fixed a typo in the capstone of Eldritch Knight (both Sorcerer and Wizard.)
  • Some typos in the Legendary Dreadnaught buff bar have been corrected.
  • Fixed a few material type issues on weapons; weapons in Morgrave University are no longer made from bone, for example.


  • Doubleshot now properly factors in all on-crit effects to multiply their damage values.
  • Sentient weapons should no longer fit into any recipe that could destroy it.

Known Issues:[edit]

  • Monster Manual entries for Update 63's enemies will arrive in a future game update.

Source: Official U63.0.0 release notes on

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