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Update 51 Patch 2 Release Notes

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Update 51.2 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 51.2, released on Wednesday, December 1st, 2021.

Of Special Note:

Season Five of the Hardcore League is now underway!

Hardcore League Season 5: Ghosts of Seasons Past is live! Find the Hardcore server in the game launcher. This shortened season runs until 1:00pm Eastern (-5 GMT) on Tuesday, February 1st, 2022. This season features a return of the rewards from Season One with the exceptions of the sash and cloak, which have been updated for Season 5. The Hardcore League is open to all players! Learn more at There is a +20% Reaper XP Boost in effect for this season of the Hardcore League!

Here are the goals and rewards for the Hardcore League V:
  • Level 20: Death Walker's Sash V
  • 10 Reaper Points: Death Walker's Cloak V
  • 20 Reaper Points: Blood Reaper Creature Companion
  • 1750 Favor: Eyes of Darkness - Death Watches You Cosmetic Feat
  • 5000 Favor: Bloody Footprints - Deaths Follows You Cosmetic Feat
The top 100 winners of the two ladders will be immortalized in the Hall of Heroes. Once you reach a goal, speak to the Hardcore League NPC to collect your reward! The reward will be unlocked for your account, and can be accessed by any of your characters on any of the servers.

News and Notes:


  • Bears and wolves will now play an animation when they use Smite.


  • Favored Soul
    • Beacon of Hope
      • Wall of Healing now properly works without needing to enter and exit the Wall first.
      • Wall of Healing's detect range now more accurately matches the shape of its visuals.
  • ​Reaper: Dire Thaumaturge cores 4, 5, and 6 now give their proper amount of hit points and spell points.

Epic Destinies

  • Exalted Angel
    • Chain Cure, like the Heal spell, now benefits from Spell Power at a reduced rate.
  • Fatesinger
    • The Epic Strike that stuns on a critical hit now only effects creatures able to be stunned.
    • Discord's release with three chord now restores spell points.
    • Arrow of Discord now removes its chords correctly.
    • Fatesinger's mantle no longer damages Fascinated or Dazed targets.
  • Fury of the Wild
    • Spirit of the Beast's upgrade to Animal Growth now properly works on Shifters and Razorclaw Shifters.
  • Grandmaster of Flowers
    • The first Core of Grandmaster of Flowers now properly gives handwraps proficiency.
  • Magus of the Eclipse
    • Moon Lance and Gloomspear now properly apply Vulnerability to targets when you have Lunar Imbuement.
    • Moon Lance and Gloomspear now properly apple their Spell Power boosts to you when you have Lunar Imbuement.
  • Primal Avatar
    • Hirelings and class-based pets will now properly get the Shared mantle.
  • Shiradi
    • Enemy of My Own now properly grants Favored Enemy: Fey.
    • Pierce Deception now properly grants Doubleshot when you have the Watchful Eye feat.
    • Fey Form now properly grants DR 10.
    • Track no longer grants the "Step Into the Wilds" effect from an ability that was cut from the final release.
    • Inexorable Advance now only has a 30% chance for each effect to proc its additional Cold and Good damage.
    • Inexorable Advance now properly grants its bonus to Movement Speed.
  • Several typos have been corrected.


  • Scion of Earth and Epic Spell Power: Poison now give their proper amount of Poison Spell Critical Damage.


  • The names of the Perfected artifacts from the Sands of Menectarun adventure pack have been corrected.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • The wind spirit in A Small Problem now always starts hostile, no longer dies at zero hit points, and instead becomes friendly.
  • The Epic difficulty version of A Small Problem has been restored.
  • The Epic difficulty version of Storm the Beaches has been restored.
  • The Epic difficulty version of A Tide Turns has been restored.
  • The raids Vault of Night parts 5 and 6 have reopened.
  • The scrag in Into the Deep is no longer statted like a boss.


  • Many spells that were failing to target the caster properly now do so once again.
  • Spells which lost their ability to hone in on soft targets in Update 51 should now properly hone in on soft targets again.
  • Some projectile spells that can target undead enemies like Curative Admixtures and Chain Cure now hone in on soft targets.


  • The + tab now properly shows Light Resistance.

Source: Official U51.2.0 release notes on

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