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Module 6: The Thirteenth Eclipse

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Release Date[edit]

Jan 30th, 2008

Release Notes: Module 6: The Thirteenth Eclipse[edit]


  • The Level Cap has increased to 16!
  • Player characters that have been rendered unconscious but have stabilized will slowly regenerate health until they wake up at one hit point. Warforged auto-stabilize and repair to one hit point after one minute of remaining inert. Humanoid characters will regenerate at a rate of one hit point every six seconds, starting thirty seconds after stabilization.
  • You can now use the command “/resloc” to find out where you will resurrect when you die.
  • Favored Enemy: Orc can now be taken during character generation by rangers.
  • Fixed an issue where other player's movement may appear to stutter
  • You will now be notified when a player picks up your soulstone with a message and alert: "Your soulstone has been picked up by ."
  • Torel the Wizard can no longer sit and spin while using rest shrines.
  • An adjustment has been made to ranged combat to prevent players from missing the target when it is moving in certain ways.
  • When struck by a critical, the visual effects will only play once a second instead of each time, to help with the frame rate.
  • Traps are nastier on Hard and Elite, and more forgiving on Solo difficulty. Detection and disable difficulties are unchanged.
  • We have added support for the Logitech G15 Keyboard LCD displays.
  • The Mail UI now has two separate lists of mail. Confirmed mail - Mail sent by the game (ie auction mail), alt characters, current friends, current guildmates, and admins. Unconfirmed mail - Mail from players who are not currently on your friends list or in your guild. There is also a "Delete All" button which allows you to delete all unconfirmed mail.
  • You can no longer send mail to character who have you squelched.
  • Rest Shrines on landscape, solo, and normal difficulties are now reusable. Landscape and Normal difficulty rest shrines reset after fifteen minutes, Solo difficulty rest shrines reset after five minutes.
  • The new Mail UI tab labels will indicate if they contain unopened mail (with an asterisk) or mail with an attachment (with an exclamation point).
  • The Twelve has unearthed a pair of ancient altars that exhibit the curious ability to bind objects to their owner when the item is placed upon the stone with several Khyber Dragonshard Fragments. One such stone has been placed next to the Lordsmarch Bank in the Marketplace, the other is just outside the base of the Twelve's tower. These devices are known to have other VAST and MYSTERIOUS powers, which will be revealed after further research. [You can now bind any object you desire by using the Stone of Change. Place your item within the device along with a stack of Khyber Dragonshard Fragments and activate the device. Items with higher minimum level requirements to equip require more Khyber Dragonshard Fragments to bind.] For an official beginner's guide to the eldritch device, click here.
  • Additional altars have been discovered in various locations. It is suspected that these altars are powerful tools to create new items and upgrade the effects on these items. More research is needed to learn just exactly what these altars can do and how they work.
  • The attack progress has been adjusted as follows: +0, +0, +5, +10, +10. For one handed weapons and dual wielders the 5th attack is the same speed as attack 4 so we are in good shape with them. For two handed weapons, we have added a glancing attack on the fifth attack. If they have superior two handed fighting, that will give them 2 glancing attacks for swing #5.

UI Improvements[edit]

  • Bringing up the enhancement panel will now remove players from mouse-look mode.
  • Examination tooltips now appear when hovering over the text of an item in a "choose your rewards" window and chests.
  • Guild login and logout messages will now show up in the chat window. You can turn these messages off via a new option under the UI tab in the Options UI.
  • On the Create Party Panel:
    • A button has been added allowing the player to clear the selected quest.
    • If a player has made changes to their party criteria and closes the panel, they will be asked if they wish to apply the changes before the menu is closed.
    • The "Update my party" button will no longer be ghosted initially. Clicking this button will auto-select the "Advertise my party" check box.
  • When clicking in the 3D world after typing in the chat window, the game will now recognize your change in focus, while also preserving the text you typed.
  • Bringing up the enhancement panel will now remove players from mouse-look mode.
  • Critical spell hits now show up larger in the floaty text.
  • New party commands:
/party invite
/party dismiss
/party promote
/party leave
/party disband
/party raid
/party normal
  • The release button in the death dialog will now be grayed out for 3 seconds after death to prevent accidentally releasing.
  • The summary page of advancement will now show an abbreviated version of an advanced ability score rather then using the elements from the ability selection page.
  • The Bid and Buyout buttons in the auction house now have confirmation dialog boxes.
  • The user interface (UI) can now be re-skinned and customized by editing or applying user created skins.
  • Blocking damage reduction is now displayed in the inventory (equipped weapons) panel.
  • Stats that change when you are moving (Such as attack stats) will now be displayed on the fly in the inventory/equipped weapon window to prevent confusion. You'll now see the numbers changing when you start and stop moving.
  • Confirmation dialogs should correctly put your mouse in cursor mode if you are in t-mode.
  • The XP debt, death penalty has been changed to a friendlier, equipment damage/death sickness system.


  • Added a "Sell Gems" button to the sell window of vendors which buy gems. Hitting this button will sell all unsecured gems in your inventory as well as all gems contained in all of your gem bags.
  • Collectible and gem bags will now appear in the Miscellaneous category of the auction house.


New Spells[edit]

  • Polar Ray
    • Evocation [Cold]
    • Level: Sor/Wiz 8
    • Deals 1d6 per caster level (max 25d6) cold damage to an enemy with a ray of freezing ice and air.
  • Sunburst
    • Evocation [Light]
    • Level: Sor/Wiz 8
    • A globe of searing radiance explodes silently to blast targets for 6d6 of light damage in addition to permanently blinding them. Oozes and Undead take 1d6 per caster level damage. A successful Reflex save reduces the damage by half and negates the blindness. Light fearing undead may be instantly destroyed by this spell
  • Cure Critical Wounds, Mass
    • Conjuration (Healing)
    • Level: Clr 8
    • Casts Cure Critical Wounds on multiple targets. Positive energy is channeled to heal critical wounds of allies or damage undead for 4d8 +1 per caster level (max +20). Undead who make a successful Will save reduce the damage by half.
  • Firestorm
    • Evocation [Fire]
    • Level: Clr 8
    • A storm causes an area to become shot through with sheets of roaring flame, causing 1d6 per caster level fire damage to targets in its area. (Max 20d6)
  • Horrid Wilting
    • Necromancy
    • Level: Sor/Wiz 8
    • Deals 1d6 per caster level (max 20d6) damage to living targets by evaporating moisture from their bodies. Deals 1d8 per caster level (max 20d8) damage to water subtype outsiders and plants.
  • Inflict Critical Wounds, Mass
    • Level: Clr 8
    • Casts Inflict Critical Wounds on multiple targets at range inflicting 4d8 +1 per caster level (max +20) damage or healing undead a like amount. A successful Will save reduces the damage by half.
  • Otto's Irresistible Dance
    • Enchantment (Charm) [Mind-Affecting]
    • Level: Brd 6, Sor/Wiz 8
    • At your touch, enemies feel an irresistible urge to dance and begin doing so, complete with foot shuffling and tapping. The spell makes it impossible for the enemy to do anything other than caper and prance in place.
  • Shout, Greater
    • Evocation [Sonic]
    • Level: Brd 6, Sor/Wiz 8
    • Emits an ear-splitting yell that deafens and deals 10d6 sonic damage and stuns targets in its path. A successful Fortitude save halves the damage and negates the stun.
  • Summon Monster VIII
    • Conjuration (Summoning)
    • Level: Clr 8, Sor/Wiz 8
    • Summons a bezekira to fight for you for a brief time. Casting this spell locks out casting any other Summon Monster spell for 8 minutes.
  • Trap the Soul
    • Conjuration (Summoning)
    • Level: Sor/Wiz 8
    • Forces a creature's life force and its material body into a gem on a failed Will save. Although this essentially 'kills' the target, it is not a death effect and functions on creatures such as undead (but not most constructs). This spell requires a khyber dragonshard as a special material component, and can affect creatures of up to 30 hit dice.
      • (Note: The quality of the gem required varies on the hit dice of the targeted creature. Three versions of this spell exist using a spell selector, appropriate for creatures of up to 10 HD, 20 HD, and 30 HD.)
  • Seek Eternal Rest
    • Conjuration (Healing)
    • Level: Clr 2, Pal 1
    • Grants a +4 Sacred bonus to level for the purposes of turning undead.
  • Bards gain access to the following existing spells:
    • Cat's Grace, Mass; Cure Moderate Wounds, Mass; Eagle's Splendor, Mass; Fox's Cunning, Mass; Heroes' Feast; and Summon Monster VI
  • Power Word: Blind
    • Enchantment (Compulsion)
    • Level: Sor/Wiz 7
    • One creature with 600 or fewer current hit points is blinded.
      • 150 or fewer HP: Blinded permanently
      • 151 to 300 HP: Blinded for minutes
      • 301 to 600 HP: Blinded for rounds
  • Power Word: Stun
    • Enchantment (Compulsion)
    • Level: Sor/Wiz 8
    • One creature with 450 or fewer current hit points is stunned.
      • 150 or fewer HP: Stunned for a long duration
      • 151 to 300 HP: Stunned for a moderate duration
      • 301 to 450 HP: Stunned for a short duration
  • Merfolk's Blessing
    • Transmutation
    • Level: Brd 1, Rgr 1, Sor/Wiz 1
    • Grants one ally per caster level a +10 enhancement bonus to Swim, plus one per two caster levels.
  • Ram's Might
    • Transmutation
    • Level: Rgr 1
    • Enlarges the hands of the caster, granting a +2 size bonus to Strength and damage.
  • Master's Touch
    • Divination
    • Level: Brd 1, Sor/Wiz 1
    • Range: Personal
    • The caster gains proficiency with all simple and martial weapons for one minute per caster level.
  • Symbol of Death
    • Necromancy [Death]
    • Level: Cleric 8, Sor/Wiz 8
    • You scribe a potent rune of power in the air. When the symbol is activated by a target approaching, one or more nearby targets are whose combined hit point totals do not exceed 150 hp are killed. A successful save negates this effect. A symbol will persist for about 5 minutes until triggered. Once triggered, a symbol's power begins to wane. A symbol will dissipate 20 seconds after first being triggered.

General Spell Changes[edit]

  • A Paladin's Aura of Courage will no longer cause various other spell effects to repeat over and over. The Aura of Courage bonus has also been changed to a Sacred Bonus to Will Saves vs. Fear, and as such, will stack with Morale effects.
  • Acid Rain now uses a normal "attack spell" animation instead of the one associated with summons and lingering clouds.
  • Touch of Idiocy no longer permits Heighten, as it has no save.
  • Stone to Flesh can no longer be cast on "self", since statues are rarely capable of casting spells.
  • Cure Wounds spells, including the Mass Cures, can no longer be Heightened as Clerics can already freely cast the higher level versions of those spells and are the ones most likely to use them as offensive spells against Undead. Note that the Heal spell is unaffected by this change as there are more circumstances under which you may wish to Heighten the spell.
  • Freedom of Movement will now protect against the Crippling weapon effect. This change will include some monsters with wards that are similar to Freedom of Movement.
  • Self targeting spells should no longer ever be "blocked".
  • The Holy Sword spell now creates Holy Burst weapons rather than Holy weapons.
  • Shocking Grasp can no longer be Heightened, as it has no save.
  • Silver Flame members that cast Restoration on people in taverns will now properly always remove negative levels with the spell.
  • After further testing, Charm Monster Mass has been temporarily removed from this release for further development.
  • Fire Trap will no longer take Maximize and Empower as metamagic options
  • Divine Favors description has been updated to better explain when it gives additional bonuses
  • Master's Touch and Knock no longer share a recast timer with the Jump spell. (This applies to Sorcerers only. Other casters were unaffected by this bug.)
  • Icons for Summon Monster and Summon Nature's Ally now feature the creature that is summoned by the spell
  • The spell effect icon for Potions of Wonder ability Wondrous Power will no longer be an image of tasty ham. Sorry Kargon.
  • Spell exchange costs have been standardized at (Character Level ^2) * Spell Level * 100 gold pieces.
  • Halt Undead now uses the correct save DC.

Skills, Feats, & Abilities[edit]

New Feats[edit]

  • Force of Personality
    • Prerequisite: Cha 13
    • Benefit: Picks the highest modifier between your charisma and your wisdom
    • modifier for your will saves.
  • Insightful Reflexes
    • Prerequisite: Int 13
    • Benefit: Picks the highest modifier between your intelligence and your dexterity modifier for your reflex saves.
  • Over sized Two-Weapon Fighting
    • Prerequisites: Str 12, Two-Weapon Fighting
    • Benefit: When wielding a one handed weapon in your off-hand, you take penalties for fighting with two weapons as if you were wielding a light weapon in your off-hand. (Essentially, you gain the +2 bonus for wielding a light weapon in your off-hand even if it’s not a light weapon.)
    • Special: Fighters may select Over sized Two-Weapon Fighting as one of their Fighter bonus feats.
  • Diehard
    • You automatically stabilize when incapacitated. Level 3 Rangers gain the Diehard feat for free.

General Feat Changes[edit]

  • Improved precise shot is now a toggle feat and can be performed with untargeted shots.

New Abilities[edit]

  • Barbarians now possess a new ability in the feats section of their character sheet. "Dismiss Rage" can be used at any time to prematurely end their barbarian rage. Note that you will still be subject to fatigue from your rage, and it functions only on the barbarian class ability - you cannot dismiss any other rage like effects.
  • New Rogue Special Abilities:
    • Skill Mastery: A rogue with this ability gains +1 to all skills. This ability may be taken multiple times.
  • Rogues now can choose which special ability (Improved Evasion, Crippling Strike, Defensive Roll, Slippery Mind (Note: see known issues) or Skill Mastery) they desire when they reach levels 10, 13, or 16 rather than having one automatically assigned to them. In addition, Rogues can now swap these special abilities for others as if they were feats.

General Skills, Feats & Abilities changes[edit]

  • Crippling strike now occurs with ranged sneak attacks using bows, crossbows, and thrown weapons.
  • The intimidate skill has always factored in the size of your target. You get a bonus when attempting to intimidate creatures that are smaller than you and get a penalty against creatures that are larger than you. The description for this skill now explains this.
  • Greater two weapon fighting now enables an extra left hand attack hook while standing, making it more consistent with mobile attacks.
  • The deepwood sniper enhancement is an active feat that lets you let loose your next shot with an arrow that has +4 to hit, +1 to critical threat range, and +1 to the critical damage multiplier. This ability can be performed every 10 seconds and works in conjunction with many shot, improved precise shot, and whatever bow/arrow effects are in play.


New Enhancements[edit]

  • Ranger/Elven Arcane Archer I:
    • Prereqs: Ranger 6 or Elf 9, +6 Base Attack Bonus, Weapon Focus: Point Blank Shot, any one of: Elven Arcanum I, Bard Music of Energy I, Sorcerer Energy of the Dragonblooded I, Wizard Energy of the Scholar I, or Mental Toughness
    • Benefit: Grants 20 spell points and the ability to conjure +1 returning arcane arrows at will. Also grants the ability to make a ranged attack as a True Strike with a +20 bonus to hit.
  • Ranger Arcane Archer II:
    • Prereqs: Ranger level 9, Ranger Arcane Archer I.
    • Benefit: Your conjured arrows now possess a +2 enhancement bonus.
  • Ranger Arcane Archer III:
    • Prereqs: Ranger level 12, Ranger Arcane Archer II.
    • Benefit: Your conjured arrows now possess a +3 enhancement bonus.
  • Ranger Arcane Archer IV:
    • Prereqs: Ranger level 15, Ranger Arcane Archer III.
    • Benefit: Your conjured arrows now possess a +4 enhancement bonus.
  • Ranger Arcane Archer V:
    • Prereqs: Ranger level 18, Ranger Arcane Archer IV.
    • Benefit: Your conjured arrows now possess a +5 enhancement bonus.
  • Elven Arcane Archer II:
    • Prereqs: Elf level 11, Elven Arcane Archer I.
    • Benefit: Your conjured arrows now possess a +2 enhancement bonus.
  • Elven Arcane Archer III:
    • Prereqs: Elf level 14, Elven Arcane Archer II.
    • Benefit: Your conjured arrows now possess a +3 enhancement bonus.
  • Elven Arcane Archer IV:
    • Prereqs: Elf level 17, Elven Arcane Archer III.
    • Benefit: Your conjured arrows now possess a +4 enhancement bonus.
  • Elven Arcane Archer V:
    • Prereqs: Elf level 20, Elven Arcane Archer IV.
    • Benefit: Your conjured arrows now possess a +5 enhancement bonus.
  • Ranger Deepwood Sniper I:
    • Prereqs: Ranger 6, Point Blank Shot, Weapon Focus: Ranged, Ranger Hide 2, Ranger Move Silently 2, Ranger Spot 2.
    • Benefit: Grants a +1 bonus to Hide, Move Silently, and Spot. Also grants the ability to take an aimed 'sniper shot' with a +4 bonus to hit, +1 critical threat range, and +1 critical threat multiplier.
  • Ranger Tempest I:
    • Prereqs: Ranger 6, Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack.
    • Benefit: Grants a stacking bonus to dual wield attack speed and a +2 bonus to armor class while dual wielding.

General Enhancement Changes[edit]

  • Many enhancement descriptions have been clarified to reduce confusion about their benefits.
  • The Bard enhancement "Music of the Dead" is now trainable at level 6 instead of level 7.
  • The Rogue: Way of the Assassin active abilities now have an increased chance of applying their poison effects on sneak attacks. (33% chance per hit, rather than 25%)
  • Reduced the cost of Paladin Improved Lay on Hands and Rally enhancements.
  • Each rank of Paladin Extra Remove Disease grants two additional uses of Remove Disease instead of one.
  • At Ranger levels 9, 12, 15, and 18 or Elf levels 11, 14, 17, and 20, additional enhancements are available to increase the power of your conjured arcane arrows to +2/+3/+4/+5.
  • The Ranger Extra Empathy line of enhancements will now grant extra uses of Improved Wild Empathy as well.


  • For all normal chests, players who are not in the dungeon at the time the chest is opened with not get loot from the chest and will not be able to have loot re-assigned to them. For all raid chests, players who are not in the dungeon at the time the raid boss is killed will not have loot generated for them and cannot have loot re-assigned to them.
  • An issue with thrown weapons not dealing appropriate damage and not having appropriate to hit rolls has been fixed.
  • Bashing damage from the shield Ward of Undeath is now flagged as Good.
  • Blessed Cold Iron Khopeshes, Blessed Cold Iron Mauls and Blessed Cold Iron Heavy Picks will now always be sold at the Divine Reagent vendor in Feather Fall's Apothecary. House Jorasco.
  • A problem with UMD devices becoming unequipped when logging in has been fixed.
  • When an item is unequipped while a character is offline, (because a spell wore off, for example.) the item will no longer appear as if it is still equipped.
  • Corrected issues with Everbright effect and weapons made of special materials (adamantine, mithril etc.). These weapons should all now have full time protection from item wear caused by rust and acid.
  • Critical hit effects on weapons were preventing in certain rare circumstances sneak attack damage from applying. This has been fixed.
  • Darkweave Armor and Darkleaf Breastplates can now be found in treasure chests throughout Xendrik.
  • Various barkskin potions have been added to the random potion treasure drops.
  • Rapid reload now affects repeating crossbows.
  • Great Crossbows now deal 2d8 damage, with a 18-20/x2 critical threat range. This should be retroactive to all existing Great Crossbows.
  • Reducing a character's Charisma will now only reduce that character's Turn Undead Attempts if the current number of attempts is greater than the new maximum number of attempts.
  • Items that are bound no longer take permanent damage when repaired. The chance for unbound items to take permanent damage when repaired has been cut in half.
  • Returning Throwing Weapons are now repairable and sellable to brokers
  • The description of the effect of Lesser Silver Flame Potions now indicates they heal 100 hp
  • There are now bags available for spell components and eldrich device ingredients, which work similarly to the collectible bags.
  • Putting a collectable into and taking it out of a small collectible bag will no longer unbind the bag.


  • Zawabi now checks to see if he can give you the demon queen raid quest before taking your items.
  • A banker has been added to Zawabi's Refuge.


  • A troglodyte in Freshen the Air had not been scaling correctly with the difficulty level. This has been fixed.
  • Beholders will no longer emit any beams while petrified.
  • Charmed and summoned monsters now make noise detectable by other monsters as if they were players.
  • Creatures will now only display "Zzz's" if they are magically compelled to sleep.
  • Elemental arrows fired by monsters are now less flashy, but should no longer bog your client down when encountered in large numbers.
  • The hill giant seers in Madstone Crater now have an immunity to charm affects because in certain circumstances being charmed could break their scripting. Now, they can't be charmed and will always pay attention to when the enchanter controlling them dies and will then become allies.
  • Fixed a case where some of Whisperdoom’s Daughters would sometimes not spawn, thereby preventing progress.
  • Further reduced the rate at which incorporeal enemies phase on hit to about a third of the rate it was at before.
  • Monsters now have a better understanding of the world around them know what to do around doors and some area of effect spells.
  • Monsters will no longer fight over each other when they're all trying to get to the same place at the same time.
  • Made various improvements to patrolling creatures.
  • Starting in Module 6, the hard and elite monsters in new quests at very high level (CR 16 and up) will be getting tougher as their starting CR rises. Hard will become increasingly more difficult and elite will become a real challenge. Be prepared to start facing some particularly tough bosses on elite CR 16 and higher quests.
  • When stunned, Ogre Magi will be so stunned they can no longer move around.
  • When dazed, monsters will be so dazed they can no longer attack.
  • Stone Giants now no longer use bows for ranged attacks and instead throw boulders. They also have a new short range AOE boulder attack
  • Monsters won't play their special death animations for elements they do not take damage from.
  • Doomsphere's are now immune to Critical hits as they are undead creatures.
  • Stone Golems should no longer sometimes lurch about oddly when they begin to attack


  • Caverns of Korromar
    • The "Source of Evil" will now be found when entering the Beholder's room, instead of when approaching him.
  • Euphonia's Challenge
    • The Wizard's Stones can no longer be deleted.
  • Vault of Night
    • Each player is now allowed 1 one the gifts from the Laughing Knives
    • Haywire's Voice is no longer bound on acquire and will drop on death and leaving the dungeon.
  • Gianthold: Cabal for One
    • A crafty Hobgoblin trap is now a bit easier to find. This does not mean it’s any easier to disable. Note also that on higher difficulty levels, it may still be incredibly difficult to spot.
  • Hazadills Shipping Warehouse:
    • Fixed an unclimbable ladder.
  • Prison of the Mind
    • Improved the pathing of the Arcane Oozes in this quest.
  • Abandoned Keep
    • The quest will no longer care if Coyle enters the room before you do.
  • Prison of the Planes
    • The battery receptors will now still give their battery to a player who happen to be encumbered. This item will go into an overflow slot of the players inventory is full.
  • Tomb of the Tormented
    • Some of the Sarcophagi had no sound, and have now been fixed.
  • Search for the Ancient Daggers
    • Replaced two missing Sarcophagi in the dungeon.
  • Ruins of Gianthold
  • Sands of Menechtaruun
    • Female drow will now have purple skin and white hair, always.
  • Black Mausoleum
    • The drop gate in the dragon's cell will now permanently close after 10 seconds.
    • The dragon raises another barrier after you complete his puzzle.
  • The Black Abbot Raid
    • The three trials contained within the Black Abbot raid no longer need to all be completed in a single teleport pass.
    • The Black Abbot will now send you back to the three trials if you have not yet beaten them, rather than simply continuing the battle immortal.
    • The Black Abbot should no longer hit you with telekenesis while you are in another room.
  • Orchard of the Macabre:
    • The Zombie Train carts are now selectable
  • The mystery of Delera's Tomb
    • On rare occasion a wraith that had Turn Undead on it would flee through a closed gate, like the undead chicken that it is, preventing the quest from being finished. All such gates now automatically open after two minutes so that you can complete the quest now.
  • Ataraxia's Haven
    • Music and ambiance has been added to the wannabe resort.

Other Changes[edit]

  • Multi-class paladins and barbarians will now always be able to respec their feats without crashing their client.
  • Using the "Sell Gems" button will now properly report your earnings instead of stating that you didn't sell anything.
  • Fixed issues with greater teleport.
  • Fixed a series of stuck spots in the Flesh Maker quest that players were being pushed into by some clever air elementals.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause two secret doors in low road to occasionally break.
  • In the Maze of Madness, a certain trap's control box has been rotated so that it faces forward.
  • The optionals relating to disabling the traps now work in Missing in Action.
  • Detaching currency from auction mail will now properly auto delete the mail.
  • Some items which were not marked as magical, such as a Minor Kinetic Lore Scepter, will now have the blue magical item background on it's icon.
  • Spells should now appear in proper alphabetical order in spell lists.
  • The touch of the Avatar of Jubilex will no longer make Warforged sick to their stom... err... uhh inner workings.
  • Sound Changes:
    • Sound transitions in the Necropolis will no longer be so harsh.
    • Landscape music will now continue playing after engaging in combat in the Necropolis Plains.
    • Silent areas in Tempest's Spine will now have music and ambiance.
  • There are now fewer places in the public areas of Gianthold to get stuck.
  • Fixed a trap in Foundation of Discord that wouldn't turn off if you disabled the control box.
  • Path to Madness will give favor again
  • The exit way points on several of the dungeons now correctly indicate they go the Necropolis and not the Orchard of the Macabre
  • In some situations, an unlabeled XP bonus was erroneously applied to quest XP. This has been removed. To compensate for the possible loss of XP, the minimum and maximum bonus for disabling traps, finding secret doors, and smashing breakables has been increased. [from max 10] to 15 percent.
  • On solo difficulty level, adventures now give 80% of the XP of an adventure on Normal instead of 50%.
  • Certain optionals and encounter quests in Restless Isles were not being properly marked as completed, but now they will.
  • A trap box in Gwynland's Stand is now usable.
  • In some cases, item icons would not update correctly resulting in either an incorrect background or missing the indicator that your character cannot use the item. This has been fixed.
  • The Black Abbot's "Touch of Dolurrh" has been renamed "Deathgrip of Dolurrh".
  • Humanoid monsters should no longer have altered faces in the focus orb
  • In examination, the attack and damage mods were not showing the player's enhanced ability scores. This has been corrected to show the mod of the current ability score of the player.
  • Players exiting the lighthouse on Ataraxia's Haven should no longer automatically fall from the lighthouse.
  • The Black Prophecy book item now has text!
  • Monsters in the Orc lair were having difficulty opening one of their doors to ambush players. They have oiled up the hinges so that the door now works properly.
  • The residents of Kundarak have grown tired of fishing out adventurers from the chasm, so they have enacted magic to prevent people from falling in.
  • In House Deneith, Senna Calyx now tells you the teleporter will take you to any of the house wards
  • A ladder in Vault of Night had been..."cut short" by a missplaced warrior's blade. It has now been replaced with a ladder of the proper length.
  • In Tangleroot Gorge, Chief Ungurz will now always advance the "Seeking Chief Ungurz" quest when you talk to him, even if you waited to get the quest from Eremic until you were halfway through the Splinterskull Story Arc.
  • Decoration objects and invisible barriers to keep players from getting stuck will no longer affect targeting in adverse ways, resulting in fewer "ceiling shots" by archers and spell casters.
  • Many Many Many stuck spots have been fixed throughout the entire game.
  • In Vault of Night, Haywire's Voice now drops on exit as opposed to destroying itself on exit
  • The gate from the market to the harbor now displays the correct crest, and the pranksters responsible for changing it have been assigned public service work cleaning the sewers for their efforts.
  • Those darn kids replaced the Harbor crest on the door from Cerulean Hills with the Deneith crest. We have replaced the crest and sentenced the pranksters to still more community service cleaning up the sewers.
  • Previously, getting hit repeatedly by the black abbot's "encase" ability would intermittently cause some other effects to be stuck on you permanently (staying through resting, death, etc, removable only by logout/login). This should no longer happen.
  • Players should no longer appear twice in loot reservation drop down menus for certain items.
  • Many improvements have been made to our launcher in order to provide better compatibility with Windows Vista. Click here for more information.
  • A resurrection exploit has been fixed.
  • The final vampire room in the cursed crypt will now seal upon completion.
  • The fire walls in Litany of the Dead had been mistakenly left in a state that could be turned off and on by players. This has been fixed.
  • The lever in The Reaver's Fate will now teleport captive soul stones to the central chamber rather than raising people at minimal health in a potentially elemental-filled area.
Modules and Updates