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Update 64 Release Notes

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Here are the release notes for Update 64: Chronoscope Rewound, released on Thursday, November 30th, 2023.

Of Special Note:[edit]

Legendary Chronoscope has arrived![edit]

A new Legendary difficulty version of the Chronoscope is now available! This level 34 raid (editor's note: the raid is in fact level 32) can be found by speaking with Future Nolan Gann located in The Marketplace. New and upgradable rewards are available on the Legendary version of the raid!

News and Notes:[edit]

Balance and Gameplay Changes:[edit]

Bug Fixes:[edit]

  • The Trapsmith's Workshop guild amenity will no longer permanently stick to the inside of your Guild Airship.
  • Nightmare Lance has a more accurate description.
  • Henshin Mystic's Tier 5 Staff Training now correctly requires 5 monk levels and a level 12 character to train.
  • Henshin Mystic's Capstone now reliably applies its +1 Multiplier to your weapon.
  • Chimera's Crown now applies its Deific Warding effect.
  • Chimera's Fang now applies its Parrying and Fortification effects.
  • Epic and Legendary Chimara's Ferocity from the Epic and Legendary versions of Chimera's Fang now apply the correct effects at the correct magnitudes.
  • Gust of Wind's slow portion now has a saving throw.
  • Fixed some typos in the Unyielding Sentinel and Aasimar trees.
  • Wildhunter Deception (Rare) now correctly gives Ranged Power.
  • Shout SLAs from Stormsinger, Spellsinger, and Fatesinger now match the targeting parameters of their base spell, which allows them to heal allies if using Hear My Voice Friend.
  • Alchemist Bombardier's Pyrite Reaction boosts now scale correctly.
  • Zombie Wizards in the Black Loch are now properly zombies and not humans.
  • Fixed some typos in Wheloon and in Morgrave University.
  • Fixed a "Slay Blank" bug in the The Stronghold Key.
  • Fixed some typos in the Harper Agent tree.
  • You can no longer "exit" from a Ravenloft tavern back into the tavern you are currently standing in.
  • Slaying the boss of Thralls of the Fungus Lord no longer reports that you've slain a kobold instead.
  • The targeting description for Displacement in the Archmage Tree is now correct.
  • Magus of the Eclipse's cores now correctly grant Negative Spell Power.
  • Fixed a typo in Shiradi Champion.
  • Eebilsteenk now has a quest chalice!
  • Fixed a typo in Primal Avatar.
  • You can now take the Primal Avatar spell upgrades in Tier 3 (At Its Core) with the corresponding spells instead of requiring the corresponding Tier 1 ability.
  • Melf's Acid Arrow now does its correct damage when cast from a monster (lowered) and a player (raised).
  • Fixed a typo in Turn the Page.
  • An Ogre and a Devil are no longer named "melee" and "ranged".
  • Druidic Survival Mastery now works with all Wild Shapes.
  • Talbron is no longer missing dialogue in Brothers of the Forge.
  • The end boss of Monastery of the Scorpion, Sannyasi, has a lot more chill and won't randomly reset mid-fight anymore.
  • Fixed a typo in Dark Apostate's Light and Dark ability.
  • Friends of Nature: Spider now correctly grants its listed poison absorption.
  • Added clarification to Eldritch Knight imbues that they scale with spell power.
  • Fixed old tooltip on Warsoul imbue.
  • Fixed text on Falconry and Warpriest version of Action Boost: Sprint to clarify that it is an action boost.
  • Clarified Dino Bone crafting augments to make it clear that force spell power affects physical spells and light spell power affects alignment spells.
  • Curse of the Unbreakable now properly makes the item immune to item damage.
  • Curse of Butterfies now properly displays butterflies.
  • Curse of the Forest's Embrace now properly displays fireflies.
  • Curse of the Visionary now properly grants True Seeing.
  • Illithid Conspiracy dungeon monsters are now properly in the Monster Manual.
  • Collectible nodes have been removed from parts of the quest "Search and Rescue", and new collectible nodes have been added to the Drow area.
  • The particle effect shown on enemies to indicate they have been crowd controlled should no longer change size unexpectedly.


  • The Inventory Drop-Down panel now respects your attack bonus per the feats Spring Attack and Shot On The Run.
  • Hirelings now have a different type of map note compared to players.
  • Abilities that apply on-crit or on-vorpal now correctly Doublestrike to increase their damage.
  • Several changes have been made to how maximum Hit Points are calculated
  • Logging out while in a public space no longer causes you to have lower Hit Points and Spell Points after you log back in.
  • Bonuses to your Base hit points from Combat Styles are now displayed as a separate portion of your HP on your character sheet instead of being an Effect bonus.
  • Bonuses to your Hit Points and Constitution from Reaper XP are now calculated in a different way behind the scenes.
  • Leveling up now displays a slightly more accurate HP estimation.

Known Issues:[edit]

  • The monsters in the Legendary version of the Chronoscope are currently not counting toward Monster Manual as expected
  • It is sometimes possible for your character to not render on the screen after entering the end fight of Chronoscope. Teleporting or logging out and back in can help you to reappear.

Source: Official U64.0.0 release notes on

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