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Module 6 Patch 1

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Welcome to the Release Notes for Module 6 Patch 1. These release notes were posted on February 13th, 2008.

News & Notes[edit]

  • Seek Eternal Rest, Master's Touch, and Merfolk's Blessings should now have matching spell and effect icons. Seek Eternal Rest should also no longer be Seek Eternal Ham.
  • An ethereal Resurrection Shrine has been added to the Stormreaver Raid that generates upon successful completion.
  • The lever in The Reaver's Fate will now teleport captive soul stones to the central chamber rather than raising people at minimal health in a potentially elemental-filled area.
  • Limbchopper effect will now be removed on death or when the character rests.
  • Several Tips have been updated.
  • Rogues should now be able to select Defensive Roll and Slippery Mind at levels 10, 13, or 16.
  • Pure Rangers should now be able to take Over sized Two Weapon Fighting as a feat.
  • Due to technical issues, the Charm Monster, Mass spell was not intended for release in Module 6. Rather than removing it from the spell books of Wizards that may have inscribed it or replacing Bard known spells, it will temporarily mirror the effects of the Charm Monster spell with a higher base DC and separate casting cool down. We will be updating the Charm Monster, Mass spell in a future release once the technical issues have been resolved.
  • A certain exploit which allowed players to obtain items that did not belong to them has been fixed. Players who have used this exploit know who they are and items in question will be removed from their inventories.
  • The timer on the Module 6 Raid has been fixed and those who were unable to replay the raid should now be able to do so.
  • Update: We are aware that while rogues have received a respect token, they are unable to use it to respec Defensive Roll and Slippery Mind. We are investigating this issue and will fix it in a future update. We apologize for any inconvenience.
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