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Update 50 Patch 3 Release Notes

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Here are the release notes for Update 50.3, released on Thursday, September 2nd, 2021.

News and Notes[edit]


  • Ascendancy in Knight of the Chalice now properly gives the +2 to Attack and Damage with all weapons it says it does.
  • Radiant Servant's Cure Moderate Wounds can now be cast on undead players.



  • Legendary items now drop from Legendary level quests in Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh instead of their upgradable Heroic equivalents.
  • Legendary Greensteel Augments now display their descriptions when slotted.
  • The binding status has been corrected for several items within the Sands of Menechtarun.
  • Sovereign Lightning Strike on accessories now functions correctly.
  • Several set bonuses from the Red Fens now function correctly.
  • Random loot and Cannith Crafted weapons now have their correct (W) scaling.
  • Cleansing rituals now properly work on Web of Chaos items.
  • The Monster Manual Volume 8 Living Spell Creature Companion reward no longer shows a string table error in its tooltip.
  • Having a mainhand weapon be a Favored weapon no longer inadvertently removes certain Critical bonuses from your weapons, such as from the Inquisitive universal enhancement tree.


  • Crayfish are no longer getting an erroneous damage bonus from strength. Additionally, they should double hit somewhat less frequently.
  • Some general stat mods have been adjusted for vermin.
  • The healing amplification debuff by Plague Reapers is now more visually noticeable.
  • The effect of the Slow Trap spell used by some enemies now only lasts for 20 seconds on players.
  • Skeletons found within Saltmarsh are no longer healed by positive energy.
  • Under the Cover of Darkness: infected rat now doesn't get healed by AOE healing spells any more. It's mostly dead.

Quests and Adventure Areas[edit]

  • Reaper Mode's Resurrection Ward will no longer be erroneously reapplied in certain situations after a player snaps back to their soul stone.
  • Several Optional and Bonus chests in quests in the Sands of Menechtarun and The Vault of Night adventure packs no longer drop deprecated Epic Seals and now drop their appropriate pack upgrade ingredients.
  • The Fatespinner has returned to her place within the Saltmarsh Tavern, as well as remaining in her location within the Saltmarsh Training Hall.
  • Swim at Your Own Risk:
    • Fixed an issue with a mage boss missing spells on some difficulties.
    • Fixed an issue with a barrier that dropped too early and could lead to more than one version of Thousand Teeth being spawned.


  • The Public Grouping system has received an update! The system now automatically sets the level range to correspond with the level of the content you are running:
    • In Heroic levels, the upper level boundary is now the instance level, and the lower boundary is the instance level minus three. So, a level 6 quest on elite (which is instance level 8) will always be open to levels 5-8, regardless of the level of the players in the group. This has an upper limit of 19.
    • In Epic levels, the lower level boundary is now 20 regardless of the quest CR. The upper level boundary is the instance level +2, due to Epic levels having an expanded Bravery Bonus range. So, a level 25 quest on Elite will now always be 20-29. This has an upper limit of 30.

Source: Official U50.3.0 release notes on

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