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Ranged Power

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Ranged Power was introduced in Update 23 is similar in effect to Spell Power, and increases straight weapon damage in addition to certain static effects from enhancements. Ranged Power is gained from certain enhancements, some Epic Destinies, some feats, and loot. This rating increases ranged attacks by the following formula: (100+Rating)/100. Example, A character with 20 ranged power that does 100 damage with a weapon will do a total of 120 damage.

Formula for negative power: 100 / (100 - Power).

  • -50 Ranged Power means you deal 100 / (100 - -50) = 100 / (100+50) = 100/150, or 2/3rd, or 66% damage
  • -100 Ranged Power means you deal half damage, etc.

Increasing Ranged Power[edit]



Epic Destinies[edit]


  • Mysterious Remnant Tome: +1 to +4 inherent bonus
  • Mythic bonus: Mythic Boost items
  • Enhancement bonus: Ranged Power items
  • Reaper bonus
  • Filigree bonuses (each is untyped and stacks). Standard +3 and Rare +5
    • The Beast's Mantle: Ranged Power
    • Deadly Rain: Ranged Power
    • The Long Shadow: Ranged Power
    • The Wreath of Flame: Ranged Power
    • Spines of the Manticore/The Wreath of Flame: Standard +6 and Rare +10
    • Crackshot Negitiator: Ranged Power
    • Shattered Device: Ranged Power
    • Through the Mists: Ranged Power
    • Dreadbringer: Ranged Power
    • The Serpent: Ranged Power
    • Wildhunter: Ranged Power
  • Filigree Set bonuses (each is untyped and stacks)
    • Deadly Rain 2pcs: +5 Ranged Power
    • Deadly Rain 5pcs: +20 Ranged Power for 20 seconds when an Action Boost is used.
    • The Enlightened Step 3pcs: +5 Melee and Ranged Power
    • The Long Shadow 2pcs: +5 Melee and Ranged Power
    • Spines of the Manticore 4pcs: +10 Ranged Power
    • Treachery 2pcs: +5 Melee and Ranged Power
    • Crackshot Negitiator 3pcs: +15 Ranged Power
    • Sanctified Fervor 3pcs: +5 Melee and Ranged Power
    • Through the Mists 4pcs: +10 Ranged Power
    • Through the Mists 5pcs: +50 Ranged Power for 15s when using Uncanny Dodge
    • The Abiding Path 4pcs: +5 Melee and Ranged Power
    • Divinity 5pcs: +10 Melee and Ranged Power
    • Dreadbringer 2pcs: +5 Melee and Ranged Power
    • Dreadbringer 4pcs: +10 Melee and Ranged Power
    • Wildhunter 2 pcs: +5 Ranged Power
  • Item sets:
    • ToEE Crafting: +20 Quality bonus on epic set
    • Slave Lords Crafting: +1 to +4 Artifact bonus on Slave Lord's Might set
    • Ravenloft sets
      • Crypt Raider: +5 Artifact bonus
      • Legendary Crypt Raider: +15 Artifact bonus
      • Adherent of the Mists: +5 Profane Bonus
      • Legendary Adherent of the Mists: +15 Profane bonus