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Shadowfell Conspiracy

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Shadowfell Conspiracy adpack icon.jpg
2,495 DP Requires access to expansion pack: Shadowfell Conspiracy
Shadowfell Conspiracy logo
Shadowfell Conspiracy splash screen seen on Lamannia server

Shadowfell Conspiracy is DDO's second expansion, released August 19th 2013. It is available for purchase in the Steam Store or DDO Market [1]

Content overview[edit]

An unnatural darkness looms over the prison city of Wheloon and shadows spread across the land. Uncover the sinister Shar plot that threatens to destroy Cormyr from within and face the full might of the Empire Of Netheril!

  • Levels 15 and up quests and contents (11 quests and 2 wilderness areas)
  • New level cap of 28
  • New feature: Iconic Heroes

The new adventure pack in Cormyr includes:

... a prison city full of irredeemable criminals and traitors to the Crown. In this place, Netherese agents conspire to forge an army out of the Kingdom’s enemies. You must masquerade as a traitor to infiltrate the Prison City, fight marauding criminal gangs, and destroy the army before it marches – all the while battling creatures made out of the very shadows.
... deep in the Storm Horn Mountains, the Netherese Empire prepares to unleash its secret weapon against the Kingdom of Cormyr. Brave treacherous mountain passes through griffon territory and overcome cunning harpy ambushes. At the peaks of the mighty Storm Horns, you must overcome an alliance of giants and monstrous creatures – only to have to contend with a terrible Netherese secret weapon.

Feature comparison[edit]

Price $49.99 $29.99
Collectors Edition Standard Edition
2 New Forgotten Realms Adventure Packs
Shadow of a Doubt Quest
Character Slots 3 1
Shadar-kai Assassin Iconic Hero
Sun-elf Morninglord Iconic Hero
Purple Dragon Knight Iconic Hero
Tome of Epic Learning (1 per Server) (BtA) Greater Tome Lesser Tome
Skill tome (1 per character) (BtC) +2 Skill Tome +1 Skill Tome
DDO Points Included 2,000 1,000
Bladeforged Paladin Iconic Hero
(with additional character slot)
Shadar-kai Assassin Cosmetic Costume (BtA*)
Bladeforged Warrior Grand Bladeforged Frame (BtA*)
Bladeforged Warrior Steel Bladeforged Frame (BtA*)
Calico Tressym Creature Companion
Tawny Owlbear Creature Companion
(cosmetic companion, not the hireling)
Storm Horn Specs Cosmetic Goggles (BtA)
Mountaineers Cosmetic Goggles (BtA)
(* "BTA" cosmetic items appear in a character's inventory only once, the first time that character is of that race, whether at initial character creation or reincarnation. This cosmetic is then BtC for that character, but are "race absolutely required" - they cannot be equipped for other races. The "BtA" refers to the fact that any and every character can get their own set if/when they first become that race.) source


  • Pre-purchase before June 5, 2013 also granted guaranteed beta access
  • Pre-purchase Before August 19, 2013 was required for pre-order bonus items
  • The Shadowfell Conspiracy pack is delivered as an activation code that you must then add to your Turbine account on Each "offer" add-on is delivered as its own activation code, in addition to the Shadowfell code. Codes can be activated on any account, and as such are sometimes traded in-game for items or plat.
  • Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion content will be available for purchase with DDO Points when the Expansion launched in August, 2013.DDO Forums
    • Standard Pack 2,495 DDO Points
    • Complete Pack 4,495 DDO Points

Legendary Upgrade Offer[edit]

Additionally, a bundle containing the following items is offered at checkout (with the purchase of a Shadowfell Conspiracy pack) for $39.99:

  • Owlbear Defender Hireling (like Onyx Panther from MotU) – two per character, 1 Level 17 (ML 15), 1 level 25 (ML 23) (BtC)
  • 2 Pack of +3 Skill Tomes per character (BtC)
  • 5 Sovereign I XP Elixirs (BtA)
  • Lesser Tome of Epic Learning per character (BtA)
  • Tan Striped Pseudo Dragon Creature Companion (Unbound)
  • Wilderness Cosmetic Armor Kit (BtA)
  • Wizard Cosmetic Hat (BtA) & Matching Creature Companion Hat (Unbound)

DDO Points Offer[edit]

Similar to the offer available the previous year with MOTU pre-order, 11,000 DDO Points can be added at checkout for $59.99.

Menace of the Underdark Offer[edit]

The Menace of the Underdark "Standard Edition" pack can be added at checkout for $17.49.



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