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Skill concentration.png Concentration (Constitution)


The Concentration skill has two functions.

Spellcasting. Allows you a chance to continue casting a spell after being damaged or otherwise interrupted. When you take damage you roll a D20 + your Concentration score against a Difficulty Class of 10 + one tenth of the damage received + the level of the spell you are trying to cast. This check occurs when either casting from spellpoints or using a scroll.

The Quicken metamagic eliminates the check when casting a spell from spellpoints while it is active, however, as scrolls cannot be quickened and Quicken costs spellpoints, the skill is still useful even with the Quicken metamagic.

Even if you succeed on the Concentration check, your spell can still be interrupted, for example if you are tripped or held.

Ki Retention. This skill is also important for monks as their ability to retain Ki is tied to Concentration.