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Update 51 Patch 1 Release Notes

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Here are the release notes for Update 51.1, released on Thursday, November 18th, 2021.

News and Notes:[edit]

Epic Destinies[edit]

  • When resetting Epic Destinies with Platinum, the Platinum multiplier for further Epic Destiny resets performed in a short period of time has been reduced by half.
  • All Epic Strikes now list the following information in their tooltips: "Every Epic Strike shares a cooldown with every other Epic Strike. Using this ability will put every Epic Strike onto the ability's cooldown."
  • General typos and text corrections have been made across new Epic Destinies.
  • New Epic Destinies no longer force reset the Feydark Illusionist enhancement tree when you log in.
  • Exalted Angel's Core 2 and Magus' Core 2 now properly give their +10% Maximum Spell Point pool.
  • Exalted Angel's Core 2 and Magus' Core 2 no longer erroneously give out a 10% reduction to the cost of all spells.
Draconic Incarnation
  • The second and third cores are now properly hidden in the buff bar.
Exalted Angel
  • Enchantment DCs now have their correct icon.
  • Holy Command now has a functional saving throw, matching the spell level and DC of the Pillar spells it comes from. The tooltip has been updated to match.
  • Holy Command no longer works on bosses, and now functions like Greater Command in terms of valid targets it will effect.
  • Delayed Judgement now has a functional saving throw, based off of the Conjuration school, and its tooltip has been updated to match.
  • Delayed Judgement now properly scales.
  • Born by Flame now properly gives light resistance.
  • Leap of Faith now properly recharges.
  • There is no longer broken formatting in Flaming Sphere's tooltip.
  • The damage and healing effects of Exalted Angel's Epic Moment Ascendance now scales properly with Spell Power. (The exception being the "Heal to full" on use, which isn't meant to scale)
  • Discord Stun now works like a typical stun in terms of targets it effects.
  • The size of the radius of the Healing effect generated by Majesty has been greatly increased.
  • The radius of the mantle damage burst has been greatly increased.
  • Mantle now correctly scales with the highest of Melee or Ranged Power.
  • Reign's tooltip now correctly states that it scales with Spell Power.
  • Fatesinger's upgrade to Spellsinger's Reverberate no longer breaks its ability to stack.
Fury of the Wild
  • Wade Through now has its correct minimum level.
  • Great Leveler now uses Trip DC boosters instead of Stun boosters to drive its DC.
  • Rams Might and Animal Growth no longer double apply when you take the upgrade in Fury of the Wild.
Grandmaster of Flowers
  • Drifting Lotus now has its original range and area of effect placement, and now properly respects stunning immunities.
  • Serenity now has its correct tooltip.
Legendary Dreadnaught
  • Battle Engineer's Shatter Defenses no longer fails when you have Legendary Dreadnaught's Tier 5 Sundering Swings, and it now uses the effect of Sundering Swings if you have the skill.
  • Lay Waste's Trip and Sunder effects no longer work on creature types immune to Trip and Sunder.
  • Action Boost: Tactics now lists its correct values in its tooltips.
  • Dread Mantle no longer has broken formatting in its tooltip.
Magus of the Eclipse
  • The base spells for Call Kindred Being now show their proper icons.
  • Imperceptible Casting and Exalted Angel's Subtle Flame now properly lock each other out.
  • SLAs in Magus of the Eclipse now properly list their Max Caster Level in their tooltip.
  • Magus' Moon Lance and Gloomspear now have their intended Max Caster Level of 20 (was 18).
  • Cold Light and Dark Light now have tooltips that are clearer about what does and does not work with them.
  • Passive bonuses from Nullmagic Aura now properly apply, including its bonus to Spell DCs.
  • Nullmagic Aura now has its intended two minute cooldown.
  • Magus' Lunar Insight abilities now specifically mention that Arcane Insight is an Epic Feat.
  • Chill Aura now properly looks at the target's vulnerability to Cold and Negative to decide whether or not to apply damage, and should apply damage more consistently.
Primal Avatar
  • The minimum level requirement for several abilities has been corrected.
  • Ally spells now ground targets to determine where the ally is created with no offset.
  • Natural Shielding will no longer kill undead pets.
  • Thrive now works correctly.
  • Corrected an issue with the cooldown for Weird.
  • Weird is now properly a Fear based spell, and benefits from Fear DC boosts.
  • Weird is no longer automatically prepared for Artificers.
  • Shadowdancer's Core 3 now properly boosts Alchemist's evasion feat.
Shiradi Champion
  • Beguile now properly charms enemies. (Known Issue: Beguile no longer has its unique visual effects on affected creatures, and is instead improperly using the pink Charm hat.)
  • The Prism mantle now correctly describes the amount of damage that can proc from spells (3d100+100).
  • Several effects that were displaying twice have had their additional copies hidden.
  • Several effects that were not meant to display at all have been hidden.
  • Prism and Double Rainbow effects no longer have broken formatting in their tooltips.
  • Good Luck now gives its listed Fortitude and Will saving throw bonuses.
Unyielding Sentinel
  • Unyielding Sentinel's mind control protection now grants properly.
  • Rank 3 of Strength of Vitality now grants its hit points correctly when you do not have the Unyielding mantle active.


Feats that claim to modify Poison, Negative, and Positive Spell Critical Damage now correctly do so.


  • Legendary versions of items from the Sands of Menechtarun adventure pack are now available! These items can be acquired by bartering for them in the Altar of Legendary Rituals in The Twelve.
  • Several items from the Epic Sands loot set now have their correct Augment Slots.

Quests and Adventure Areas:[edit]

  • The following adventure packs and raids have been reopened: Sands of Menechtarun and The Phiarlan Carnival. Sentinels of Stormreach along with the Vault of Night Parts 5 and 6 raids and The Chronoscope will reopen in the near future.
  • The Lords of Dust - Fixed a coffin breakable that did not properly respond to warlock blasts.
  • Spinner of Shadows - The Spinner will again be debuffed by direct contact with the Spirit of the Silver Flame.
  • The Black Loch - The failed experiment prison doors are now properly attached and open in the proper order.
  • Many objects in quests that should be able to be lit on fire are once more able to be lit on fire.
  • Inferno of the Damned - The torches now respond to spells like Fireball and Cone of Cold again.
  • A certain drow is now less stealthy in Tharashk Arena.

Reaper Difficulty[edit]

The process of adding and removing bonuses from Reaper Enhancements when players enter and leave Reaper dungeons has been overhauled to improve game performance.


  • Arcane Tempest is no longer automatically prepared in Artificer spellbooks.
  • Holy Aura now applies to the caster.
  • Divine Wrath no longer attempts to remove Endless Ardor stacks.


The tooltips and values of the Epic Spell Power feats and Legendary feats have been adjusted to make them easier to understand when looking at your character sheet. This is purely a visual change to rely on Universal Spell Critical damage rather than boosting each type of damage individually, and should result in the same stats, but this change required adjustments to tooltips to maintain the intended level of primary Spell Critical Damage.

  • Old Spell Power feat: +15% damage for a specific type, +5% to all other types.
  • New Spell Power feat: +10% damage to a specific type, +5% universal spell critical damage (which is also added to the specific type, for a total of +15% damage to a specific type.)
  • Old Legendary Spell Power Feat: +25% damage to a specific type, +10% all other types.
  • New Legendary Spell Power feat: +15% damage to a specific type,10% all other types (which is also added to the specific type, for a total of +25% damage.)

Known Issues[edit]

The new Perfected items from the Sands of Menechtarun are misnamed to say Legendary when they are, in fact, the Perfected versions.

Source: Official U51.1.0 release notes on

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