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Reason: U29 Legendary version stats

Type: Evil Outsider (List)

Race: Hellhound (List)

Sub-race: Thaarak Hound (List)

Monster Manual classification: Unknown

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Boss: Purple Named - Powerful Boss

CR:  ♦28Normal ♥32Hard ♠38Elite ♦39Epic Normal ♥43Epic Hard ♠70Epic Elite


  • Bees of Xoriat: "Bees of Xoriat are driving you mad, inflicting piercing damage over time, rendering you unable to concentrate or cast spells, giving you a penalty to attack rolls, and possibly pollinating you."
    • About 1,000 damage per minute reported, Generally 25-45 per tic, every 2 seconds (reflex save negates - DC between  ♦34-40Normal higher on Hard/Elite)
  • Pollen Of Madness: "You've been covered in the POLLEN OF MADNESS. It burns the eyes, infliction penalties to spot, concentration, and attack rolls. You receive occasional reflex saves to clear your eyes."
    • "Burns the eyes" = Blindness (reflex save negates - DC between  ♦34-40Normal, higher on Hard/Elite)
  • Acid Breath: Roughly 15-25 damage every 2 seconds, for 45 seconds
  • Melee: Generally minimal damage in comparison to bees, 30-60 per hit
  • Overrun
  • Horrid Wilting: ~150 damage, fortitude save for half

Special Qualities:

  • HP:  ♦12,000Normal ♥18,000Hard ♠24,000Elite, though the baby hounds need to handle the first 75% of this
  • Intimidate DC:  ♦69Normal ♥75Hard ♠80Elite, Legendary Intimidate DC:  ♦84Normal ♥93Hard ♠125Elite, required for no fail. Size penalty -12, -16 for halflings
    • note that no fail is not that important compared to other raids
  • Saves: Fort  ♦30+Normal, Reflex  ♦30+Normal, Will - Unknown due to her magic immunity
  • DR: Massive - 99999/Epic before she is weakened
    • The damage reduction drops once she reaches 25% HP, but she still has 5 DR/Lawful (all difficulies)
  • Xy'zzy: "The beast appears impervious to spells."
  • Legendary Xy'zzy: "The beast appears impervious to almost everything."
    • The above buffs persists for a duration of 60 minutes. After that Xy'zzy can be damaged and killed quickly using untyped damaging spells (Penetrating Blast, Ruin, Greater Ruin). [ U33 ]
  • Immunities/Resists
    • Immunity to all elemental damage
    • Immunity to weapon procs
    • Immunity to magic (all magic, even Disintegrate)
      • Her immunity to magic also drops once she is weakened, but not immunity to elemental damage, so wizards and sorcerers do not contribute much damage.
      • Disintegrate works - but her Fortitude save prevents it from dealing much damage.
        • Ruin, and epic level spell-like feat, works, dealing 100% of damage through the shield.

Bypassing immunities:

Originally Posted by Peng Source

Abilities that can damage mother hound in hox: Ruin, t5 Drifting Lotus from Grandmaster of Flowers, t3 Tsunami (the bludgeoning part, boosted by force spellpower) from Primal Avatar, Shadar-Kai chains, and Bottled Tornados


Description: Xy'zzy is the nigh-invulnerable raid boss in the Hound of Xoriat raid.