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Module 5 Patch 2

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Welcome to the Release Notes for Module 5 Patch 2. These release notes were posted on Tuesday, December 11th, 2007.

News and Notes[edit]

The Black Abbot Raid[edit]

  • Touch of Dolurrh is now removed when you are teleported to a puzzle.
  • Ice platforms last for a longer period of time, and are much less likely to appear underwater.
  • The rate at which raid loot from the Black Abbot drops on hard and elite has been increased to 20% on hard and 25% on elite.
  • The Touch of Dolurrh effect has been removed from Normal difficulty.
  • The Phasing chasm now adjusts based on difficulty. "Normal" mode should be significantly easier than "Elite". "Elite" is unchanged.
  • Mummies no longer spawn on Normal and Hard difficulties
  • A delay has been added to the Asteroids chamber to give players a few moments to prepare for the challenge
  • Multiple-use Rest and Resurrection Shrines have been added to the Black Abbot's platform upon completion of the raid.
  • As the Black Abbot’s power has grown, so have some of the items contained within his horde. Heroes that defeat the Black Abbot will find that certain loot items contained within his chest have been improved. Existing items are unaffected by this change.
  • Multi-classed paladins and barbarians will now always be able to re-spec their feats without crashing their client.
  • If you abandon the Necropolis raid quest instead of letting the NPC reset it, he will now respond accordingly and re-bestow if you are eligible.
  • The three trials contained within the Black Abbot raid no longer need to all be completed in a single teleport pass and the Black Abbot will now send you back to the three trials if you have not yet beaten them, rather than simply continuing the battle immortal.

Ruins of Threnal[edit]

  • During Abandoned Keep, the quest will no longer care if Coyle enters the room before you do.

Litany of the Dead[edit]

  • The Black Dragon will no raise a barrier after you complete his puzzle.
  • The Black Dragon's drop gate will permanently close after 10 seconds.

Misc other changes[edit]

  • Any player who's subscription was active as of 11/26/07 will receive a candy cane thank-you gift!
  • Detaching currency from auction mail will now properly auto delete the mail.
  • The Black Prophecy book item now has text!
  • The Festival of the Twelfth Moon has begun! If you have saved any goodies from last year, the Coin Lords would like to remind you that due to shifts in the alignments of the moons and planes, some jelly cakes and cookies may have different effects this holiday season. Happy Festivult!

Originally posted by Quarion (Former Turbine Community Specialist)

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