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Eberron Unlimited Patch 1 Release Notes

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Welcome to the Release Notes for Eberron Unlimited Patch 1 (Also known as Update 0 Patch 1). These release notes were posted Thursday, September 17th 2009.

Of Special Note[edit]

  • Updated text for choosing characters when you have too many. We now alert players that Warforged and Monk characters will be unplayable unless they have already purchased them at the DDO store.
  • The chat system's language filter is currently defaulted to "on". This feature can be disabled in your options panel under "game play".
  • Significant changes have been made in the Harbor to better assist new players:
    • The following quest NPCs have been relocated to the Leaky Dingy:
      • Gambler's Den
      • Osgood's Basement
    • The following quest NPCs have been relocated near their quest entrances:
      • Butcher's Path
      • Dirk's Got a Secret
      • Guard Jung
    • The following quest entrances have moved closer to the Leaky Dingy:
      • Gambler's Den
      • Osgood's Basement
    • Harbormaster Zin has been seen down supervising the waterworks and has locked his home while he's away.
    • Guard Agler is taking a well deserved break from his post. All inquiries regarding kobold infestations, missing wards, and trouble in the waterworks should be directed to Harbormaster Zin,
    • Hints about how to deal with slimes have been added to Osgood's basement as this is likely the place a player will encounter their first slime.
    • The Gambler's Den now has a few more monsters residing in it.
    • The rear-end exit out of Osgood's Basement now comes out near the Harbor trainers.


DDO Store[edit]

  • The Store should now refresh as soon as you change your proxy settings.

In-game Vendors[edit]

  • Ingrid Bauerson now has the correct "Bartender" title
  • Salar and Alamere at the Featherfall Apothecary now display a shop range of levels "1-9".


General Hireling Changes[edit]

  • Hireling contracts that have been used and are expiring will now have a clock overlay on them in the inventory.
  • Warforged Hirelings no longer bleed to death.

UI Improvements[edit]

  • Items that have recently been placed in your inventory will have a slight glow on the icon border. Selecting the item or closing your inventory (after it has been open for at least 3 seconds) will get rid of this effect.
  • Mouselook mode's mouse warping has been removed from the game.
  • There will no longer be any message when mouselook is turned on/off.
  • When a player is dead, their class icon is replaced with a skull icon.
  • When a player is dead, their spell point/ki bar is greyed out.
  • When you are dead, your spell point/ki bar is grey.
  • If there is only one quest available in the quest panel UI, the UI itself will reflect this by not making it seem that you can change the quest.
  • Previously visited areas of a map will have a lighter overlay.
  • Items will not stay selected after you choose them from the quest reward window.


  • Based on player feedback and several game balance issues, several changes have been made to combat swing progressions. Characters will gain additional attack swings earlier than before, and attack animation speeds have been adjusted.
    • At Base Attack Bonus +0, a character will have two swings in their attack sequence.
    • At Base Attack Bonus +1 or +2, a character will have three swings in their attack sequence. As before, your third attack in the sequence will have a +5 bonus to hit.
    • At Base Attack Bonus +3 or higher, a character will have four swings. As before, your third attack in the sequence will have a +5 bonus to hit, and your fourth attack will have +10 to hit. The fifth attack animations have been removed from the game at this time.
    • Each point of Base Attack Bonus increases attack speed – for example, a BAB +15 character will attack faster than a BAB +10 character, despite having the same number of attacks in their attack sequence.
    • All melee weapon styles (including one and two handed weapons) now have an identical number of (main hand) swings over time, except for the monk unarmed combat style (which has more attacks per minute than other attack styles). This is a significant boost to two handed weapons.
    • Mobile attacks are no longer sometimes faster than standing attacks.
    • Characters no longer sometimes suffer a reduction in attacks over time when they increase in base attack bonus.
    • Glancing Blow and Off-hand attack hooks have been shifted around to compensate for these changes. Staves are now treated identically to other two handed weapons for glancing blow hooks.
    • Ranged weapons have not had their animation speeds modified at this time, but ranged characters will gain the benefits of the +5 and +10 to hit on every third and fourth attacks while standing still earlier than before.


  • All storage bags (gem, collectible, and ingredients) that are bought from the DDO Store and all quivers that are bought from the DDO Store are now bound to character rather than bound to account. They cannot be put in a shared bank.
    • This change will only affect new bags. All previously purchased bags will remain bound to account.
  • Guest pass alert errors will now be more specific about why they errored when you attempt to use one on someone who is too low level.
  • Fixed the "exclusive" flag on several items.
  • Amara's Belt now has the Exorcist of the Silver Flame set bonus.

Skills Feats & Abilities[edit]

General Ability Changes[edit]

  • Music no longer soothes the savage bosses. Virtuoso Enthrallment and Bardic Fascinate no longer function on bosses.


General Spell Changes[edit]

  • Casting a spell while out of range will now give an alert.

Quests & Adventure Areas[edit]

General Adventure Area Changes[edit]

  • Cerulean Hills
    • Kargoth the rare now appears with the appropriate frequency.
  • Three Barrel Cove
    • The explorer quest now properly refers to the Buccaneer's Walkway rather than to the Salty Wench.
    • Pirate workers now correctly identify themselves as Hobgoblins.
    • Fixed a stuck-spot.

General Quest Changes[edit]

  • Corrected an error where large parties were taking extra damage unintentionally from the scaling system.
  • Scaling has been fine-tuned.
  • The quest complete chalice/map note (that displays when you go to finish a quest and claim its reward) has been updated for better clarity.
  • Restore on quest completion has changed. Previously you would get the restore when you teleported anywhere after completing a quest (including to another place inside the quest). You will now only be restored when you exit the quest. Gianthold players rejoice!
  • The Grotto
    • A new hint appears after picking up the Iron Key in the Grotto to teach players how to surface while swimming.
  • Heyton's Rest
    • The moaning sounds now stop when the final altars are destroyed.
  • Haverdasher's Basement
    • Several significant changes have been made to the quest:
      • Haverdasher has been stung in the leg and can't dash much of anywhere anymore. He needs brave adventurers to take care of the infestation for him!
      • Speak with Haverdasher at the beginning of the quest. Once you have exterminated the problem(s) in the basement, return to Haverdasher to collect your reward.
      • The infestation in the basement is bigger now.
      • Haverdasher no longer gets made fun of by all of the other dwarves nor gets turned down from their dwarven games; he is now a dwarf like all other House Kundarak warders.
      • XP has been adjusted for this quest.
  • Waterworks
    • Changed the reward for the Harbor Master's Seal quest to be more standard.
  • Storehouse's Secret
    • The DM voice "The door's lock is beyond hope of picking. Hopefully the key is still somewhere in the storehouse." no longer plays after players obtain the key.
  • Irestone Inlet
    • Players who turn Yaaryar's ship into a bomb, now really turn that ship into a bomb... really...
  • Wrath of the Flame
    • Fixed a stuck-spot
  • The Twilight Forge
  • Bastion of Power
    • One of the chests in the Bastion's War Room now unlocks only if the Devil Commander is defeated in a certain way.
  • Hall of the Third Legion
    • Barnizdu, the Pit Fiend, is now properly channeling his spell and can't be engaged during the first few seconds of the encounter.
  • Genesis Point
    • Fixed an AI issue with Security Chief Tothi.
    • Fixed a stuck-spot.
  • Tower of Despair
    • Fixed a teleporting error with the Judge & Jailor.
    • Fixed an issue causing Judge and Jailor to spam their knock back attacks more often than they should.
    • Spawn mechanics on Boss escort popcorn in several encounters was re-tuned.
    • The lava in the tower of despair got a little hotter.

Other Changes[edit]

  • Trainers' dialog options should no longer be quite so verbose.
  • Fixed an error in the favor rewards where Turbine Points were being granted twice on one tier and not at all on another.
  • In the snowy version of Korthos Island, Randall is now a few steps further down the initial path so that he's less likely to be missed by newer players.
  • You should no longer need to purchase a second guild charter if your guild creation fails due to a name conflict.
  • The "looking for group" icon that appears above players' heads has been replaced with an alert icon (similar to encumbrance) on that player's client. Other players will still see the overhead icon.
  • Valeria Sinderwind no longer refers to Mari Mosshand as a dwarf.
  • Fixed a client crash on exiting the game.
  • Fixed stuck spots in the following areas
    • The Marketplace

Known Issues[edit]

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