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Update 3 Patch 1 Release Notes

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Welcome to the Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These release notes were posted Thursday, February 17th 2010.

Of Special Note[edit]

  • True Reincarnation is available once again!
  • True Reincarnated prestige effects have been restored. Lesser beings will once again look upon you with awe!
  • Players who lost favor by running a quest on Casual Difficulty are now able to reacquire favor for that quest on higher difficulty levels.

Celebrating 4 Years of DDO[edit]

We're kicking off the festivities for DDO's 4th Birthday, starting with a special scavenger hunt event! By finding hidden decorative eggs in the Marketplace, you can get a prize, and the more eggs you find, the better the prize! To learn more about the event, click here!

Additionally, check out the following special activities related to the Scavenger Hunt for DDO's 4th Birthday!

  • All characters created prior to February 18th, 2010 will receive Tokens of the Traveler that can be used to participate in the Traveler's Scavenger Hunt.
    • Free player characters will receive 5 tokens
    • Premium player characters will receive 10 tokens
    • VIP characters will receive 15 tokens
    • Additional tokens can be purchased in the DDO Store!
  • All characters created prior to February 18th, 2010 - regardless of account type - will receive a Blessing of the Traveler. This special item can be redeemed after a successful run of the scavenger hunt for rare prizes! Speak with the NPC Taj in the Marketplace after completing your egg hunt to redeem your Blessing. If you miss the event or do not wish to play the scavenger hunt, Taj will also offer you a somewhat less exciting prize in exchange for your Blessing at any time.
    • Additional Blessings of the Traveler can be purchased in the DDO Store!
  • In honor of DDO's 4th Birthday, redeeming a Blessing of the Traveler with Taj after an egg hunt gives a chance to receive Hearts of Wood!

The Anvil of Repairing[edit]

It is possible to win an Anvil of Repairing during the Traveler's Scavenger Hunt when using a Blessing of the Traveler! This special Anvil summons an Efreeti Forgemaster into your quest who will expertly repair any items you have for a price. After two minutes, he will leave the area and can only be resummoned by using another anvil.

  • Each anvil is 1 use, and the Efreet will provide you a one minute warning prior to his departure.
  • Anyone in your party may use the Efreet to repair their items in the quest.
  • The Efreet may not be summoned in raids or public spaces, but may be summoned in quests and 6-man adventure areas.
  • The Efreet is stationary and will not follow you around the quest.

Quest & Adventure Area Changes[edit]

Gianthold Tor[edit]

  • The quest has been reopened. It is no longer possible to open the quest on Epic difficulty (for now).

Vault of Night[edit]

  • All players are now required to be on the story quest to enter the Vault of Night raid, per normal raid timer functionality.
Tharashk Arena[edit]
  • The ready room fight in Thrashk Arena should now scale correctly on Epic.
    • Access to the rest shrine in Thrashk Arena is now gated by that encounter.
  • Thrashk Arena will no longer drop epic treasure on normal difficulty settings.
Prisoner of the Mind[edit]
  • Orphne should be more willing to gather her items.
Haywire's Grotto[edit]
  • On Epic difficulty, Haywire's foundry will now drop Epic dungeon tokens for the whole party instead of just the first person to make the grab.
  • Epic level treasure will no longer drop in Haywire on normal or other non-Epic settings.

Demon's Den[edit]

  • The Marilith is less tolerant of adventurers in the main chamber.
  • The difficulty has been increased slightly on casual and normal setting.
  • The difficulty has been decreased significantly on elite.
  • Demon's Den now has an extra treasure chest.
  • The persistent cloud effect spells have been removed from the Djinni Ritualist mini-bosses.


General Changes[edit]

  • Flesh to Stone has been updated. The duration is now 80 seconds +5 seconds per caster level with reoccurring saves every 24 seconds.


  • Epic Red Dragonscale armor, docents, and robes now tell you who can repair them.
  • The Epic Stonemeld Plate will now have its proper +6 enhancement bonus and Earthgrab Guard effect.
  • The Epic Kundarak Delving Suit will now have its proper +6 enhancement bonus.
  • The level drain effect of the assassin III item set bonus will no longer affect red-named or purple-named bosses.

Other Changes[edit]

  • Adventurers in House Deneith were trespassing in private, walled gardens, getting trapped, and then having to be rescued by the city guard. Appropriate measures have been taken to keep the intruders out.
  • In order to prevent tragic accidents, the Risians included spells in their blocks of ices so that if the ice rink were spawned on top of a swimmer, that swimmer would be harmlessly teleported to a safe location. One of the spells was applied crookedly, however, resulting in everyone who used the small slide getting booted to the side of the ice rink. The spell has been adjusted accordingly.
  • It is now possible to remap what key opens the in-game web browser.

Known Issues[edit]

Known issues are now available:

Source: Official U3.1.0 release notes on

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