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Module 5 Patch 1

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Welcome to the Release Notes for Module 5 Patch 1. These release notes were posted on October 22nd, 2007.

News and Notes[edit]

  • Large violet slimes will no longer split an infinite number of times when a Blade Barrier is cast upon them.
  • Any bag containing a bind on acquire item will become bound. The bag itself will become bound once a bind on acquire item is put in it and will unbind once all bind on acquire items are removed from it.
  • The Accursed Ascension now has a repeat delay timer.
  • In Ghosts of Perdition, Cholthulzz now retreats deeper into the icy cavern. You will now have to chase him all the way down before you can launch your attack.
  • Exploiting Cholthulzz through the walls was not very "cool". Now it is. Some would say, down-right icy.
  • The giant gate lever in The Black Mausoleum now requires constant attention. If all members of the party leave the room, the Abbot’s minions will turn it closed and the party will need to pull it again to restart the process from the beginning.
  • As originally intended, the gate levers in Tomb of the Forbidden will now require a gear to unlock whenever they are to be pulled. You will have to quickly switch the gear between the two levers.
  • In response to player feedback on the usability of the experience, many small tuning changes have been made to the Black Abbot's Ascension raid.
  • Fixed an issue where other player's movement may appear to stutter during non-peak times.
  • Sir Rohine Stiedra will now take your sigil after your dialog instead of before it.
  • Fixed a bug with Minos Legans Helm.
  • The "limbchopper" effect is now removed by death or by a good rest.
  • The final vampire room in the Cursed Crypt will now seal upon completion.
  • Desecrated Temple of Vol Changes:
    • The Shadows of Vol have become more deadly and numerous in the temple in response to the trespasses of raiding adventurers.
    • The random chest found within the Desecrated temple will not always appear, as was originally intended.
    • The seal to enter the lower level now requires a silver key and a gold key, as opposed to two gold keys.

Known Issues: The issue with abandoning the quest from Sir Rohine, has been fixed so that it no longer happens to players who abandon the quest. However, if you already had abandoned the quest, you will still be unable to talk to the NPC for now. We are working on a fix for those who are already affected and hope to release it in the next patch. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

-Quarion (Former Turbine Community Specialist)

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