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Update 40 Patch 1 Release Notes

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Here are the Release Notes for Update 40 Patch 1, released on Thursday, October 11th, 2018.

News and Notes:[edit]


  • Half-Elf males and females now dance correctly.
  • While jumping, cloaks worn by Dragonborn females now correctly animate.
  • Double sided cloaks worn by Dragonborn Females are now thinner.
  • Dragonborn females now animate correctly when turning.
  • Elf, Khorvaire females now animate correctly while duel wielding.
  • Characters now animate correctly while charging rune arms.
  • Dwarf, Half Orc, and Purple Dragon Knight males now animate correctly while firing a Bow.
  • Character Generation clipping has been cleaned up on all races.
  • Half Elf male and females now animate correctly while emoting or swimming and wearing a cloak.
  • Cloaks should now animate correctly while a runearm is being charged on all races.
  • Gnome males now animate correctly while dancing.
  • Warforged now animate correctly while firing a bow.
  • Dragonborn females now animate correctly while eldritch blasting and/or jumping.


  • All Avian Companion attacks now connect about 30% faster.
  • All Avian Companion attacks happen regardless of if the players own attack hits or not. You can even use the melee attacks on targets that are out of melee range and the Avian Companion will swoop down and attack the target.
  • All Avian Companion attacks now make a Line of Sight check.
  • Mark Your Prey no longer has a shared cooldown with Avian Companion attacks.
  • Avian Companions should no longer prevent certain quests (such as The Millers Debt and What Goes Up) from progressing correctly.



Quests and Adventure Areas[edit]

  • Wrath of the Earth can once again be entered and completed.
  • Killing Time
    • It is no longer possible to "complete" the raid after Kor Kaza has completed her ritual.
    • If you kill the Marut very quickly the damaging orbs will be removed correctly.
    • There is no longer an erroneously repeated Dungeon Master line.
    • When the raid is complete a portal will open in each of the mini memories allowing characters that may be stuck inside to return to collect their loot.
    • When the raid is complete a Resurrection shrine is now placed near the start of the quest.
  • Night Revels:
    • Graveyard
    • Players will now wade at full speed through puddles in the Night Revels Graveyard.
    • Players now gain a chest for having defeated the end boss.
  • Hayweird Foundry
    • Lowered number of monsters in packs to smaller sizes.
    • Players can no longer fall into the lava behind the starting area.
  • Getting Ahead in Lordsmarch Palace
    • The end fight has been updated to more reliably give points.
  • Under New Ravagement
    • Vorne will no longer be stealthed and should no longer spawn underneath the floor
  • Newcomers can once again be entered and completed.


  • All moving platforms should, once again, correctly move.

Source: Official U40.1.0 release notes on

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